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    Originally posted by Io6 View Post
    Ha! Worst case scenario TopNotch is I do your burpees basic instead of full ...I got all day to do it!
    Ha ha right back. They ARE basic burpees!!


      But where's the fun in 100 basic burpees TopNotch (when I'm not feeling like something the cat dragged in)?!?


        Originally posted by Io6 View Post
        But where's the fun in [....] burpees TopNotch (when I'm not feeling like something the cat dragged in)?!?
        I've often wondered...


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            27th February

            Today's DD, EC...planking

            Shoulder stretches
            Talk to the hand
            C_Dead hang_25 (morning), 26 (evening)- 50, 40, 10

            Power crawl
            ...more planking...and some monkeying around and 'perfect push-ups'!


            ...with subtle yoga planking


              28th February

              Today's DD, EC

              The crawler
              this canes me, I understand it as:

              5 sets of 3x(20/10/4)- the instructions confuse me because it has 3x(20/10/4) then "done".

              ...and this workout creeps people out when they walk in on you doing it

              Shoulder stretches
              Talk to the hand
              C_Dead hang_27, only a little bit of hanging around.

              Stance holds and posturing (like a peacock )

              rawr- this is a poor choice for after stance holds

              Training...all about the core.


                Crawler is one of my favorites. I used to do it in the crossfit room at the gym, and people would just clear a path for me because they didnt really understand what I was doing.


                  We do bear crawls and hops at training so no one blinks there.
                  At home I do tend to give chase if they try to tickle me. Crawler is a great workout for travelling with and I can get some good distance with my hops...


                    Io6 It's okay - you can relax. I've decided to do my own burpees tomorrow! After the workout our Master Instructor put us through yesterday, 100 basic burpees is practically nothing!! I'll still plank for you, though - if you need it!


                      29th February

                      Today's DD, EC, worst cancan dancer in the world.

                      While you may have given me a reprieve from burpees TopNotch unfortunately there are many planks in my future.

                      Apparently the new slogan at training is "if you're training well I shouldn't be able to hear you!".

                      So lots of core in my future...and I need to get a fitball for some new drills.

                      Shoulder stretches
                      Talk to the hand
                      C_Dead hang_28, 50/40/20

                      Burpee HD (~60 basic today)

                      The Viper

                      Yoga as voted by children


                        Wow Burpee HD?!?! Youโ€™re beyond beast to MONSTER!!๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿ˜Ž


                          Sweating all the sweat today DorothyMH . It is an epic workout- not seeing moving beyond L1 with rests in my future any time soon!
                          It really makes planking something to look forward to!
                          Following it with viper, even after a decent rest was such a bad idea.


                            Io6 I love it when there is a time rather than a number. So if I complete only 5 in 30 seconds...
                            This is what we had to do on Thursday night:
                            Push-up, jump feet between hands, jump into squat. Rinse repeat another 9 times.
                            From squat position, star-jump, landing in squat. Rinse, repeat x 9
                            Then put them both together x 10.
                            That after 20 squat jumps, too!!
                            And followed by 40 full pushups - 4 sets of 10.
                            So today's 100 basic burpees, split into sets of 10 if I desire, should be a right doddle!!
                            And apart from the plank, that's similar to Burpees HD so perhaps I shouldn't be scared of that one any more!! Your example has cured me!!


                              I like your training drills TopNotch ! Training agile landings gives you more options.
                              I was thinking of steam trains today during burpee hd...piston up, piston down and head for the horizon.
                              Have a go, it's fun...full on, but fun.


                                1st March

                                Today's DD, EC if I'm springing around this morning it must mean it's also time for holds!!

                                The great hold with 1min plank holds at each end, bridge hold was 2min.

                                Today's workout music is the Smiths- apparently my sing How Soon is Now? in hollow hold is pretty funny.

                                Shoulder stretches
                                Talk to the hand
                                C_Dead hang_29, tick
                                There was an argument here- my son only considers chin-ups as legitimate exercises (my partner sometimes does chin-ups) I did 3 (poorly) then explained that pull ups-also an exercise.

                                Now for something fun: Carver

                                Sun salutation (no handstand, repeated until I was done)