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    Hello everyone, my name is Bahadır, a newbie in the from Turkey in the hive but I am using this site for almost 6 years. But unfortunately not regularly You know I was the type that work out hard for 2 months then burnout and and stay away from exercise 2 months and again and again the same thing...

    But in these last two months I examined my failures; the reasons why I failed, why I burn out, why I dropped...

    I realized most common mistake I made in these 6 years, put too much burden on myself, too much exercise, too much load... As an example, my last drop out was at the start of August 2019 which I was weight lifting 4 day a week for 2 months while trying finish Cardio Blast Program and other two 30 day challange at the same time in just 15 days. I had finished all other 2-level programs with 2 other 30 day challenges in 15 days regularly before that. Cardio Blast was last 2-level program but... It took a really heavy toll on me so I decided give a break for a week and that was it. I didn't start again till this October. Before that I got into a fight with a school mate and and before that I got a back injury while deadlifting with anterior pelvic tilt and had to stay away from anything for 5-6 months... So at last I decided I need mobility and posture before muscle and I realized my most enjoyable workouts was trying to finish a darebee program I chose for myself. And with least injuries of course So I decided I'll go with full Darebee from now on.

    Like I said my goal is finish everything this site offer us. At this last 6 years I finished at least 10 different program and 15+ challenges but non of them with good-disciplined program. I was trying a program now on then, finish it and jumping another program I found interesting but no more!

    I'll started with level 1 Foundation Light, finished it at October 15, jump on Foundation finished it at October 30 now I am on Cardio Blast day 16. And as a sidekick I am doin Good Morning-world again at day 16. My plan for now is this:

    -Finish Cardio Blast and Good Morning World at November 15 and after that start to last two 30 day challenges at November 16. I mean: 3000 squats 1000 push-ups and ab challenge. If it comes to easy I will add daily dares and some workouts from end of the list. So let's jump at log:



    -Finished day 15 both Cardio Blast and Good Morning World! After finishing my daily jobs, I'll finish day 16.


    -1 hour cycling. Crotch really hurts. End of the day! Can't wait tomorrow.

    -I am at the 3rd Day of Intermıttent Fasting.

    My Measures for this week (last taken at Monday):
    -Weight: 70.9 kg
    -Waist circumference: 96.3 cm
    -Arms: 28.4 cm

    THE GOAL: 60 KG with a more mobile, fit and stronger body.

    By the way I am always open the advices and suggestions.

    And I have one question about the challenges: Is it possible to add diffuculty levels to challenges? If possible I want to climb easiest to hardest step by step. I don't want to burnout anymore.

    Lastly Have a nice day everyone! You all awesome you should know it!

    Hey, I think you should keep on trying, you'll get there eventually! if you get every badge done, you'll be in really good shape. Btw, the
    My Measures for this weak
    in the way you use it, as in the days in this week, it's spelled week.


      Good stuff, take it slow and you will get there.


        Yeah thanks guys. I corrected it. And yeah I know I should take it slow from a lot of mistakes I did in the past I know probably I'll still make mistakes but I will learn from them too. Thanks for the support.


          Merhaba madao802, welcome to the Hive.

          Good luck on your journey.


            Hi there, welcome! Good for you, wanting to go for the long run!
            What is the reason you want to finish a program in 15 days? I think, by reading your story, that you might consider doing the programs just 1 day at a time. The programs are designed to do savely in 30 days (or more in some cases). With your history of overtraining, it might be best to stick to the design of the program and keep it slow, in order to get to steady.

            Good luck!


              Welcome to The Hive! I hope you have a very good journey.
              I can understand you on the load, I am often guilty of that, even though I've once finished 2 or 3 programs at the same time, it gets heavy and kinda addictive because they're fun to do and you like to see the progress, but sometimes it's better to slow it down so your body doesn't fail you.
              Wish you a mighty success on your goals!


                Hi NancyTree thanks for the warm greeting The reasons for I am trying finish some programs in 15 days because I've finished the programs till 3rd level and last page of challenges over and over and over again before I finished Foundations maybe more than 10 times other 2-level programs more than 5 times so doing these in their normal 30 day is a little bit boring. And because I really used to them finishing in 15 days not that hard for me. Actually going with 1 tine a day make me feel like I didn't do anything that day so I'm going for 2 time a day for the start. But when I reach level 3 I'll take your advice. I'll slow down my progress and and go with reguler 30 day pace. Thanks for the advice I appreciate it Have nice day

                Hi stella88 Thanks for the greeting Yeah I know the joy of going with 3 programs at once too I know there will be a time I will another mistake but I will take the feeedback and learn from it and adjust the program according to that. For now I'm going good. Thanks for the support. Have a nice day


                  9 November 2019 - Saturday 15:46

                  Finished Day 16 and 18 of Cardio Blast and finished two minute Jumping Jack for the Good Morning World.
                  And ran for 12.30 minutes at the morning. One hour late I will go the gym and run for another 25.45 minutes.
                  I jumped over day 17 because my arms feel really sore because of yesterday's punches I'll finish that tomorrow.


                  Ran extra 39 minutes. 13 min cycling, 6 min rowing.

                  End of Transmission.


                    10 November 2019 - Sunday 19:17

                    Finished Cardio Blast Day 17 and Good Morning World.
                    Hurt ankle so couldn't go on. I hope it will be okay till tomorrow.


                      Heh, I saw your username today and thought to myself "Hmm... Madao.. sounds familiar..." and then I saw your avatar and knew I was right: Hasegawa! Has been a long time since I've last watched Gintama.
                      Welcome to the Hive and I hope your ankle gets better!


                        Thanks Nihopaloa It always awesome when come across another Gintama fan My ankle seems better and now goin to gym again

                        11 November 2019 - 15:53

                        Ankle got better. It seems it was just a simple bruise. Day 19 and 20 of Cardio Blast and Good Morning, World finished. Going to gym now. Will do a little bit extra cardio.


                        13.30 min treadmill running, 27 min cycling, 13 min rowing.


                          12 November 2019 - 18:29

                          Finished Day 21, 22 and 23.


                            13 November 2019 - 13:50

                            What a beatiful day... It's cloudy but I feel energetic! I hope everyone is in a good mood like me. Have a nice day who ever read this won't you. And look at mirror and smile to yourself

                            Finished day 24 for now. Will finish 25 too at evening. But first let me take a self-.... let me go to the exam...


                            Day 25 Finito.


                            Day 26 Finizo


                              14 November 2019 Thursday - 20:59

                              Work life really drains much energy in day But still going on and keep pushing!!

                              Day 27 finezo.And extra 30 min cycling. Will finish Day 28 before 00.00


                              DAY 28 FINISHED!! Only two to go! Will make new plan for 16 - 30 November tomorrow. Have a nice sleep everyone.