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    Took the kids through 10 starjumps, 10 jump squats and 10 burpees followed by Superhero stretch.

    Then I tried out 1 & 1 to the soundtrack of much family heckling (workout could be useful if you just want to get moving without engaging your brain) before relaxing with Farpoint.


      12th January

      Yoga day today
      Body flow
      C_50 Burpees: 17- kids were all over me so the last 2 set of 7 burpees were basic.
      C_Touch your toes: 15
      C_Flexibility: 15
      P_30 days of yoga: 25- nice flow today.

      Dynamic plank L1
      Inner warrior


        13th January

        Back to feeling ambivalent about burpees. The fact I had 595 burpees to go nearly got me but decided to keep chipping away. Such a rollercoaster, of burpee related emotion!

        2 minute cardio with C_50 Burpees: 18 instead of basic burpees.
        C_Touch your toes: 16
        C_Flexibility: 16

        Rock and roll drill (trying out giving my drills Darebee names, it was either that or Overcoming my fear of smashing my spine into hardwood floors drill )

        P_30 days of yoga: 26


          14th January

          Feeling under the weather and didn't want to do any exercise.

          C_50 Burpees: 19 broken across Sinbad L1.
          C_Touch your toes: 17
          C_Flexibility: 17

          Had a play with crow and plow pose to reward myself for getting that far.

          P_30 days of yoga: 27, tried listening to music to get me through. Still working on meditating for 15min.


            15th January

            Wishing I ordered a reusable N95/ 99/ 100 mask when I first saw them. The coughing, lethargy and headaches are not my friends.

            C_50 Burpees: 20..."in the end the rain comes down, washing clean the streets of the Blue Sky toooown!"
            This number of burpees is starting to wear on my shoulders.

            2 minute cardio with extra (basic) burpees!

            C_Touch your toes: 18
            C_Flexibility: 18, 120 side lunges...that human metronome feeling.

            Moving and standing from base, a bit like yoga really. Just sped up in parts.

            P_30 days of yoga: 28, lots of plank type moves.

            Took my frustration at not being up to training out on the C_50 Burpees: 21 (then had a coughing fit...I didn't say it was a good decision!)

            At least the air quality is looking better tomorrow.


              16th January

              Continuing my mission to get the burpee challenge off my sheet I got up extra early today.

              For people playing at home: 182 burpees today.

              C_50 Burpees: 22 and day 23 diluted across Super charge with some of CaptainCanuck 's bellydance isolations between and at the end to convince my body that continuing to move was a good idea!

              C_Touch your toes: 19
              C_Flexibility: 19, did some more isolations during the split hold.

              Can't pin me down drill (hip escapes, hip switches, table turns, triangles etc)

              P_30 days of yoga: 29

              C_50 Burpees: 24...will get rid of these buggers.

              C_50 Burpees: 25 mixed with
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                Io6 Good stuff, you are finding it useful? I was doing it about once every two or three weeks last year, as you say because it forces the body into some unconventional movements. We do it more frequently since my wife started exercising with me. It is fun for her, so it is a good hook for staying motivated.


                  I do a chunck of work on holding my core while getting my hips and legs to weave around so it's nice to play with similar concepts for my upper body CaptainCanuck . The artistic hand stuff also has potential as it forces you to relax your hands and drive through your shoulder and elbow with nice smooth movement.
                  Plus the smiling is actually something I do left over from kung fu. Nothing creepier than sparing with someone who is smiling at you! Smile through the pain!


                    17th January

                    186 burpees much regret today.

                    2 min cardio with C_50 Burpees: 26 (my body is just laughing at me right here).

                    C_Touch your toes: 20
                    C_Flexibility: 20, never been so happy to see 80 bridges.

                    Everyday yoga then a couple of rounds with Sebastian. So nice. Body is speaking to me.

                    P_30 days of yoga: 30
                    This was a great program. Can I meditate for 15min- no. Different flows each day was nice, some were a bit clunky but others I will be revisiting.
                    It has encouraged me to consider trying another short session type program in concert with my other stuff.


                      Congratulations on completing 30 Days of Yoga.
                      I like that sequence in the yoga warmup for BJJ video. I'll have to give it a go.


                        Congrats on 30 days of Yoga 🧘‍♂️


                          Congratulations on finishing 30 days of yoga!


                            It's a really satisfying one Rainbow Dragon . I particularly like that you can make it as short or long as fits your purpose.
                            Ideally like to take it real slow for a few rounds then speed it up once all my muscles and movements are smooth.




                              Followed up with 10min of 'whatever felt good' yoga/ stretching. Nice down-up dog to get some fluidity back in my back mixed with lizards, reclining hero, squat + other and finishing with a great sustained plow.

                              Still feeling good so added C_50 Burpees: 27...going to get it DONE!
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                                18th January

                                Woke up with a seriously stiff body.

                                So I dragged it through C_50 Burpees: 28 and Abs superset (no rest) to really get all 'pain is weakness leaving the body' on myself.

                                Then flopped myself into a sustained Up dog ...because holy crap.
                                Eventually worked that into a child- down dog- up dog- low lunge flow for a bit then a quick centering meditation (this is like 1min not 10/15!).

                                C_Touch your toes: 21
                                C_Flexibility: 21, upper body isolations and stretches during side split.

                                My body is no longer stiff!

                                C_50 Burpees: 29 and some cool down stretches.

                                Usually post training days are for stretch for a reason. Can't wait for things to go back to scheduled programing!

                                Only 50 burpees to go!!
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