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    Originally posted by CaptainCanuck View Post

    Fremen Like a lot of the crazy things I try, it was worth doing at least once.
    I love your way of coming up with interesting workouts


      That's a great idea...
      Happy donuts day!


        In the Netherlands it's a tradition on holidays (especially our Kings Day) or children's (birthday)party's to do something called 'cookie bites' (it's not possible to translate it right, but this is close), where there's a string with ' ontbijtkoek (it's a Dutch thing, even wikipedia didn't translate it) and you have to eat it blindfolded. I did it on horse riding camp, while riding blindfolded, really fun.

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          Fremen I will have to improvise more soon, as I am running out of programs, though I can always repeat them or just do workouts.

          Joe76 Thanks!

          NancyTree Sounds fun, but somewhat hard when you add horse riding into it I think.

          Tonight I did card 20 of Avatar Upgrade, the Daily Dare with EC, 130 pushups and 28 pullups. I will put the 400 points from Avatar Upgrade into Flexibility.

          I also had over 13,000 steps, though it is getting to be extremely tedious to get these without leaving the house. I have a routine where I walk back and forth across the house while reading a book on my phone and keeping my eyes on the kids, but I long for some time outside. This cold stretch has been over a week now and we have about 4 more days according to the forecast. At least tonight the older boy wanted me to chase him around the dining room table before bed, which added about 1500 steps, though I did do over 10km inside today.


            Today around midday I did card 21 of Avatar Upgrade. I will put the 200 points into Combat.

            We did the Daily Dare with EC (or at least I thought so) and day 17 of the Gladiator Challenge before my wife went to work. After checking the Daily Dare, I saw that it was calf raises, not a calf raise hold, so I redid it. I will not tell my wife though and just let her get credit for it. Technically it still counts anyway, we just did 1.

            This evening I did card 22 of Avatar Upgrade, though this one was easier than designed because I had to substitute march steps for high knees as usual. The last two combos got the blood flowing though. I will put those 800 points into Speed. I mixed in 3 narrow grip pullups between every set so I did 21 total. I wasn't going to go for regular grip as I did a lot of pushups today, 410 (my third highest total I think after 450 and 420).

            I made it over 10,000 steps today.

            We kind of forgot about the 7 day Home Is Where the Heart Pumps challenge that we started. Oh well.


              Congratulations on your latest pull-ups PR!
              Hope you get some warmer days soon! (It's colder down here than last month too, but not nearly so bad as you have it.)


                Rainbow Dragon Thanks! It is supposed to warm up this week progressively.

                My wife is studying for a short course that she has tomorrow, so tonight she only joined me for Day 18 of the Gladiator Challenge and the Daily Dare (with EC). I mashed together my three sets of to failure pullups (8-6-6), 130 pushups and Day 27 of Military Fit and Day 27 of Strength Protocol. Luckily there weren't that many arm exercises, still a little sore after yesterday.

                I did over 9000 steps today.


                  I finally had a look at all your snow pictures of the last weeks. It’s beautiful. After my cross country skiing adventure I’m envious. The thaw set in over here and our snow is disappearing at high speed. It’s going to be over 10℃ Later this week.

                  Thanks for all the pictures!


                    AnnieW Too bad but good that you got to experience it. I understand the appeal, I love to get outside in winter for skating, skiing or just running, just we have another month and half of snow on the ground in one form or another, and last year it snowed as late as early May, so even longer maybe.

                    Tonight we did Day 19 of the Gladiator Challenge, The Daily Dare with EC, Day 22 of Reboot, Day 22 of the Gauntlet and Day 22 of Power Cardio. The Gauntlet had 52 pushups so I added the other 78 for 130. I also did 24 pullups.

                    I got over 10,000 steps, though again mostly just around the home. The older boy likes to chase/get chased around the dining room table, so that helps with the count.


                      I finally got outside for a run today, after a long stretch of my wife's work schedule not cooperating and polar vortex temperatures making me not to want to leave the house. Today wasn't so bad, -13 degrees with a wind chill around -17. I did 3.3 km in 22:39.

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                        Look! A squirrel!


                          Great shot of that squirrel!


                            Anek Whirly Thanks! For that one I had to stop to take the picture, but it was practically at the end of my run anyway. My wife is always saying to watch out for wildlife, and to be fair, he did look hungry.

                            Tonight I did card 23 of Avatar Upgrade. It had 140 pushups in the exercises and I added 6 sets of 3 narrow grip pullups. My older boy thought it was funny half the time to run around me or jump on me while doing exercises as I did them upstairs instead of in the exercise room. For the V-Ups he was trying to copy me, and managed to do some bridges. I will put 400 points into Endurance and 200 points into Combat. I also did the Daily Dare with EC.

                            I got over 11,000 steps today, thanks in part to the run this morning.


                              Tonight I mashed together Card 24 of Avatar Upgrade, Day 28 of Strength Protocol and Day 28 of Military Fit. I had to add 5 pushups to make it to 140. I also did the Daily Dare with EC and 18 pullups. The older boy was still interested but less interested in today's workout, though he tried to approximate shoulder taps relatively well.

                              I will put 400 of the points from Avatar Upgrade into Combat and 200 into Flexibility.


                                Lovely sunny pictures! Squirrel!