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    Congratulations on the badge, challenge and burpee century!


      Congratulations on completing <Totals> and the Upper Body Light challenge!


        Awesome work, well done!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐ŸŽ‰


          grats for Totals, that last day is ... Not easy, shall we say!
          And toting around IKEA furniture is a workout. Yep.


            Nice work on the Totals!! Happy BADGE Day, AGAIN!!๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ


              Congratulations on foundation light, totals, and upper body light

              P.S wanted to wait until you got the other ones done first but then I see that tomorrow youโ€™ll finish flexibility week.........Just ganna post.


                Day 50

                And they just keep coming! I forgot, among the slew of badges, that yesterday was also my 60th consecutive day of exercise. And today was 50 DDs (tomorrow will be 50 DDs with EC).

                Abs of Steel (day 1) Early this morning figured this was the March challenge so started it. Decided this time to take before and after photos, so took my abs both in normal state and tensed - nothing to be ashamed of in either pose! I'll see what effect this challenge has, though the other exercises may also have an effect on the abs. Still, we'll see - or rather, I'll see, because modesty and a reticence to incur jealous rage prohibits me from posting those photos!
                No Salt
                (day 23)
                Splits (day 18) I keep thinking that this one should be getting easier but it never seems to. And then I considered that when I began the challenge, 380 leg raises would have been so unthinkable! It's not getting easier because the number keeps increasing, but obviously I'm getting stronger because I can do them (admittedly, some days are a little harder than others!).
                1min Plank (day 19)
                Ninja (day 10) Today I was Coordinated. Or rather, showed how UNcoordinated I can be!!
                Dead Hang Challenge (day 6)
                Daily Gratitude Fremen inspired me to start this one. And to keep myself honest, I'll write things down.

                day 1 Baseline - I had decided to do this challenge and thenCore Strength came out and nearly spoilt everything! But I looked very VERY carefully though it and decided that I wasn't QUITE up to that yet.

                DD with EC (#49) Total DD = 50.

                Flexibility Week
                Unbound - day 1
                Stronghold - day 2
                Anchor'd - day 3
                Tug of War - day 4
                Farpoint - day 5
                Bowman - day 6
                Liber8 - day 7
                Flexibility Week done. New badge added!!

                I've decided to cut back on the amount of stuff I'm doing because I find some days I'm just too pressed for time and then all this seems too much of an imposition and I don't want that. I want to keep it fun, and I think with what I do of a week, I do enough.


                  Congrats on Flexibility Week

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                    Congratulations on your 60 days, TopNotch, and your 50 Daily Dares, and congratulations too for completing Flexibility Week!


                      Youโ€™re racking up the badges!!!! Nice work!!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿฅณ


                        What is going on here!?
                        Congratulations on all the badges and challenges!!!


                          Congratulations on all the new badges


                            Fremen Rainbow Dragon Joe76 Hinris DorothyMH Thanks for the congrats. And today I added yet another - DD with EC!! I think I'll stop for a bit now - let the rest of you catch up!


                              Day 51

                              Abs of Steel (day 2)
                              No Salt (day 24)
                              Splits (day 19) Wow! 400 leg raises today. But I still haven't achieved my splits!!
                              1min Plank (day 20)
                              Ninja (day 11) Today I got a grip!
                              Dead Hang Challenge (day 7)
                              Daily Gratitude (day 2) Thought of my three things this morning, and then early this afternoon I had a cream-filled Boston fruit bun. Yum! And I thought how lucky I was to be able to buy such a thing, and, having no dietary restrictions of any kind, being able to eat and enjoy it. I'm not diabetic or gluten intolerant, I'm not overweight, and I don't believe that the words "food" and "guilt" should ever exist in the same sentence. So for me today, sitting back with a nice cup of tea and a fruity, creamy bun was a truly wonderful thing, and well worthy of being included on my gratitude list!

                              day 2 Baseline

                              DD with EC (#50) Total DD = 51. And another badge!!

                              Sparring training tonight started off with too much running. Oh, and burpees. But then we went on the partner kicking drills, and they are fun!
                              Poomsae (which I rather prefer) had us doing push-ups, so I've done today's count for The Pushers, and then we worked intensively on a couple of stations from a couple of patterns, and that sort of thing really lights my candle!


                                Day 52

                                Abs of Steel (day 3)
                                No Salt (day 25)
                                Splits (day 20)
                                1min Plank (day 21)
                                Ninja (day 12) I was explosive today - with full burpees!!
                                Dead Hang Challenge Didn't do this today. I have a good excuse though! The lounge room floor is being replaced, and stuff on the back deck had to be put somewhere to make room for the wood so... Click image for larger version

Name:	20200303_123356.jpg
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ID:	662332 See? Couldn't get to the bar!! Be a few days before I can get to it, too.
                                Daily Gratitude (day 3)

                                day 3 Baseline

                                DD with EC (#51) Total DD = 52.

                                Regular training tonight saw me add a total of 50 push-ups to my The Pushers count.