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    Day 8

    Chest and shoulders light (L1)
    The Final girl (L1)
    Wall pushups day 8
    Touch your toes day 8
    Walking to running day 4 (kind of)

    Changed my mid about the one that I am doing for a week, it's now chest and shoulders light.
    This time, "kind of" means that I did it for three times as long using "The Walk"

    I also went on the exercise bike for ten minutes, and DD with EC.


      Day 9

      Quick start (L1)
      Chest and back light (L1)
      Wall pushups day 9
      Touch your toes day 9
      Walking to running day 5

      Got my 5 minute plank yesterday, forgot to mention.

      TopNotch and I are thinking of a zombie week.
      After all, we're not training to get fit. We're training to survive the zombie apocalypse.


        Originally posted by AgilePhoenix View Post

        Got my 5 minute plank yesterday, forgot to mention.
        Congrats It's not easy


          Fremen Thanks
          It probably wasn't the best plank I'd ever done...


            Day 10
            Cardio Sculpt (L1)
            Back and Shoulders light (L1)
            Wall pushups day 10
            Touch your toes day 10
            Walking to running day 6
            Knee pushups day 1


            Did my running on "Zombies, run" again, and did the Daily Dare with EC. I'm surprised that I managed!
            I also had a green smoothie. Oh no, spinach! It had quite a bit of spinach but it tasted really nice. (I don't like spinach)
            Now, what I'd like is to go to sleep... But it's only half past five


              Day 11

              Because Cake (L1)
              Chest and Shoulders light (L1)
              Wall pushups day 11
              Touch your toes day 11
              Walking to running day 7
              Knee pushups day 2

              Did my running with Zombies, Run. A couple of hours afterwards, I did another half hour run. (2min walk, 2min run, repeat)
              That was tiring. I normally only do 15min total.
              I had another green smoothie.

              Also DD with EC. It was very funny-looking


                Day 12
                Chair abs (L1)
                Chest and Shoulders light (L1)
                Wall pushups day 12
                Touch your toes day 12
                Walking to running day 8 (using The Walk, it was 53 minutes!)
                Knee pushups day 3

                This list is getting long! Next month, though, I'll be doing two Programs.
                Then it will be even longer!

                Chair abs was difficult as I did not have the right kind of chair.

                DD with EC.<---me


                  Day 13

                  Firebrand (L1) How is this a level 2 only?!
                  Chest and Shoulders light (L1)
                  Wall pushups day 13
                  Touch your toes day 13
                  Walking to running day 9
                  Knee pushups day 4 (Zombies, run, as usual)

                  Had another green smoothie, too much parsley.

                  DD with EC, 30 Single Leg deadlifts, fell over once only.

                  Term starts in slightly over a week, so I'll be going back to Taekwondo then


                    Day 14

                    Surgebinder (L1)
                    Chest and Shoulders light (L1) Tomorrow will be moving to Classic Abs
                    Wall pushups day 14
                    Touch your toes day 14
                    Walking to running day 10
                    Knee pushups day 5

                    Got a new sports outfit, that must be why I beat my best in Wall Pushup hold

                    Also 300 punches for We are fighting...
                    DD with EC


                      Day 15

                      Reviver (L1)
                      Classic abs (L1)
                      Wall pushups day 15
                      Touch your toes day 15
                      Walking to running day 11
                      Knee pushups day 6

                      I know why it's called Reviver. It's because I need one after doing it
                      Also 5 full pushups for The Pushers
                      And 260 punches and 40 kicks for We are Fighting...
                      DD with EC


                        Yes, 15 days in a row! Way to go!

                        Originally posted by AgilePhoenix View Post
                        Also went out on my scooter, and did some weights.
                        Scooters are pretty stylish! Nice!!!


                          avatmat Thanks. It's really hard to find one that is not electric.


                            Day 16

                            Combat light +EC
                            Classic abs (L1)
                            Wall pushups day 16
                            Touch your toes day 16
                            Walking to running day 12
                            Knee pushups day 7

                            Punches and kicks for We are Fighting... are from Combat light.
                            Combat light was hard for a level one. It was probably that I was doing it quite fast.

                            Also 5 pushups for The Pushers

                            Did not use The Walk today, as it was too long. Just did 15 minutes with my recently created workout playlist..

                            Also DD with EC. Oh, my abs... OK, it wasn't that bad.


                              Day 17

                              Fast Lane (L1)
                              Classic abs (L1)
                              Wall pushups day 17
                              Touch your toes day 17
                              Walking to Running day 13
                              Knee pushups day 8

                              I also did 10 pushups for The Pushers even though I only had to do 5
                              And DD with EC. As usual.
                              TKD starts again in a week! I can't wait.


                                Day 18

                                Classic Abs (L1)
                                Me Time (L1)
                                Wall Pushups day 18
                                Touch your Toes day 18
                                Walking to Running day 14
                                Knee Pushups day 9

                                15 full pushups in a row is my new record, and I finished the first week of The Pushers
                                Did 1449 punches in total for today, 200 of which were from the DD. Oof...My arms are tired!
                                Me Time was quite tiring, but it was a HIIT with me! *groans from the audience*