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Fall seven times, stand eight.

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    Originally posted by Io6 View Post
    Smacked my knee (always the same knee) when I misjudged the distance to a laundry basket when avoiding a truck (toy). I'm sure the chaos builds character.
    The free obstacle course that comes with raising children (actually not really free).


      10th December

      Day 10_Fit Christmas
      Day 10_Advent Calendar

      Drills, I'm a bit tired now. Worked some yoga breaks in as I went today. It felt pretty good.

      Ornament: 135- 140 push ups (hindu and tricep) today = done!
      Also did 400ish squats, so technically a double ornament day


        Congrats on double ornament!


          Congrats on the ornament!


            11th December

            Day 11_Fit Christmas
            Day 11_Advent Calendar

            Just played with rolling around today, stopping, changing directions.

            Nothing saying 'I love you' like holding someone close looking into their eyes...and trying to choke them with their own lapel . Today felt like I was in a different gear, a lot of time locking people in and waiting them out. To an outside observer it might have looked like I just needed a cuddle


              Just to be sure...


                Ornament Congrats


                  12th December

                  Day 12_Fit Christmas
                  Day 12_Advent Calenda

                  I didn't do a proper stretch session after training last night. Man I'm sore! My hips, knees and shoulder were not happy to be moving. My hands are a mess and my feet are nicely bruised up. One amusing one is that the middle finger on my left hand is swollen.
                  45min of stretching and yoga (yesterday with interest) then 15min of bear crawl, ape hops and frog jumps to prove everything is working.
                  My knees are still tender to kneel on but in a turn out for the books my less reliable knee is doing better and both look good and are moving fine.


                    13th December

                    Day 13_Advent Calendar

                    Bridge, hip switch and sweep drills today.
                    All old drills today that fit like old slippers. Probably the mash potatoes of workouts today.
                    Little bit of stretch work but kept it all short, bit over 30min.


                      Congrats on your ornament


                        Congrats on Fit Christmas!


                          Congrats on Fit Christmas


                            14th December

                            Day 14_Advent Calendar

                            Footwork drills

                            Freestyle yoga to combat a stressful day

                            Then the joy of Snowfight!!


                              15th December

                              Day 15_Advent Calendar

                              Training: boxing. Sweating like a bloody fountain. Let my guard don't let your guard drop

                              Training: jits. No Gi! Lots of getting swept and choked today. Sometimes it's just not working for you. My ego did get a little soothing on being told I'm "like a bloody ninja" on throws.

                              30min of yoga and stretching then some ape hops and frog jumps to confirm that everything was back online.

                              Enjoying the cooling snow in the Snowfight!!


                                16th December

                                Day 16_Advent Calendar


                                30min of yoga and stretching

                                Keeping track of the Snowfight is harder than keeping up with the squats