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    Onna-Bugeisha's adventure

    Hello everyone !

    I'm on Darebee for a long time but i think it's the good time for me and my motivation to start a diary here.

    About me :
    - 23 years old
    - 167 cm for 56 kg
    - Music student full time (triple harp, traverso, music history etc)
    - I love art, nature and japanese culture.
    - I like doing grandma hobby : reading, couture, knitting ...
    - I love eat a lot, i eat all the time.
    - My health is totally random and very shitty. Let's go ! : asthma since birth, back problems (orthopedic corset), feet and knee problems, allergies since birth too. And the big one in 2017, teratoma with an organ in less in vital urgency.

    Goals :
    Since 2017 and thanks to Darebee i get better and find my muscles again. So now is to continue to train everyday and get stronger, come to love my body that hate (less and less) for now.
    I want a nice little belly and a magic butt !
    I restart this year my aikido training and hope get better in this martial art i like so much. I start pilates and is very usefull for my lazy internal muscles. And swimming as i can.
    To summerize the situation : i want a body i can love, athletic and strong enough if an another health problem come.

    I want improve my english level, and for now it's not very good. So don't hesitate to tell me my faults.

    Let's start the adventure !


    It helps a lot to stay motivated to share your adventures, welcome


      November 10th 2019

      (I start these program in the beginning of the month.)

      Morning training :
      ​​Classic warmup
      ​​Fondation light Program : day 10 level 3 without rest
      ​​​ Arms of Steel Challenge : day 10
      ​​​ Glutes of Steel Challenge : day 10
      ​​​ DD with E.C. Too hard for me to do simple push-ups .. so this one. not strong enough ! (DD with E.C : 9)
      ​​​ Top to Bottom Workout
      ​​​ 1km swimming. No motivation today. And I have a big a presentation for my japanese class (theme : Gagaku), so it's a good excuse, right ?

      Evening training :
      ​​​ 30 days of Yoga Program : day 10

      Thanks Fremen


        Mirabelle Interesting about your activities as you mention above. Something that I have looked into since I started being more keen in fitness is how to maximize personal time to be more effective in terms of activity. Really the worst thing is to be watching television or playing video games, but your hobbies give you a lot to still be active with.

        That is impressive too that you do 1km of swimming. I usually do twice as far, but 1km is still a lot farther than most people that I see in the pool.


          November 11th 2019

          Morning training :
          Classic warmup
          Fondation light Program : day 11 level 3 without rest (note for myself : cardio without my medications is a bad idea)
          Arms of Steel Challenge : day 11
          Glutes of Steel Challenge : day 11
          DD with EC (n°10)
          Top to Bottom Workout

          Evening training :
          30 days of Yoga Program : day 11

          CaptainCanuck I like watching movies in my couch and play video games too but i'm not addicted and it's boring me quicly for the most of time. I think is just a sort of self control here who is important. (maybe?)
          Haha thank you. I swim the breaststroke (?I'm not sure of my vocabulary), i don't know how to swim the other strokes, i never learn (?here too) so i'm very slowly. But i can swim my km in 3/4 h approximately. (I'm little proud of myself, just a little little bit)


            Mirabelle That is good, it is good to find things to be proud of in fitness.

            Also the breaststroke burns the most calories despite being a slower stroke than the crawl because it engages the entire body better.