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    Io6 Whirly15 AnnieW Zastria stephenphillips42 Mianevem Nebulus Miss_Dada Thanks all! It is feeling better today, I rested it most of the day.

    Tonight I did a level I in Day 2 and Day 3 of Foundation Light. I also did 16 sets of 5 reps on pushups for 80 total. My back wasn't good for more than five at a time. I made it over 6,000 steps for the day, though thanks to a grey day with thunderstorms that was all in the house.


      The back injury is doing well. I am thinking it wasn't as bad this time because I am better shape than in the past, and maybe that it is healing faster too because of that. I asked my wife, and she says that when a person is overweight that there is more insulin in the system, which causes inflammation, which in turn makes healing slower.

      Today I did 50 pushups, again in sets of 5. I also did Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6 of Foundation Light, all to a level III.

      If things continue to progress like this I will give the regular regime a try tomorrow night.


        Yay for the fast healing!


          Originally posted by CaptainCanuck View Post
          I asked my wife, and she says that when a person is overweight that there is more insulin in the system, which causes inflammation, which in turn makes healing slower.
          That’s really interesting! Nice to hear that you’re healing fast.


            Glad you are better!


              Chris Lee Bear AnnieW WSMC27 Thanks

              I am still resting my back where possible. We did do a walk today and I did spend another 10 minutes trying to get the kite to go while in the park, but there was not enough wind.

              Tonight we got back to our usual program, though thanks to camping and the back injury, it has been a while. As I did the first six days of Foundation Light while injured, I decided to add that to the list as well, so I'm now doing 7 programs consecutively. Tonight we did a level I in each of Day 7 of Foundation Light, Day 37 of 60 Days of Cardio, Day 19 of 30 Days of Change, Day 55 and Day 56 of 90 Days of Action, and Day 37 of Hero's Journey. We also did the dumbbell and plank portion of Hero's Journey. I am still taking it easy because of the injury, so for instance the exercises in Hero's Journey which are supposed to be done as slow as possible, I still did them at regular tempo.

              I added in 10 pushups on top of Hero's Journey. My 190 day count for pushups is 21,440. It is the lowest 10 day count days since I started aiming for 100 per day, as I did only 70 over two days while camping, missed two full days to the back injury, and haven't hit 100 since either. This is why I built in the buffer though, for cases like this, and I am still averaging 112 per day.


                Back to the regular morning routine today, though still taking it easy. I did Day 19 of Spartan Trials and Day 19 of Fighters Codex, both to a level I.

                I did 7-4-4-3-3 on the pullups sets.


                  Today we got to go to the splash pad which had just opened for the first time yesterday. I hadn't realized before, but there aren't that many splash pads in our city (4) but the nearest one is only about 500 meters away. I got to chase the toddler around for a bit, and really got to play more with the water than other parents did, just to keep the toddler occupied. We were there for around 40 minutes.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  We also played bocceball for about 15 minutes in the back yard later.

                  Our evening workout was Day 8 of Foundation Light, Day 38 of 60 Days of Cardio, Day 57 of 90 Days of Action and Day 38 of Hero's Journey, all to a level I. I substituted march steps for high knees in Hero's Journey, this time the more so because of both my leg and my back. I will be back to high knees some day.

                  Also between the morning and the evening, I did some attempts at fingertip can lifts, though it has been a while.

                  I added 30 more pushups from the 100 this morning for 130 for the day.

                  We also passed the agility ball back and forth for about five minutes after to round our workout time up to 30 minutes.

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Awesome workout with the toddler!


                      j5f6r5y He is good for keeping us active

                      This morning was Day 20 of 30 Days of Change. This called for 30 minutes of walk, 10 minutes of jogging at a relaxed pace and 10 minutes of 80% speed, followed by 2 minutes of sprinting (for a level I). The problem is now with a perpetually almost-injured left calf and a sore lower right back, that sprinting and 80% of top speed still only means jogging at a relaxed pace. So I combined all of the times together for a minimum of 52 minutes running at a reasonable pace. As inclines are not good for the back, the route of choice was the almost completely flat waterfront. I was aiming to do the regular three laps in the 52 minutes, but I was still running a bit too fast and ended up doing each lap in about 14 minutes (each lap is 2.4 km) so I added a fourth lap. I missed hitting the timer on the stopwatch for about the first 40 seconds of the whole run, and I finished at 57:41, so I was running for about 58:20.

                      A while back I stated that the city was designated as the martial arts capital of Canada, though I didn't know why. I figured out later that this is because an international Tai Chi expert said that the waterfront with the mountains and water is the best place in Canda to practice martial arts. That said, I have never seen anyone practice martial arts in the martial arts garden before, but this morning there was a young woman practicing contemporary dance there, which was a different diversion from the usual collection of people walking their dogs.

                      I did 15 pushups when I got back to satisfy the remainder of the Day's requirements.

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                        Very nice scenery, thx for sharing!
                        Regarding your calf and sore back i would recommend to really take it slow. Especially the back can be a real bitch. So i would rather opt for easy and gentle and come back later after all things have settled in.


                          Thanks for the pictures! Very nice summer skies. And, yes, take your time to heal. Take care!


                            Great photos, as always! Thank you ...stay well!


                              Nebulus AnnieW WSMC27 Thanks! And I have been doing my best to stay within my limitations, though sometimes it takes an act of will to make sure I am not making anything worse

                              I forgot to mention earlier this week, but I won another $10 from the fitness app. I am getting short on fitness equipment that I can buy for around $10 (maybe its presumptuous, but maybe I should just wait to see if I win a few more to get something in the $30 range ?!?), but today some fitsticks arrived in the mail. These are knockoffs of ripsticks, the equipment of choice for Pound workouts, which basically involve hitting the sticks kind of like they are intended but in a fitness sense. The back is too sore to do all the bending required for the workout, but my wife tried them out. I will give them a try eventually.

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                              This afternoon we forewent our evening walk and instead went to the park to do some kite flying again and then to the splash pad after, for about 40 minutes combined of family activities. We also did Day 58 of 90 Days of Action, which called for 400 squats throughout the day.

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	20200710_174936.jpg Views:	0 Size:	923.1 KB ID:	711281

                              This evening we did a level I in each of Day 9 of Foundation Light, Day 39 of 60 Days of Cardio, Day 59 of 90 Days of Action (with the rotating punches add-on) and Day 39 of Hero's Journey.

                              The second half of Hero's Journey was interesting (minor spoilers ahead for HJ), I saw that it was coming when I planed the day out yesterday and so I set up the agility ladder, the combat ropes, some medicine balls (for ball slams), and some resistance bands for triceps kickbacks. Also added in an extra 95 pushups, punches, sit-ups, sit-up punches, crunches, leg raises, arm raises, squats, front kicks, side kicks, turning kicks, leg raises, side to side wood chops, lunges, climbers, elbow plank, high plank, dips, leg scissors, leg raises, knife hand attacks, back hand attacks, upper cuts, triceps dips, half jacks, jumping jacks, hops on the spot, high knees and calf raises. Basically if I got stuck for something to do I just read the Darebee wall while doing punches until I saw something that I hadn't done yet.

                              I ended up with 140 pushups today.


                                CaptainCanuck Flying bumblebee, so fitting. Nice view!! Awesome work and varieties.