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    Canadian International Security Organization HQ (Captain Canuck's Check In)

    I do a fair amount of working out these days, and even keep a bare bones exercise journal, but these check-in threads seem pretty fun, as well as allowing for some introspection.

    As a short recap, by the time that I am writing this, I have been on a weight loss journey of over 100 pounds. I started twenty two months ago, but only really got serious about it ten months ago. I started out recording fitness times on my Wii Fit, but it doesn't allow for much detail. Then I moved on to an exercise journal, where I named workouts to save space, but now I have this check-in thread to write as much as I like.

    Last night I did my lower body workout, which I call Batroc. It is named after Batroc the Leaper, a Captain America villain, because there is a lot of jumping in this workout.

    Batroc consists of the following:

    Lower Body Stretches
    Skip Rope x 250
    Stair/Ruck Squat Pyramid - Climb one set of stairs with a weight vest (in place of a rucksack), then do one squat, climb another flight then do two squats and so on, until I get to twenty. If I get to the top of the staircase then I climb down one flight and do the squats there before climbing again (stairs shown below).
    Leg Strength Circuit - 3 x 10 froggers, 3 x 10 box jumps (18 "), 3 x 10 standing long jumps, 3 x 10 90 degrees jump (per leg), 3 x 10 tae kwon do kicks (per leg)
    Leg Agility Circuit - 3 x 10 agility ladder each of icky shuffle, high knees and side steps, 3 x 10 plyometric two legged and one legged jumps, 3 x 10 dot jumps, 3 x 10 single leg mini hurdle jumps (4)
    30 minutes stationary bicycle

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CA1.jpg Views:	1126 Size:	778.0 KB ID:	664166

    Dot jumps require a bit of tape on the floor in the same layout as a five on a die. I start in the centre and jump to each point.

    I also tried using a reflex ball (an indented rubber ball that bounces in unpredictable directions) in the squash court, but not sure if it will be very useful. I had to bend over a fair bit to catch the ball, which could put me at risk for triggering my recurring slipped disc injury. I might just not bother, I only spent $8 on the thing anyway.

    I also had one of those moments where you realize that progress can't always be measured in numbers only. I was working the agility ladder and some guy, probably 15 years my junior, interrupts me to ask for workout advice. I didn't realize that I gave off the impression that I know what I am doing, let alone that the advice that I gave him was sound enough I think.

    Tonight I did my workout called Lucy. It is based on the Jenna Dewan workout at SuperHeroJacked. It is named after Lucy Lane (Lois' sister), the only comic character that Dewan has played.

    The only difference that I add is some drills from catcher training that I saw on youtube, which is mostly arm rotations with resistance bands. I mostly played basketball as a youngster, but for a time i thought it would be interesting to be a baseball catcher. Some of the jumping drills from my lower body day are based on catcher drills as well.

    The rhythmic gymnastics ball that I ordered unexpectedly showed up today (Amazon said to expect it between November 7 to November 20). I tried a few basic drills that I saw but as expected, it is much harder than it looks (note to all readers - I did not want to be a rhythmic gymnast when I was younger).

    I had previously loaded a few Darebee workouts on my phone, but the internet died and I only had Princess loaded. One of the exercises in my Lucy workout is jumping lunges, so it was not so pleasant to get three sets of 20 lunges, but I managed. I also used a resistance band for the second and third sets of clamshells as the first was way too easy. Princess is a decent workout, though harder based on what I had already done. I don't punch much without gloves on though, and realized that my punching speed is much faster than it was before.

    I usually go out to the gym (the YMCA two blocks away), but on calisthenics days, I mostly just go to the gym in my building (seen below). I had been wanting to try some handstand training since a while and figured to do it tonight. There is only one place in this gym where it works though, and a succession of people were doing exercises on mats for a solid 90 minutes before I finally got in 15 minutes before close. I managed two 15 counts with my arms extended and feet on the wall.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ppgym.jpg
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    I also finally tried out my foam die. I got this idea from watching a video from the Olympic channel where a couple of gym rats workout with an Olympic wrestler. It involves stutter stepping, with the coach calling out moves. As I have no coach to call moves for me, I figured a giant foam die would work too, and just assign a move to each number on the die which I throw against the wall while stutter stepping: 1 - jump turn right, 2 - jump turn left, 3 - spin right, 4 - spin left, 5 - pushup; 6 jump. It was OK, but it needs a bit of refinement, or maybe just not for me to do at the end of 90 minutes of exercise.


      No training today, I went trick or treating with my kids, and my niece and nephews. I guess I got over 10,000 on step count which isn't bad, though pretty low for me at other times of the year.

      Also ate probably an extra 1000 calories of treats. Though I gave most of the candy to the niece and nephew (my sons are 18 months and 1 month old, so they don't eat much candy anyway).


        Halloween snacking was not as bad as I thought, I only gained 0.2 kg today after eating badly yesterday.

        This evening I did two workouts, which I usually do back to back.

        The first is called WIldcat, named after the superhero from DC Comics, an ex-boxer turned superhero. Not surprising this is a boxing workout - lower body stretches, 1 km run and 15 minutes on the heavy bag, alternating between whatever I like of jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks.

        Next is Aquaman, or Aqua for short. This is my upper body workout:

        3 x 30 seconds on combat ropes
        4 x 20 chest press
        4 x 20 triceps press
        4 x 20 lat pulldown
        3 x 5 clean and jerk with dumbbells.

        Usually at this point I move on to balance and coordination, but I have been looking to add something more to arms so I tried a workout from Darebee - Shoulder Work. I did it with 5 pound dumbbells, but probably shouldn't have added them on my first try, as I only got through one set.

        After this I did the rest of my workout:

        3 minutes balanced on a Bosu Ball and juggling three balls
        34 laps of the pool - This was kind of a weird night for me in the pool, usually I do 40 lengths of crawl and 40 lengths of breast stroke, but I had a lot of stiffness in my right leg which was painful on the breast stroke, so I did 3 extra lengths of crawl in the first 8 laps, and three fewer breaststroke. I was going to call it off early because of pain, but then it went away. I kept on, at a decent pace, but the lifeguard closed the pool after my 34th lap after she said that she found some weird stuff in the pool.

        Click image for larger version

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          Welcome to the hive CaptainCanuck

          Keep up the good work


            I was going to workout today, but I have a nagging though not-so-serious muscle pull that I am trying to get healed, so I decided against it.

            Worst of all, the injury seems to be aggravated by excessive driving, and I have at least two hours of driving per day on three different days in the coming week.


              I have been without internet for a bit, so the check-ins have not been so frequent. Yesterday I managed my upper body workouts, combined with a Level I on Paladin and a full round of Shoulder Work.


                I have been visiting family who are not so well setup for exercise, so I have essentially been off since Tuesday. I didn't mind though as I have this nagging injury which is painful but only an inconvenience. I hoped it would heal but it did not.

                Today I did my lower body workout, and added in 2 sets of The Crawler workout from Darebee. This was a lot of fun, though I was pretty tired after the end of it. I will try for 5 sets eventually on lower body days.

                Also a bit of an achievement though it might seem minor ... I am not very good at skipping rope but I do skip as part of my workout for the warmup ... today was the first day that I have managed to skip more than 100 jumps in a row, and I was well over 100 (I wasn't counting, it was about 120). So endurance and agility is coming along in skipping.


                  Today I did my calisthenics program as above (Lucy). I was not as tired afterwards as usual, which seems to be more progress towards better endurance, but also a sign that I need to find some better challenges.

                  As last time I worked in handstand training, managing two 15-count holds, with my feet higher on the wall. I also worked on the rhythmic gymnastics ball though I think I need more room for this than in the smallish gym in my building.

                  I tried out one set each of Thief and Grim Reaper. These were both pretty good, and I should make up my mind soon and just choose a few workouts that I do to completion instead of just sampling a set every time.

                  I was going to do a bit more in the gym, but my wife is getting a bit more active since childbirth six weeks ago (she signed up to Darebee as well, profile name is Blue Fox), and she was keen to learn some combat skills, so we worked on boxing basics and kicking basics afterwards.

                  Otherwise today I had a low step count (around 7000) but I did a lot of moving of boxes getting ready for our upcoming move. Also I broke apart some Swedish bookcases with a hammer, which was a decent functional fitness workout.


                    Today was upper body day, and I did the usual training as above. I usually do upper body as day one of a three day series, but this week for no real reason I decided to make it the last day. Because of that and because I spent some time moving boxes again today, I felt a little worn out during the training.

                    I added one set of Thief to the very beginning as a more detailed warmup before I started boxing. I also added in 10 butterfly situps. Boxing was good (the picture below is the track next to which is the boxing area, where I did the first part of this workout, I wasn't playing basketball, but people are always playing as I work out.)

                    Combat ropes were also good. The weight machines were a bit tougher than usual, but I made it through all my reps.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Central gym.jpg Views:	0 Size:	182.3 KB ID:	672169

                    I did Shoulder Work, trying the first rep this time with two pound weights after not making it with five pound weights a previous time. This was easier, but I am not yet ready for even two pound weights, as I did the other two sets with just body weight. I also cut Paladin this time because of time constraints and because I put in Thief.

                    I do this weird exercise that I saw on the Olympic channel where I juggle on top of a Bosu ball (the original video of it is here). I usually do three minutes, and today I made it through 2:45 before I had to catch the balls, the best I have ever done. As there are a lot of factors that go into this it is not necessarily a measure of ability but I have been wondering if I will ever make it through the whole three minutes. Maybe next time for those last fifteen seconds.

                    I have been slowed down in the pool by this nagging leg injury, which is not debilitating just annoying and painful at times. I mostly just have to push through it at the present time as it doesn't seem to be getting much better or much worse. Regardless it slows me down in the pool, but I managed 40 laps (2 km) in 1 hour and 9 minutes, whereas my best time is 1:08, so I was not really that much slower today.


                      It is an off day for me, but I didn't do nothing. I got in about 13,000 steps, including 2800 steps~2km of which where I walked around the observation deck of the CN Tower while chasing my toddler.

                      At night I showed my wife two workouts that I enjoy, though ones that I do less frequently. Part of what was interesting for me as I explored fitness was to discover just how much stuff there is out there in terms of variety, and so I did these workouts on occasion just to keep things fresh. I was keen to show these to my wife as she is getting back into fitness after her recent pregnancy, and hoping to help to get her hooked on some of the more fun stuff. One is a bellydancing workout and the other is basic bo staff training. We didn't go through the full workouts of either though. We are also a little constrained in our present living arrangement in an apartment but we should be better off soon once we get into the house we are moving into at the end of the month. I am looking forward to some of the staff workouts on this site, but for now they will have to wait.

                      After doing that we did Rest and Rec to work on some stretching and then a few other core exercises. For what it is worth, I also tried out the Eye Workout.


                        A pretty slow day for me overall, I usually aim for 6000 steps per day, but I only got past this at 11pm on the walk back from the gym. To be fair it was snowing most of the day, though I did get 1000 of those steps from the fire alarm at around 2pm when I had to carry my 18 month old and 1 month old at the same time down 5 flights of stairs.

                        Today was leg day and I was unexpectedly at low energy for most of the workout (weight vest used for ruck/stair climb seen below). I didn't deviate from the previous workout, though this time I managed three sets of the Crawler. I got my energy level back at the end during cycling. With the exercise bike I usually aim for 230 calories burned or thirty minutes, whichever comes last. That said these usually happen around the same time, so I have never really had to cycle longer than 30:30 nor finished 230 calories earlier than about 29:30. Today though I managed 264 calories burned in 30:00. It is only about 30 calories more but still my best speed.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          My internet is down again and likely will be for a week or so.

                          Two days ago was a rest day after spending most of the day moving stuff.

                          Yesterday I did upper body, same as usual. I managed to do Paladin at a level 1 and Shoulder Work though with 2 pound weights for all sets.

                          I also did my 2km of swimming in 1:07, my fastest time yet


                            I did calisthenics last night, with Siren and Maverick at the end.


                              Lots of moving boxes yesterday and then did my regular lower body workout