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    January 4th:
    Doing better today. May not be sick...might just be the smoke!
    Anyone know a raindance, it would be appreciated.

    C_50 Burpees: 7- burpees were basic
    C_Touch your toes: 7
    C_Flexibility: 7
    All 60sec.

    P_30 days of yoga: 17

    Achievable workout of today:
    Upperbody mobility with squats and high knees added to the rotation.

    Might try some more later depending on air quality.


      Had a crack at 1 set of Tiger, Tiger , was running out of puff for the push ups and lunges but I will know I'm dying the day I can't pull out 20 bridges. Today is not that day.

      The Southerly is on! V-cut L1 in celebration!


        January 5th:
        Well enough! Usually I do my stuff before everyone else is up. Not today. We all got up at the same time.

        All bridges were child weight assisted and doubled to keep the crowd at chaos rather than full riot.

        C_50 Burpees: 8
        C_Touch your toes: 8
        C_Flexibility: 8
        All 60sec.

        Grim reaper L1 (no rest)
        Family favourite as everyone likes to try or take the piss out of different elements. Did double butterfly crunches (while dodging tickles) and bridge twists (weighted as mentioned).

        1 set of Anchor'd

        P_30 days of yoga: 18
        Did in 2 blocks as had to patch up a minor head injury after an accident between two magical venomous cats.

        Open guard drill: V-cut L1 cut with triangles as high on the shoulders as I can get without rolling.
        3:30 of fun, if you have your form right...otherwise it's torture.

        Had a quite patch!
        Still in a lower body mood. One brave girl L1 (no rest) then Ground control L3


          January 6th:

          Started the day with a nice yoga flow.

          Well, that escalated quickly L1 with C_Touch your toes: 9; and C_Flexibility: 9 in the rests.

          C_50 Burpees: 9...Eu não gosto.

          Hip switches

          P_30 days of yoga: 19

          10x off season jump squats from dodging Shikari
          I have been told Midnight Oil- Blue Sky Mine will get any song out of your head but I haven't tried it for motivational phrases from influencers yet!


            January 7th:

            This is now the vegetables of my workout: C_50 Burpees: 10 "and if I work all day in the Blue sky mine, there'll be pay in my pocket to-niiiii-ight!"

            Liber8 with C_Touch your toes: 10; and C_Flexibility: 10 in the rests.

            2-minute workout

            Constant motion drill (confined space), worked well.

            P_30 days of yoga: 20


              January 8th:

              Not feeling it today, so trying to slide myself in.

              C_50 Burpees: 11

              Quick & easy

              C_Touch your toes: 11
              C_Flexibility: 11

              P_30 days of yoga: 21...15 minutes of meditation!! I can barely do 10. I didn't completely fail, just have to rejig how I approach meditation. Open eyes is much easier for me. So will start off like this next time.


              Part 2, with extra cobra and reclining bridge...because holy suffering abs Batman!


                January 9th:

                Grim reaper L1 with C_Touch your toes: 12 and C_Flexibility: 12 in the rests.

                Run away and don't get kicked in the head drill.

                C_50 Burpees: 12

                P_30 days of yoga: 22 followed by Shikari 's guided meditation. I couldn't really see what was in my hand. I could feel that it was small, smooth, solid (possibly metal) and warm.


                  Io6 , is Blue Sky Mining the one where the dude almost sings, "the western desert lives and breathes, in 45 degreeeeeeeees"? The "beds are burn ning" one?

                  That was.on heavy rotation back in the day.

                  If so, good luck getting that song out of your head.


                    Hi Shikari , the beds are burning one is called Beds are burning. Blue sky mine was from a later album.

                    Off to listen to Midnight Oil's greatest hits album while I work!


                      Thanks! I remember Blue Sky Mine! Great song. Midnight Oil has a lot of great songs.


                        January 10th:

                        Quick Start with the C_50 Burpees: 13 instead of tge basic burpees and the C_Touch your toes: 13 and C_Flexibility: 13 in the rests.

                        P_30 days of yoga: 23

                        The burpee challenge is getting tricky. My mornings now are "how can I do what I want around burpees?"

                        C_50 Burpees: 14 (have had burpee epiphany- all in the body roll!)
                        Everyday Yoga
                        C_50 Burpees: 15- more burpees you say? Shit yeah!
                        Burpee count for today: 100


                          Originally posted by Io6 View Post

                          The burpee challenge is getting tricky. My mornings now are "how can I do what I want around burpees?"
                          When I did the challenge 50 burpees a day I got up in the morning and thought: today it will get better ... it never worked


                            See, if you'd have left out the last line Fremen, then that would have been inspirational.


                              11th January

                              Lower body tendon strength

                              C_50 Burpees: 16
                              Yep, still working from yesterday. I have figured out how to do a burpee
                              C_Touch your toes: 14
                              C_Flexibility: 14
                              P_30 days of yoga: 24
                              Got through ~13mins before a small person wanted to chat. Cuddled and made appropriate "hmm?" "Uh-ha" noises through the last 2min.


                                Burpees... pfew! But multitasking yoga isn't for the faint of heart either