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    AgilePhoenix Yay for Abs of Steel!!



      Day 81

      A.M workout
      Godkiller Remembering the days when 5 pushups was a challenge... now 20 is!
      1min Cardio day 20
      Core Control day 18
      First Thing Water day 24
      Iron Core day 1
      Ab day 1
      1000 pushups day 1
      Calves of Steel day 1
      Xpress Tone day 15
      Bicep curls was 4kg and Lateral raises were 2kg. So it was Biceps= 5 x 25 and Lateral raises= 5 x 25.
      Looks like I am twice as strong with Bicep curls!



        Day 82

        A.M Workout
        1min Cardio day 21
        Core Control day 19 and 20
        First Thing Water day 25
        Iron Core day 2
        Ab day 2
        1000 pushups day 2
        Calves of Steel day 2
        Xpress Tone day 16

        Reached my 20 consecutive pushups again today, I'm trying to reach it more often. Also did 5 burpees just for the "fun" of it.
        Did 2 days of Core Control today because Xpress Tone was side leg raises, and they are not​​​​ my favourite exercise.
        Only just got the DD with EC today...



          Day 83

          A.M Workout
          Wild Card
          1min Cardio day 22
          Core Control day 21 and 22
          First Thing Water day 26
          Iron Core day 3
          Ab day 3
          1000 pushups day 3
          Calves of Steel day 3
          Xpress Tone day 17
          Xpress tone was 3kg for tricep extensions this time, and 4kg for ABC's (Alternating Bicep Curls)
          So it was 2 x 60, 3 x 50 for ABC's, and 2 x 36, 2 x 32, 1 x 30 for tricep extensions.
          Wild Card was very sweaty- or at least I was!

          Did 47 pushups today to.add to my Pushers count.
          Got the DD with EC as well.



            Day 84

            A.M Workout
            Method to my Madness
            1min Cardio day 23
            Core Control day 23 and 24
            First Thing Water day 27
            Iron Core day 4
            Ab day 4
            1000 pushups day 4
            Calves of Steel day 4
            Xpress Tone day 18
            Xpress tone was 4kg for everything, with the lunge shoulder press, my arms gave out before my legs did. So it was 3 x 20, 1 x 18, 1 x 16 for those, and 3 x 50, 1 x 45, 1.x 40 with goblet squats. That's one really heavy goblet!
            Madness was a fun workout, but there is no method to my madness
            DD with EC



              Day 85

              A.M Workout
              Wolverine. No URL for this one, as it is a Neila Rey one and I forget where I found it.
              1min Cardio day 24
              Core Control day 25 and 26
              First Thing Water day 28
              Iron Core day 5
              Ab day 5
              1000 pushups day 5
              Calves of Steel day 5
              Xpress Tone day 19
              Xpress tone was 4kg for everything again, so Hammer curls was 3 x 20, 2 x 18, and Bent over rows was 2 x 20, 3 x 18.
              With Wolverine, there were several different ones, I did 10 reps of each, 3 sets. (As there are some that say 10 sets)
              DD with EC



                Day 86

                A.M Workout
                Upperbody Tendon Strength Oof, that was a killer! Partly beacause the HIIT timer I used did not give time for the blood to return...
                1min Cardio day 25
                Core Control day 27 and 28
                First Thing Water day 29
                Iron Core day 6
                Ab day 6
                1000 pushups day 6
                Calves of Steel day 6
                Xpress Tone day 20
                These leg days are getting harder! I didn't move my legs for a bit after that...
                DD with EC (just)



                  Day 87

                  A.M Workout
                  1min Cardio day 26
                  Core Control day 29 and 30 I will not be doing any more side leg raises for a long time...
                  First Thing Water day 30Though I will continue to do it.
                  Iron Core day 7
                  Ab day 7
                  1000 pushups day 7
                  Calves of Steel day 7
                  Xpress Tone day 21
                  Xpress tone was 3kg for tricep extensions (both kinds) and 4kg for everything else. So it was 3 x 60, 1 x 56, 1 x 54 for bicep curls, 5 x 60 for bent over tricep extensions, and 5 x 30 for tricep extensions.
                  DD with EC. Quite easy, though I did fall over a bit...


                    Surely after 1950 over 30 days it's just left you with a thirst for more?!?
                    P.S. water pun intended




                        Io6 Fremen Thanks.
                        Day 88

                        A.M Workout
                        Bruce Lee day 1 Another old Neila Rey one, so no link, but here's a picture Click image for larger version  Name:	images.jpeg-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	163.5 KB ID:	676041
                        1min Cardio day 26
                        Chair rows day 1
                        Iron Core day 8
                        Ab day 8
                        1000 pushups day 8
                        Calves of Steel day 8
                        Xpress Tone day 23
                        Xpress tone was 4kg for everything, and I did not go down in count, for some reason. With lunges it was 40 all the way, and with side lunges it was 60.
                        Feel the burn!
                        DD with EC.


                          Hi! Congratulations on that couple of challenges that you've finished! And good luck with Bruce Lee... BTW, did I tell you that I love the name of your log? Yep, fight like a girl!


                            M_Madinabeitia Thanks Many memes inspired the log name. Click image for larger version  Name:	images.jpeg-2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	160.3 KB ID:	676519
                            Day 89

                            A.M Workout
                            Bruce Lee day 2
                            1min Cardio day 27 That was a killer! Must say I paused fora few ssconds every few jumps...
                            Chair rows day 2
                            Iron Core day 9
                            Ab day 9
                            1000 pushups day 9
                            Calves of Steel day 9
                            Xpress Tone day 24
                            Xpress tone was 4kg for everything except lateral raises, which I upped to 3kg. Hammer curls was better than last time, 3 x 30,
                            1 x 27, 1 x 25. Lateral raises went down, as expected, and it was 4 x 15 and 1 x 13.
                            DD with EC.
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                              Angry Ermione Granger frightens me ... and I would never contradict Princess Leia


                                I would add Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff to the list, someone I would not displease.