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    Congrats!! I love Sporcle, too, but it’s been a while since I’ve done anything.


      Originally posted by CaptainCanuck View Post
      NancyTree That looks like fun, I will keep my eyes out for an English version of the same thing. In the mean time there are always geography quizzes on Sporcle.

      Morning run today and again to capture the GPS data on a tertiary route (I have run some variation of this probably 5 or 6 times now). As with yesterday's route I generally avoid it because it crosses the highway, though as with yesterday I got lucky again and caught a green on what is otherwise a very long red light. It was a fairly slow pace, for 4.6 km in 29:55.

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      I just needed to say...these shots are breathtaking and I'm quite envious that you can just walk out your door and go for a run! "Sigh*


        Nice job 6k in 27:06
        That's so incredibly fast.


          LizardFriend95 I got up to a 300+ day streak on Sporcle, but then I missed a day. I was close to a 365 day badge ... anyway started over, now at 80 days. I like the geography quizzes best.

          AdventurePrincess I am very lucky where I live to have access to such great running routes within a close proximity. I use MapMyFitness and AllTrails to plot the routes, which helps me to pick out paths that I might no otherwise know about. As for the pictures, thanks! I mostly use them to motivate myself to get out and hit the pavement, but it is nice when someone else likes them too!

          gatunerwlekip Oops, I am not sure if I wrote that correctly is that is what is in my log. I haven't run that fast in 20 years.

          A busy enough day today, as we had a playdate picnic, and I had to do a lot of chasing of children. My younger one made it about 500 meters away by the time that I caught up to him at one point. We also did a walk at the waterfront later. I made it over 14,000 steps for the day.

          I wanted a bit of something different tonight so I focused on abs. I did Verity (level I, EC), Classic Abs (level I, EC) and Abs Superset (EC). I also worked in 120 pushups and 30 pullups.


            Pictures can be so motivating. I wanted to tell you that this totally inspired me to go for a "Swalk" (a word I made up this morning to describe a way of walking/running in the water while using a float belt, and remaining upright.....Swim walk), as I have no access to much land really. Just miles and miles of ocean. πŸ˜‚ So I strapped on a kids float, dumped all the kids in the water with floats too, and we swalked around our bay.....I'll try and post a picture. So, thanks for that unintended motivation. πŸ˜‰


              AdventurePrincess That sounds pretty amazing to have so much water available. There is of course a lot of water available in Canada, but frozen for lots of the year.

              My wife was at work today, but I did some time in the backyard with the boys to get some steps in and made it over 10,000 for the day.

              Tonight I did Cerberus (level I) and Home Upperbody Tone (level I). I added in 10 more pushups and 30 pullups.


                Yeah, it's great! Until you want to do something like...walk to the store and realize you have to take the boat. πŸ˜‚ We lived in Vermont, Milwaukee, and Toronto for a bit, my partner is Canadian. Quite familiar with the frozen water sitch, hence part of the reason we moved to Central America. πŸ˜‚


                  Belated congrats on Pathfinder

                  Thanks for the beautiful pictures!


                    Lovely pics, great work! I love how you said that you: "needed a lighter workout so you did 100 push-ups" because when I see people think like that, I feel motivated. Thanks! (:


                      AdventurePrincess Wow, that is a varied list of places to live. Island living seems interesting but also a challenge.

                      Botenlauben Thanks!

                      motionaction Thanks! I always aim for 100 pushups, so that is my baseline of an "easy workout". There are a lot of days when I don't feel like doing them, but with close to 400 days straight of that many per day, it would feel weird to just stop doing them.

                      We have decided to move again. This is not new, just it is action time now to get things done. We had moved here a couple of years ago (actually near the beginning of this thread) because we wanted to get out of the big city, and the city that we were living in (Toronto) was not really our favourite place. The problem is that where we moved (Thunder Bay), while having some benefits, is after all not the best place for us. So we will be moving again, and as with this being Canada, nothing is short. We will be going to Ottawa, which is where I am originally from, but that is about a 15 hour drive away. In the meantime this week, I have to drive to Toronto first, then visit some family, then drive to Ottawa, and then two weekends from now visit more family. All of that is to say that I will be taking a break from posting in my check-in for a bit as I am not certain exactly where I will be on any given day for the next bit, or what form exercise will take.

                      I have been packing for a couple of weeks, but today was the busiest day yet. We pick up the truck tomorrow, so today we got almost everything that was left into boxes and onto the main floor. According to my fitbit, I climbed 59 flights of stairs today, which makes sense as the basement and the second floor are practically empty. This meant I had to tear down the exercise room. This was one of the most fun aspects of living here, especially since the pandemic shut down so many fitness related enterprises. It was always my plan since moving here that I was going to make the big room downstairs into a fitness room, but with that becoming one of my focuses I really put a lot of effort into making it a fun place to be, and I will definitely miss that part of living here. The yard too has been great, though I did 95% of my fitness in the basement, the remainder was in the yard and I got a lot done there too. Also I will miss the proximity of so many good running routes. Between those three areas, I have basically accomplished everything that I have done through this site, so I am thankful for Darebee to be such a great resource and for having a great place to take advantage of it.

                      After all this today, I was pretty tired, but still did Upperbody (level II) and then added 30 pullups. We played one last game on the table tennis table. Until the end of November, we are moving into short term accommodation which is provided through the hospital where my wife will be working, but we won't be able to set up the table there. Once we get into the new place in a month and a half, hopefully we can get back to normal. The table tennis table was maybe our favourite part of the exercise room, as it was a bit of fun will still working on some fitness (really improves hand-to-eye coordination) and my wife really enjoyed using it to de-stress.

                      Anyway, I will be back soon. I hope that you all do well in the meantime, and I will likely still be checking in, just not posting here.

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                        Be safe! Enjoy the new adventure! We'll be here when you get back. I bet you'll find some cool new running places! Yes, I have lived all over the US. I am originally from Miami, Fl. I've seen so many different types of climates, so far though, this one is one of my favorites... Though I wish it would snow for a month, wipe out the insect population, and then resume even breezy mild temps for the rest of the year. Yes, island life has definitely been a challenge to figure out, but we're getting there.


                          Well, you've got loads of photos of all those "old" running routes. Looking forward to seeing new ones. All the best for your move.


                            I hope everything goes well for you, both the preparations and the choice of location


                              I hope everything goes well with the move!


                                Good luck with the move!