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    27th March

    Today's DD, EC squark!

    P_Core Strength_27, glad to have a non-plank day. My shoulder (old injuries) is starting to wear.

    C_Negative Pullup_27

    Cardio bar

    Side roll work: Plow work extending out then lifting up to shoulders and taping feet (side to side). Developing into side rolls across the shoulder.

    Freestyle yoga with crow holds in rotation.


      Major achievement: my partner has given me a running related complement.

      This is about to get long winded...

      I should note that I'm a shit-house (excuse the Australianism but it's accurate) runner. The only reason I prefer running to star jumps (jumping jacks) is that I recognise it as a standard means of travelling between two point without looking like a tool.
      I should also note that my partner enjoys bouncing up bolders, through trees and over fences like a mountain goat...I look like a heard of elephants.

      Today I was told that: "You look lighter on your feet than you usually do."

      I would like to thank 30 days of HIIT and the endless number of high knees I've been doing since for this great achievement.


        Maybe thank yourself...

        Congratulations on your great progress!



            Originally posted by Io6 View Post
            Today I was told that: "You look lighter on your feet than you usually do."
            In fact, I find you much more graceful


              Io6 Woo-hoo - from someone who's also shithouse at running!


                Thanks for that!

                If it was just me Joe76 then I would just do strength work with a bit of basic yoga chucked in.
                I need a challenge to get me to do cardio, it has to be a game. With running I need to fartlek it or my brain starts thinking of things I'd rather be doing .

                HellYeah let's not get carried away, I'm still pretty heavy on my feet.

                Yeah, breaking out words like 'graceful' is a bridge too far. But still appreciated Fremen

                Shit house runners unite! TopNotch I figure getting out and giving it a crack is the most important bit!


                  Very nice, those are my favorite fitness moments, when you get a measure of progress that doesn't have a number attached to it.


                    Totally with ya’ll on all of that!!!


                      28th March

                      Today's DD, EC I may not play punchy sports any more but Kung Fu definitely sets you up for life when it comes to punching.

                      P_Core Strength_28, definitely laying off elbow planks for a while. Full plank is fine.

                      C_Negative Pullup_28. 40s x2.

                      So I was playing around on the bar, mixing up ideas from cardio bar yesterday...and may of strained my hand and wrist...again. My partner is laughing at me
                      Feels pretty minor, just a nice ache to remind me to do more yoga and meditation and less "I bet I can do that one handed for 15 more seconds..."

                      If anyone needs me I'm going to be practicing meditating in a crush position (plow with knees resting on head).


                        29th March

                        Today's DD, EC

                        The Squat Patrol: 135 weighted squats (15kg sandbag) + 165 hindu squats
                        Wk 1: 84
                        wk 2: 112

                        P_Core Strength_29

                        Negatives on hold until my wrist is speaking to me again. All finger joints doing well!

                        Sandbag drills...that don't involve my wrist or I can work around. It's always leg day!!



                          30th March

                          Today's DD, EC

                          The Squat Patrol: 100 squats, 100 sumo squats, 100 jump squats. This lost the kids half way through

                          Week 3 and 4

                          P_Core Strength_30

                          Wasn't feeling it today so just did rounds of crunches, triangles and bridges until I was sweating enough.


                          Core Strength:
                          Not doing enough planking...this is for you!
                          This is great add on program to solidify your core to support you towards your other goals.


                            Congrats Core Strength


                              Congratulations on core strenght


                                Thanks Fremen and Joe76
                                Being congratulated on core strength makes me feel like I have just managed my first sit-up