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    Nice pictures! You’re a fellow runner on the lookout for good sights! Thanks for keeping an eye on my progress btw.


      AnnieW Sure thing, I have found that the community here is pretty special, and you get back what you put it into it. As for the pictures, I found that it helps to keep the workouts a bit more interesting. I do occasionally re-read parts of my check-in thread, and the pictures help to bring back the experiences more vividly. Plus it is great that some people like to see where I have been as well.

      This morning I did Day 4 of both Spartan Trials and Fighters Codex. Spartan Trials was actually the exact same workout that we had done last night for one of the 90 Days of Cardio. Fighters Codex was funny as it was the Van Damme Stretching Tribute day.

      I got an unexpected gift card for my birthday two weeks ago, and I decided to order a handball. It arrived today ...

      Click image for larger version

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      I am not sure what I will use it for, but maybe I will think of something.

      I did a video chat with my brother today to play darts, which took around 20 minutes. I was trying to think of any other sports that could be played over video chat, but nothing really came to mind.

      Tonight we did Day 8 of 60 Days of Cardio, Day 12 of 90 Days of Action, and Day 8 of Hero's Journey. The latter two were both for abs, and HJ was somewhat difficult with the ankle weights on. We did everything to a level I.

      We did two videos - Day 23 of Action Jacquelyn's 30 Day Sculpted Leg Challenge and Day 2 of Holly Dolke's Summer Challenge.

      I also added up 115 pushups during the day. No pullups tonight.


        This morning I did day 5 of 30 Days of Change to a level III/III. I also looked ahead to the workout tonight and saw what Hero's Journey had in store, so I recommended we split the 80 burpees from Day 14 of 90 Days of Action throughout the day. I did 40 in the morning with 30 Days of Change.

        We did a couple of trails in provincial parks early this afternoon. I might run one of them soon (or both) and have some pics for the thread.

        In the backyard in the evening, I got the boys going in the sandbox and kiddie pool, and then started in on the log that I picked up a few weeks back. It seemed to be constantly on the verge of me finally making it through, and before I knew it I had done 25 minutes worth of wood chopping (though without making it through). I gave myself a couple of blisters in the process. I finished the burpees after this as well.

        That left Day 9 of 60 Days of Cardio, Day 13 of 90 Days of Action and Day 9 of Hero's Journey. We did the first two to a level I, and chose the second option in Hero's Journey. I knew that it was 200 jumping squats and so was a little annoyed that there had already been 30 in Day 13 of 90 Days of Action. In truth though, once I found a rhythm, they went pretty well. We did our pullup routine after this.

        We did 2 videos - Day 24 of Action Jacquelyn's 30 Day Sculpted Leg Challenge and Day 3 of Holly Dolke's Summer Challenge. I was not expecting that anything tonight would have been worse than 200 jumping squats, but Action Jacquelyn's exercise tonight was quite demanding ... even she didn't do all 100 on each side without modifications (I managed without, though really much slower than she was doing them). The baby had lost his cool (literally) because of the hot bedroom upstairs, so we brought him down to the exercise room as he was fully awake. This also allowed us to finish with the Mini Max Mini Workout, which I don't think that we have done since February (his sleeping habits have changed since then.)

        The programs today conveniently added up to 116 pushups, and I added 4 more to get to a round number for the day.


          Reading "Mini Max Mini Workout" still makes me smile, it sounds so cute.


            That 200 jump squats was something, hey?!


              Mianevem Thanks, though he is getting to be not so mini any more.

              TopNotch It was tough. I felt it this morning more than last night.

              I did the 60 minute run for day 10 of Hero's Journey this morning. I did the 10.2 km route around the lake. I was feeling something bothersome in my lower left leg, which wasn't necessarily calf related, but I didn't want to take any risks, so I was at a pretty slow pace. I ran it in 1:04:13, about 10 minutes slower than last time.

              I did day 5 of Spartan Trials to a level I when I got back (with weight vest and wrist weights). Also did day 5 of Fighters Codex.

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                Ooooooooohhh picture day awesome views, and a lil deer as well got pretty close?


                  WSMC27 I was actually in my zone and didn't even notice it until I was about ten feet away, and even then that was because it started moving. I was wondering when I would eventually see one on one of my runs. I don't live in that small of a city (about 100,000 people) but other than the highway, there is really nothing but wilderness to the north until the North Pole from this park, so there is generally lots of wilderness (specifically deer) around.

                  We went to another provincial park this afternoon, but the walk there was relatively short.

                  This evening we did Day 10 of 60 Days of Cardio, Day 15 of 90 Days of Change, and Day 10 of Hero's Journey, to a level I where relevant. Also added 24 biceps curls, 15 bent over rows and 15 shoulder presses with dumbbells, and 3 60-second elbow planks.

                  We didn't get as much as wanted done, but my left leg is a little tight, and the baby was having none of the workout plan. We are planning on an off day tomorrow, so we might just top up what we missed in the morning for a short workout, for an active rest day.

                  Hero's Journey was pretty intensive on the pushups today and I ended up with 190 (after 35 this morning) and pushed my per day average to 113. We skipped pullups tonight.


                    It was an off day for us, with relatively little exercise.

                    Last month I got an outdoor basketball for my birthday, and I have been wanting to get a chance to go play for a bit. I am not really up for much basketball as I have done a decent number on my ankles over the years while playing it, but I do like shooting free throws, so I headed out to a nearby court for about 20 minutes. While researching where to go, I found a website called Courts of the World, and I figured I could start filling in some of the data on there for some of my local courts, as it looks like a pretty good resource, though pretty lacking for nearby courts.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	20200605_104044.jpg Views:	31 Size:	1.43 MB ID:	699728

                    We did two of the videos that we didn't get to last night, and then did one more as well - Day 25 and Day 26 of Action Jacquelyn's 30 Day Sculpted Leg Challenge and Day 4 of Holly Dolke's Summer Challenge.

                    I did 20 pushups during the day.


                      I had to go to the farmer's market this morning, so I took advantage of its location to do a run in that neighbourhood. I did some of the same run that I did on May 7th, along the river running through the south part of the city. I didn't do the route that I planned as I was aiming for a dog leg that would take me through a nearby park. The route I took is also not on the route tracker, so I can only guess that it was around 5km. Time was 29:34, so it would make sense that it was around that distance.

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                      After the market I also stopped in at a different basketball court to shoot around for about 10 minutes. It was fun to shoot, but it was not as good of a court as yesterday.

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                        Tonight we did a level I in Day 11 of 60 Days of Cardio, Day 16 and Day 17 of 90 Days of Action and Day 11 of Hero's Journey. Minor spoiler for Hero's Journey ahead:

                        We have been trying to do Hero's Journey to the highest level possible, but I think the left leg/calf stiffness two days ago came from jumping squats the previous night, so we opted for the easiest version without the jumping squats and took the penalty of skipping instead.

                        We did three videos to catch up with the challenges - Day 27 of Action Jacquelyn's 30 Day Sculpted Leg Challenge and Day 5 and Day 6 of Holly Dolke's Summer Challenge.

                        I also added in 120 pushups.


                          This morning I did Day 6 of Spartan Trials and did a level III in Part I. I even tried situps with the weight vest on, but it didn't work from a mechanical sense, so I went with no vest. I tried the vest for the second part, but only managed a level I, as ten up-and-down planks plus a 30 second elbow plank hold with a 30 pound weight vest seemed hard enough. It would be interesting to know how the physiology of this works, as this felt heavy now, but I have been doing planks on most of my whole weight loss journey including when I weighed easily 80 pounds more. Were they as hard then as now, or does the weight distribution matter? I think it might just be a mental thing. Maybe I should have tried for more.

                          I also did Day 6 of Fighters Codex this morning.

                          We didn't really do anything today. Not that it was cold, but it was about 10 degrees cooler than normal and rainy the whole day. I only made a quick run for groceries and my wife just did a 20 minute run, but other than that we stayed inside. Still, when family called, I tried a trick that I read some place, and that is to have walking telephone calls. So while I talked to family for about two hours, I paced back and forth in the house and ended up at over 15,000 steps for the day. This meant that I walked over 10 km just inside of my house, which I think is a decent number.

                          This evening was Day 12 of 60 Days of Cardio to a level I, Day 18 of 90 Days of Action to a level I and Day 12 of Hero's Journey. We also did the pullup routine.

                          We did two videos - Day 28 of Action Jacquelyn's 30 Day Sculpted Leg Challenge and Day 7 of Holly Dolke's Summer Challenge.

                          There were 30 pushups inside of the programs tonight, and I added 85 more during the day for 115 for the day.


                            I like that telephone trick! Good one.


                              Originally posted by CaptainCanuck View Post
                              I tried a trick that I read some place, and that is to have walking telephone calls.
                              I usually do the same, I don't know why, nothing related with fitness for sure

                              Regards, kisses & hugs from Spain.


                                This morning I did Day 7 of 30 Days of Change to a level II/II. I also did a 2:40 elbow plank.

                                Hero's Journey called for a cardio day of 1 minute walk/1 minute run x 5, I just combined this together into straight run and ran for 1.65 km in 9:13. I tried a route further upstream on the creek that I often follow, but got a little lost and ended up running through a neighbourhood for about half of the time.

                                Click image for larger version

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