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Fall seven times, stand eight.

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    Fall seven times, stand eight.

    I have been benefiting from Darebee's workouts for a while now but have only recently decided to jump into the community here.
    Exercise wise I have run a 5 day week for the last couple of years. ~30days ago I uped that to 7.
    My overall goal is of increased capability through consistency and enjoyment.

    December 30:
    Too hot to do more than the minimum today.
    C_50 Burpees: 2

    Punishing myself with a few fall drills on the grass...a bit fun but regret is predicted.

    C_Touch your toes: 2
    C_Flexibility: 2
    P_30 days of yoga: 12

    C: Challenge; TW: Theme week; P: Program

    I have been benefiting from Darebee's workouts for a while now but have only recently decided to jump into the community here.
    That's exactly my intention for new year, too!


      Welcome to the hive!

      Like your log title too


        December 31st:
        C_50 Burpees: 3
        C_Touch your toes: 3 (toe reach for 30s)
        C_Flexibility: 3 (1min side split)
        Couldn't be bothered fiddling with my timer!

        Today is the day (L1 on toes, no rest)- something relaxing about plank rotations.

        No regrets from yesterday, so kept working on making the fall my friend. Much nicer with a mat (yoga mat).

        P_30 days of yoga: 13

        Story of my life and what I'm doing a lot of at the moment! oneironaut


          Just tried the fitness test (my partner walked passed and wanted to know if it had something to do with snowballs again).
          Scored a 2...damn you burpees.


            Ok I'm going to do it too ... actually I never did


              Let me know how you do Fremen ! I managed 40+ for push ups and sit ups but flaked out and couldn't get over 20 on the burpees. Maybe next time I will go out slower on the push ups!



                40 and over push-ups (41) 21-39 sit-ups (35) 30 and over burpees (31) I have failed on sit-ups


                  That's not a fail Fremen ! You are 5 sit ups away. That's very respectable. On top of that your effort is fairly consistent across the three (you have to expect lag off from expended effort).
                  I'll finish the 50 burpee challenge and try again!


                    I did some Challenge with the Burpees that helped me , in my opinion for the test it is also a matter of learning to do the exercises quickly since it is usually better to do them slowly but being careful to the shape


                      Ha! Good advice, I have avoided burpees so am only now getting my flow with them. I'll let you know how I go at the end of January Fremen !


                        January 1st:
                        C_50 Burpees: 4
                        C_Touch your toes: 4
                        C_Flexibility: 4 -really sad not to have any side lunges. Drills are pretty bridge heavy today.

                        Drills, all the bridges! So many shoulder bridges, hip escapes and hip switches. Finished with some rolls, triangles and sprawls (not the burpee ones).
                        The masters of BJJ are toddlers avoiding pants.

                        P_30 days of yoga: 14


                          Worked on some new drill combo ideas for this year. Including a constant motion one that only needs about the space of a yoga mat.

                          Bowman workout to get my muscles speaking to me again.


                            January 2nd:
                            C_50 Burpees: 5
                            C_Touch your toes: 5
                            C_Flexibility: 5
                            All 45sec.

                            Feeling a bit sick, so switched my plan today to rolling.
                            Goal of keeping everything slow and controlled (not crashing into furniture) went well.
                            My first couple of left shoulder backwards rolls were pretty wonky.

                            P_30 days of yoga: 15- 10min, still a challenge for me!


                              January 3rd:

                              Sicker today, my head is seriously unhappy and my throat has decided I'm Tex Perkins.

                              C_50 Burpees: 6- burpees were on the symbolic end. Knees push-ups to standing.
                              C_Touch your toes: 6
                              C_Flexibility: 6
                              All 50sec.

                              P_30 days of yoga: 16- it's a sad day when 20sec of boat and crow pose are pretty much to failure.

                              Super Charge looked achievable, tick!