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    19th January

    Wake up and connect

    C_50 Burpees: 30
    C_Touch your toes: 22
    C_Flexibility: 22

    Then went for a hilly walk ~1hr.

    30 day, 50 burpees in one go challenge:
    This challenge takes up a chunk of your morning and is difficult to work into other goals when time is limited.
    It would be nice as a longer challenge with alternating days with burpee building exercises like squat jumps and push ups.
    In an unexpected consequence, the skin on my big toes has gotten shredded and I needed to tape them. I exercise with bare feet.
    There were pluses for my ego from this challenge my arms, shoulders and abs are a bit more cut now. Also my partner reckons they look hot .


      Originally posted by Io6 View Post

      C_50 Burpees: 30
      Burpees are deadly
      For a while I did this workout the morning before breakfast: Before Breakfast Burpees
      practically the training day started and ended there


        That workout looks fun to try Fremen ...once my toes heal!


          Congratulations on completing the 50 Burpees in One Go Challenge!


            20th January

            2 minute cardio

            C_Touch your toes: 23
            C_Flexibility: 23


            Really nice to have a proper stretch day. My cervical spine needed some extra work.

            Hill walk ~1hr

            Thanks! Rainbow Dragon , only a few basic burpees today (in my socks to try to preserve my healing toes...and add extra slipping excitement)!


            Another 1hr of walking the kids through the bush.

            Hold your horses drill (Darebee name for static and transitioning stance and base work, taped my toes up like a mummy first. The thigh burn is epic)

            Part 2 (modified: no side to side lunges and add some extras)
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              21st January


              C_Touch your toes: 24
              C_Flexibility: 24, pleased to have some bridges instead of more metronome activity.

              Turning the tables drill (sit outs, table turns, sprawls, hip switches etc.)

              Face the day

              1hr hill walking, the last 30min weighted with a squirming 25kgs.


                22nd January

                C_Touch your toes: 25
                C_Flexibility: 25

                Busy bee, L1 no rest (getting my ministry of silly walks on). Risked not taping my toes. They seem ok.

                Some more sit out drills...basically copying wrestlers on YouTube.


                Hill walking


                  23rd January

                  Have a case of the don't wannas. I had to just make myself roll out of bed and start with my 160 lunges. Had other things planned but it was a reaper day.

                  C_Flexibility: 26
                  C_Touch your toes: 26

                  Grim reaper L3 (in 2 sets with no rest)

                  A couple of rounds with Sebastian



                    24th January

                    Well this morning escalated quickly!

                    Frontier L1 no rest

                    C_Flexibility: 27, 160 lunges quickly (or slowly) became a physical challenge to see how many low and slow stance transitions I could do. I was hoping for death but got through all 160.
                    The split hold also became all about improving my horse stance.
                    C_Touch your toes: 27, was honestly heady with euphoria at a change in activity and a chance to shake out my legs.

                    A simple fall down/ get up drill turned into throwing myself into back rolls to standing. Only hit the cupboard once! Honestly endless fun.

                    Inner warrior, reclining hero was so good. Just stayed there for a bit a the end.


                      25th January

                      Today's DD, EC

                      1 set of Grade A, still not working for me.

                      So instead went for standard session:
                      1. Alternating reverse lunges
                      2. Leg raises
                      3. Squats
                      4. Push ups
                      5. Static hip escapes
                      6. Sprawls (need to remember to tape my toes)
                      7. Single leg hamstring bridges
                      8. Plank
                      9. Triangles

                      C_Flexibility: 28, I can do all the bridges!
                      C_Touch your toes: 28

                      Good morning yoga


                        26th January

                        A bomb has hit our house (or kids on school holidays). Staying on my mat avoid tripping on debris.

                        Today's DD, EC

                        C_Flexibility: 29, tick tock. Lunges and split holds are joining bridges as exercises I can do on autopilot.
                        C_Touch your toes: 29

                        You know what I can't do on autopilot?
                        Solid base, hanging with Spyros. Yes! Let's pulse! Canes me every time and I keep coming back.

                        Before bed, this wouldn't put me to sleep but at least we aren't pulsing.

                        Inner warrior

                        Top up after kids have their brekkie:
                        P_30 days of HIIT_1, really like basic burpees now.

                        2 min abs

                        The great hold (with family commentary "how long are you doing this?" "I prefer to just have a rest" )

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                          27th January

                          Today's DD, EC

                          C_Flexibility: 30
                          C_Touch your toes: 30, my spine is like concrete today.

                          P_30 days of HIIT_2, done as sets of 30/10rest/30/10rest.

                          Was trying to do some shoulder balance work today but had trouble softening my spine and neck so it was just disheartening.

                          Everyday yoga

                          Wasn't the flow I needed so followed up with a couple of rounds with Sebastian, feel a bit better now.

                          Flexibility challenge
                          Not sure if this has made me more flexible but it has been โ€‹โ€‹great for working on my base.

                          Touch your toes challenge
                          Nice to have regular short stretches for my hamstrings. Touching my toes as a thing I can consistently do is still a work in progress.


                            Congrats on challenges


                              Congratulations on completing the Touch Your Toes and Flexibility Challenges.


                                I damaged some joints in my hand a couple of months ago during a take down. Still working on getting my grip back.
                                Lots of scrunching paper, stress balls, hand rehab putty and carefully hanging from things.
                                Darebee's Hand tendons, Hand mobility and Talk to the hand are nice.