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Fall seven times, stand eight.

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    That looks like way too much fun! You BJJ types have all the cool drills! Thanks for sharing!


      Interesting, I was curious what that meant as well.

      I will try it out at some point.


        It's easiest to start with a baby ball CaptainCanuck but if you already have a full sized one you can work up to a variation where your goal is not touching the floor at all. Endless fun.


          Io6 The ball is back at home and there is none in the small gym at the hotel. It will have to wait a week and a bit


            I have a ball, but not so much space. Definitely no sprawling or back-flips off the ball for me! But I will see which exercises I can work with safely in my space.


              4th March

              Today's DD, EC

              P_Core Strength_3

              C_Negative Pullup_3

              Superhero stretch

              This morning was supposed to be rolling with the ball. But after experimental attempts (and some bruising) I'm scrapping this as something to only do with space and thick mats.

              Instead we are switching the ball today. Similar stuff to what this guy is doing from about 3:36-4:30ish.

              Face the day Yoga


                5th March

                Today's DD, EC this was weird activity!

                P_Core Strength_4, I feel like I have been tricked into doing the plank version of the macarena.

                C_Negative Pullup_4

                Super squat

                Today in ball games, I'm trying the Rainbow Dragon drill aka backward rolls and walking the ball.
                Backwards rolls I'm going to need to practice with mats before I can do confidently home but walking is just fun.

                Good morning yoga


                  6th March

                  Today's DD, EC I used to do so many of these! 100 is a nice number.

                  This morning's exercise was child supervised: I had to fight for ball and mat time. When I did have the mat or ball I was packed in by small bodies.

                  P_Core Strength_5 and 6

                  C_Negative Pullup_5 in a first, there was no child intrest in bar work.

                  2 min cardio

                  Roll with it, I haven't done this type of ball assisted exercises before. Which is funny really.

                  Fighter's stretching

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                    7th March

                    Today's DD, EC

                    P_Core Strength_7 push up between each exercise since child wanted kisses. It really ramped this one up!

                    C_Negative Pullup_6

                    Trying some ball drills and my partner introduced the concept of "stacks on" to the kids. The room is filled with the call of "stacks on" before small (and big) bodies come flying at you.



                      Have you considered renting your kids out to local gyms? I think this "child-supervised exercise" could become a whole new fitness craze.


                        You're not wrong Rainbow Dragon ! Trying to stabilise a ball under you while balancing and adjusting for flailing, unexpected, weights above you is an epic challenge.
                        The kisses are their own reward though...I do a lot of push ups for those.
                        Not sure it would work as a commercial venture


                          8th March

                          The common cold...ergh!

                          Glad Darebee seems to have known:
                          Today's DD, EC nice and easy.

                          P_Core Strength_8, pretending to a really odd position.

                          C_Negative Pullup_7, done

                          Face the day

                          Off to get some soup started, make a bucket of tea and go back to bed.


                            tea is good for colds. Actually, in my opinion, tea is good for almost anything! Take it easy.




                                The common cold...ergh!
                                Get well soon!