Fall seven times, stand eight.

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    Tea is a great Thing


      9th March

      Today's DD, EC another humane one. The day I can't bridge is a sad day.

      P_Core Strength_12, it's out of sequence, but this day I can do today.

      C_Negative Pullup_8, just a quick hang...awesome.

      Everyday yoga

      and back to bed.


        Io6 Don't forget the tea. With lemon and honey.


          Ha! TopNotch I'm drinking *all* the teas! My dad says ginger, my aunt says tumeric, kids say fennel, my partner goes for black teas, my mum and another aunt are both honey and lemon. I figure hydration is all good!


            Io6 I think my dad mixes hot water with cayenne pepper and cinnamon, in case you aren't already hydrated enough.


              My go to is ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and Maple syrup. And rest and a good book.


                10th March

                Today's DD, EC

                P_Core Strength_9

                C_Negative Pullup_9, a tree of negative

                Made up my own yoga flow today. Back on the ball tomorrow.

                Thank you CaptainCanuck and Salishsea for your suggestions...I'll hold off the cayenne until things look dire!


                  11th March

                  Today's DD, EC

                  P_Core Strength_10, fancy planks

                  C_Negative Pullup_10, just a little hanging around

                  Ball knee pin switches (pin ball with knee, add other knee, pivot to circle the ball stabilising and pinning with alternating knees/ legs).

                  Made up yoga flow.


                    March 12th

                    Today's DD, EC kicking my own arse great way to start the day.

                    P_Core Strength_11, not enough planking in this world

                    C_Negative Pullup_11, much more fun than just hanging

                    Ball games: balancing on the ball. Look no legs! One day I'm getting to solid kneeling.

                    Fighter's stretching


                      I need to get back into planks, I kind of let it go recently to focus on other stuff.

                      Though I guess pushups are kind of like moving planks.


                        If your head is aligned and hips set (neutral spine), whatever else your limbs might be doing, then you’re planking in my book CaptainCanuck


                          13th March

                          Today's DD, EC done fast.

                          Now that that's done, I'm in the mood for planking:
                          P_Core Strength_13

                          C_Negative Pullup_12...hanging, done as 1 stretch of 40s.

                          I decided to put off ball games today in favour of wrestling a bag...my training bag (took my water bottle out first).
                          I'm not gonna lie, bag drills wrestling what amounts to your Gi in a bag (and some defensive rolls of tape etc) means you're supporting yourself through a lot of the movements. So moving side control-north/south-side control become straight planking. Pin and spin become kneel to deep squat or plank to base.
                          Good workout, much easier with a real bag. Will have to tinker before I try again.

                          rawr...a bit of sneaky yoga planking


                            14th March

                            Today's DD, EC, I would like to thank Spyros for making this sort of stuff a piece of cake.

                            P_Core Strength_14, planking when you think you've lost your wallet: did i drop it? Is it in my bag?

                            C_Negative Pullup_13 and 14

                            Pin the ball: this stuff.

                            Had my arse handed to me by Patrick, my legs aren't flowing anywhere beyond a couple of cm off my arms. But this did improve my 'flowing' into crow. I managed to hold it for a good chunk of him doing his lifting.
                            Definitely working with this one again!

                            Made up yoga


                              15th March

                              Today's DD, EC silly walks.

                              P_Core Strength_15- no planking! Until my partner wanted a demonstration of climber plank...then knocked my technique.
                              Apparently side-jacks make me look like a drunken leprechaun trying to pull. So my son and partner joined me in doing today...to this music...side jacks were referred to as leprechauns. Done all in one go.

                              C_Negative Pullup_15 tick, also added 2 pull-ups and 3 chin-ups in a discussion with my partner about why I don't just do chin-ups (easier).

                              Ball game: practicing switching to pinning moves...going with the ball.

                              ground control


                                16th March

                                Today's DD, EC, peaceful

                                P_Core Strength_16, I feel like we've met before, you were planking, I was planking...

                                C_Negative Pullup_16 as 45s

                                Ball games: sprawls! Alternating side sprawls and circling the ball.

                                I haven't seen Sebastian in a while: standard and playing with handstand prep.

                                Made up yoga flow with a bit of crow and plow time.