grumpy old man's fitness journey

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    grumpy old man's fitness journey

    Hey all,

    A little about me: male, over 50, over 200 lbs with some bad habits. I'm addicted to sugar, caffeine and watching endless hours of tv from my couch and being a bit of a procrastinator.

    I'm going to change that starting today.

    * Increase my fitness
    * Lose some weight
    * Get more sleep

    Foundation with Level 3 along with Extra Credits



    Originally posted by mez View Post

    I'm going to change that starting today. I've completed: Day 1 of Foundation Light using level 3.
    Well done


      mez Welcome to the Hive buddy! First step is always the hardest so epic work can't wait to see your journey


        Enjoy your start and progress!


          You have taken a step forward. Kudos to you!


            Thanks all!

            I've changed the workout to be Foundation instead of Foundation Light on day 2.

            I've completed Day 2 thru 8 with no rests in between sets. They seem pretty easy and I hope they get a little more difficult. I've also done the Extra Credit for each day.

            I'm fighting with myself to complete the foundation but I just don't find it very challenging. I am worried that if I keep changing then I won't complete anything. Yesterday, I ran for 20 mins on a treadmill.

            Any advance of starting a new workout along with the foundation or should I just complete this one first?