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Hi~~~~ this is my progress blog

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    kagura68 Nice to meet you too and Welcome to the Hive Look awesome in your thread look forward to seeing hat HIIT badge keep up the excellent work


      Good evening

      todays activities
      -Daily dare.... 1min uneven plank
      - day 15 of the feb challenge
      ​​​​​​- day 8 of combat HIIT ..lvl 2
      -day 22 of ironborn <3

      alrighty then, night, and i hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day :3


        wow its already midnight here, time passes by so quickly. I haven't been able to exercise in about a week due to stuff, but things seem to be settling down and I was able to today. It felt so good

        so here are today's activities
        daily daré
        day 24 and 25 of Feb challenge - upper body light.
        Day 11 of combat hiit-lvl2
        day 21 of Ironborn

        well my arms are sore but I survived

        alright then Goodnight

        Or enjoy the rest of your day goodbye


          Omg I found it ~~~~~
          I thought I lost my thread

          Among the all the craziness and worry I hope whom ever is reading this is doing well. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

          Personally I'm doing well, I still have to show up to work so I'm still in an odd rhythmn of my usual routine. Can't say the same for the rest of my family, who can't wait to be able to have their normal routine.

          I have had some progress since the last time.
          Last time I weighted myself I was 148lbs

          Today activites
          Daily dare
          Day 3 of this month's challenge
          Day 7 of Express tone

          well it's evening here. So goodnight to those in my time zone. For everyone else I hope you have a good day.


            Hello ~~~~~

            today's activities
            -daily dare~~~
            ---40 reverse plank kicks +EC
            -day 10 of the iron core 30day challenge
            -day 12 of Xpress tone
            -day 1 of 30 days of yoga

            And to whomever is reading this
            Goodnight and please take care