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    Fox's Den (Blue Fox's Check-In)

    I am about six weeks post birth so I am working back into exercise slowly. So far I did a few days of exercise programs that I have found on youtube for post natal exercises, but I am keen on getting into some Darebee regimes as well.

    Today was a kettlebell workout for post natal, with the interest of not injuring any weak areas.

    So today I started with the Foundation Light workout (Day 1, 3 sets), and then the Mermaid workout (Day 1, 3 sets). Then my husband introduced me to his boxing training (about 20 minutes of basic boxing moves). All of the workouts were very new to me and therefore a lot of fun. It's so good to be able to train more and more every day.


      Congrats to you and your family! I wish you all the best in getting back into an exercise routine.


        My legs are still sore after yesterday's training. Today I did 20 minutes on our old Wii Fit (compilation of yoga, aerobics and strength training) and about 10 minutes of Power18 and Stress Buster Darebee workouts.


          Today I am sore all over but not giving up yet! With hubbie, we did a cardio belly dancing routine (half of a 30-minute workout), some very basic bo staff moves (I am not very good at them yet) and then we stretched a little (Rest & Rec) and challenged each other to a few little fun exercises. Overall, did much more training than planned.


            So I haven't updated my trainings lately - we moved to a different city a week ago and therefore I didn't exercise for a while; we were so busy packing, and so on. However, I re-started exercising on December 1st, thanks to my husband who designs exercise routines and exercises with me every evening.

            Tonight we did day 5 of Fit Christmas to a level 1, and the fifth advent of the calendar.

            After this we did Enlisted and What Doesn't Kill You.

            We did two different workouts

            The first from Cosmopolitan has seven exercises and we did the following with three sets. The second one was from Shape and was mostly yoga and pilates.


              Tonight we did Day 8 of the Advent Calendar and Day 8 of Fit Christmas (level 1). We also did one set of Dark Elf. After that, we did a routine called Dragon Training. The guy that writes these usually does so in some depth, so acrobatic characters get acrobatics, military characters get military workouts, and so on. There was no real description as to why dragon training involved the following but we went with it:

              3 x 10 flights of stairs (this called for running the stairs, but it would not work so well in our house, with the sleeping toddler, so we walked them. Also the baby decided to cry for most of our workout, so my husband carried him for the second two sets, for an additional 15 pounds of weight!)
              3 x 10 lying hip abductors (per leg)
              3 x 12 situps (hubbie did 25)
              3 x 30 seconds low plank (hubbie did 3 x 60)
              3 x 10 reverse situps (which are pretty similar to crunch kicks on Darebee, and again he did 25).


                Blue Fox Welcome to the hive! Looking excellent! Look forward to the rest of your journey


                  So I have been exercising practically every day since December 1st (I only skipped 4 days as far). I have been pretty negligent in my regular checking-ins though.

                  Today I only did a few exercises in the late morning - we are having guests who arrived tonight and we needed to be social, so no usual long workout tonight.

                  Today's Darebee workouts: Bubble Butt, Breasts Lift, Bright & Beautiful.

                  Also, I did a 30 sec plank, 10 sit-ups and the first exercise from the 1-minute 30-Day January challenge.

                  New Year's resolutions:

                  1. Working on my mental health as I have been struggling with some depressive episodes in the past decade that have been pretty harsh for my family. Being active and fit will hopefully lead to improvement in this area. I have been pregnant for the most part of the past 2.5 years so I have a long way to go but I am carrying on; my husband has been helping me. I also want to introduce more mindfulness routines to my daily life (like at least 10 min meditation every day) and become more social (we have moved recently, no greater opportunity to have a clean slate with some nice new friends and acquaintances).

                  2. Losing weight - my goal is to go down to 55.0 kilograms, my old "ideal weight". As of today I am at 67.7 kilograms.

                  3. Becoming physically fit (flexible, strong, persistent etc.). I would like to be able to do the splits, a handstand, maybe even try a triathlon.

                  4. Trying new things - I have been sinking into routine with my leisure reading habits that have not been promoting my mental health either. Generally I revolve around crime (true crime stories), bad illness such as cancer (I am a nurse so I doesn't help), WWII especially fates of Jewish families and atrocities committed by Nazis, and psychology. So instead of those topics, I will choose reading about science (nature, astronomy), food blogs, anything else in general. My goal is also to read at least 2 books per month. I also would like to try to ride a kicksled and learn how to knit.

                  5. New recipe at least once a week (I own around 200 great cookbooks).

                  6. Continue learning languages such as French, Spanish and Cree - every day. even for a few minutes.

                  7. Try to be less fearful and more "uncertainty-accepting" person. Also, be nicer and kinder to people around me. I usually haven't been a huge jerk or anything like that but I tend to be a grump when I'm stressed or anxious.

                  8. Be grateful...nothing is granted or given to us forever. There are many great things in my life like fantastic family and good health.


                    Yesterday (January 2nd) I started Baseline and continued with 1 Minute Cardio Challenge. I repeated Bubble Butt, Breasts Lift and added up Buttercup workout. I also did 30 sec plank and 10 situps.

                    Today I repeated Baseline (same workout from day 1) with my hubbie and continued with Day 3 of 1 Minute Cardio Challenge.

                    Hubbie and I also did one set each of Make My Day, Aftershock and Tracer. After this we did one Action Jacquelyn and one Leilah Isaac as usual: Butt Lift Barre Workout With Resistance Band and My Belly Dance Hip Series - Full Body Workout.

                    I would like to be able to do the full splits by the end of this year so we did another workout with Action Jacquelyn from the Alo Yoga channel: How To - Splits for Beginners.


                      Today in the morning, I again did Bubble Butt and Breasts Lift, followed by 30 sec plank and 10 situps. My 20-month-old toddler was with me in the basement, super happy to discover a bunch of exercise balls. In the evening hubbie and me did Day 2 of Baseline, Day 13 of Foundation, and caught up for days 1 and 2 of the 1 Minute Cardio Challenge as well as day 4. Next we did one set each of The Minotaur, Black Widow and Batcave Friendly. In Minotaur I only managed one assisted pull up but I'm doing better than the last time.


                        In the morning I did my old routine of Bubble Butt and Breasts Lift, then 30 sec plank and 10 situps. Today I designed our evening workout. We started with day 3 of Baseline, Day 14 of Foundation and day 5 of 1-Minute Cardio as a warmup. Then we did one set each of Health Potion, Lean Legs, Lowerbody Tendon Strength, Ballet "Swan" and Hellbound. I ordered those workouts with increasing difficulty (from I to V).

                        After this we did a few videos: Two from Ewa Chodakowska (who is Poland's top fitness trainer, I like her a lot), the first two parts of her 6 minute series (it was in Polish, though not too difficult to follow along for hubbie). Then we did Action Jacquelyn: Barre Workout For Butt and Thighs.

                        We finished with Backup and Restore for some stretching.


                          In the morning I again did Bubble Butt and Breasts Lift, then 30 sec plank and 10 situps.

                          We started off tonight with a level I in Day 4 of Baseline and Day 15 of Foundation and day 6 of the 1 Minute Cardio Challenge. The theme for tonight, designed by hubbie,. was very sweet to me. One of my fitness goals is to fit into clothes that I used to wear before my two pregnancies, and he remembered seeing a workout a long time ago about the best exercises for wearing dresses. The article lists only five and they probably would not come as a surprise to anyone who is reading this website - squats, bridges, pushups, superman holds and calf raises. So hubbie looked through the Darebee database for workouts featuring these exercises. He came up with Legs of Steel, Duck & Swing, Carver, Justice: Served, and Epic Calves.

                          Today was the first day of the 30 day Action Jacquelyn fitness challenge. This was a Detox Yoga Flow workout that I had to finish up on my own when hubbie tried to calm down our baby son.


                            In the morning I started with good old routine of Bubble Butt and Breasts Lift, then 30 sec plank and 10 situps.

                            This evening we did Day 5 of Baseline and Day 16 of Foundation as a warmup, both of them to a level I. Then we did one set each of Skier, Barbarian, Busy Bee, and Rewired.

                            Next we did two videos: 5 Minute Inner Thigh Burn and Sculpt from Action Jacquelyn and 10 Minute Thigh Fat Burn from Leilah Isaac.

                            We finished with the Sore Neck workout - hubbie did not know but I had a little bit of a sore neck, so it felt quite good.


                              In the morning I did Bubble Butt and Breast Lift, then I tried Callisto (hubbie does it every morning) and a bit later, I did Couch Potato (while sitting on my couch, of course ).

                              Tonight we did Day 6 of Baseline, Day 17 of Foundation and day 7 of the One Minute Cardio Challenge. We did one set of Landslide as well. Then we did some more of the Pandora program: We did two and half chapters to take us halfway through chapter 6.

                              Action Jacquelyn has a one month challenge. We skipped yesterday because we had done it before, and chose a different video. Today was "Standing Ballerina Legs Toning Workout". I think it is only accessible for people that sign up for the challenge. I enjoyed that training a lot, seems like it can do wonders for your legs (for both genders).