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Fall seven times, stand eight.

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    Yay - Core Strength. Yay - Badge!! (I love badges!)


      Congrats on the badges.


        31st March

        Today's DD, EC of 60 because my brain is tired. All this stuff is done nice and slow for my wrist.

        The Squat Patrol: 100 squat jacks, 204 +20 jump squats. Bit of jelly in my legs now.

        Not in the mood for any of the programs, so going with:

        C_Impact_1, basic burpees were a challenge while staying gentle with my wrist.

        Superhero stretch

        Freestyle yoga with sit outs


          Belated congratulations on completing core strength!


            1st April

            Today's DD, EC well that was a helpful way to get 66 squats under my belt.

            The Squat Patrol: 165 hindu squats + 66 squats + 140 weighted (15kg) squats.

            C_Impact_2...20 calf raises, my kettle fills to 4c in the time it takes to do these. Did an extra 200.

            Combat medic, 140 weighted squats here, followed by some bag drills

            Rawr plus extras


              Congratulations on your running progress and on completing Core Strength!


                2nd April

                Today's DD, EC- kids and I were all over this one.

                The Squat Patrol: 100 hindu squats, 100 sumo squata, 100 squats


                Kids were picking today:


                Argument yoga...the kids have strong opinions about their flows.


                  Io6 do you like hindu squats?


                    I do like them Fremen , thanks for introducing me to them! They're a bit more interesting than standard squats but not a huge difference in effort!


                      I find Hindu squats done at a good pace an excellent cardio exercise, when I am trained I can do 300 in just over 10 minutes with a great deal of effort


                        3rd April

                        Today's DD. EC!

                        The Squat Patrol: 100 squats, 100 squat jacks, 100 weighted squats (15kg)

                        C_Impact_4, going to have to find something to look at as these get longer.

                        Supercut Abs

                        Drills: hip escapes, triangles, wrestling aka pinning the ball.

                        Freestyle yoga
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                          When you're trained...that this is you not being trained is a terrifying thought Fremen !

                          I don't tend to time my stuff, so you've given me ideas for the...distant...future.


                            Hmm, for a frame of reference: I can comfortably do 36 hindu squats in 1 min but that will definitely drop off as muscles fatigue. I'll time for 300 later in the day.
                            This'll be fun! Thank Fremen ...shouldn't have done the weighted squats.


                              You are officially my favourite person right now Fremen
                              09:35:58- 300 hindu squats...lovin' the sweat, but my legs hate you!
                              Given that my legs are still pretty solid (I'm a gun at treating and rehab for knee injury), my ego is going to have trouble with doorways today...until I do something stupid.


                                Io6 I am very glad you liked the Hindu Squats
                                I had discovered them by reading about the training of the Indian wrestler The Great Gama, they were one of his cardinal exercises together with Hindu push-ups and bridge.
                                I much prefer the version in which the feet remain firmly on the ground, in my opinion they give much less problems to the knees and ankles.
                                Perform quickly and clenching your fists when you withdraw your arms become a complete exercise for the whole body and the whole body works in unison, in less than 15 min you do a complete workout that makes you pant well
                                In normal squats I have never liked that the arms are a kind of extra nuisance that you don't know where to put in the Hindu squat the arms and legs work together and reinforce the movement