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    Fooey!! It’s not too high level for you, cuz you’re DOING it!! Keep at it, girl!! I’m impressed with your barefoot running plan!!


      90 Days of Action Day 74 - Cardio Level I
      For the first time in awhile I was not able to go past level 1 in a cardio workout. I have been getting poor sleep lately, and this did still kill me, so at least I got the workout in.

      15 Days of Fitness 8/15
      1 Minute Cardio 11/30 - Hops on the spot
      Daily Gratitude 8/30 - sunday dinners with grandma • discount stores • brunch with my best friend
      1 Minute Meditation 7/30 - Getting in touch with my emotions today... not sure how I feel about that.
      30 Day Walkabout 7/30 - 7688/7500
      Wall Push-ups 2/30 - wall push-up hold, 3 sets to failure
      Posture 1/30 - 10 side bends, once in morning, once in evening

      Barefoot Running Transition
      Walked .91 mi / 1.46 km in 21 mins.
      Ran 0
      Got a small blister on my left foot, and I didn't get to this until after sunset, so I just wore shoes for this walk. Taking it slow.

      Will be doing yoga tonight since my hip is killing me today. May have slept on it wrong, may be in response to the walk/run. Just in case, I will change up barefoot walking into smaller chunks, as I did tonight.

      DorothyMH That is a very positive way to look at it, thank you for that!


        Good luck with your barefoot transition! Take your time indeed, and you'll get there! Do you want to go barefoot only on paved roads or also on trailrunning?


          90 Days of Action Day 75 - Stretching Level III
          This was exactly what I needed today!

          15 Days of Fitness 9/15
          1 Minute Cardio 12/30 - Side to side jumps
          Daily Gratitude 9/30 - nice weather • good siblings • tech to send videos to far away family
          1 Minute Meditation 8/30 - Trying out a bedtime meditation
          30 Day Walkabout 8/30 - 6077/5000
          Wall Push-ups 3/30 - 5 sets of 12 wall pushups
          Posture 2/30 - 3 sets of 20 micro-expansions in the day
          Core Control 1/30 - 40 torso twists

          Barefoot Running Transition
          Walked 1.89 mi / 3.04 km in 44:12
          Ran 400 yards / 365.7 m
          Walked about 15m total barefoot, the rest in my comfy sandals. The run actually felt great and I wanted to do more, but I know I gotta take it slow. These sidewalks near my home are working great and should do just fine until I'm ready to try longer jogs.

          NancyTree good question! I've been looking into it and I've come down to it depending on the trail. I adore trail running, but tend to only do it for 5k+ runs since we don't have any nearby ones for a quick run. I've bought a pair of the most minimalist shoes I could find (just a 2mm piece of rubber and laces to tie together) and I intend to bring them with me when trail running, in case I need them. From what I've noticed on previous trails, most heavily trod routes would be fine barefoot. I shall have to see!


            Ah nice, I'm curious how that will go, I'll stay tuned!


              90 Days of Action Day 76 - Circuit Level I
              This was another workout that I felt was too high level for me, so I used the words of DorothyMH to get me through those last 2 sets. I do love this kind of workout though and I’m gonna save it for future use.

              15 Days of Fitness 10/15
              1 Minute Cardio 13/30 - squats
              Daily Gratitude 10/30 - daughter’s swim classes • Netflix • clean yoga mat
              1 Minute Meditation 9/30
              30 Day Walkabout 9/30 - 9200/8000
              Wall Push-ups 4/30 - 3 sets wall pushups hold
              Posture 3/30 - 12 side bends morning & evening
              Core Control 2/30 - 60 leg raises

              Barefoot Running Transition
              Walked 3.9 mi / 6.28 km throughout the day. None barefoot.
              Ran 0

              Walking to Mordor and Back
              6.28 km

              Fasting and no junk food has been going well. Sleeping is still hit or miss and tonight my stomach hurts. Got a nosebleed while driving and swallowed a good (bad?) amount of blood, so I may be up for awhile. Felt great during the day though!
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                I like your gratitudes today, esp the clean yoga mat...I want one of those!🥴


                  90 Days of Action Day 77 - Abs Level I
                  Still in level 1 here but I do feel stronger! It was really tough but it feels nice to make any kind of progress with this.

                  15 Days of Fitness 11/15
                  1 Minute Cardio 14/30 - knee strikes
                  Daily Gratitude 11/30 - Xmas gift cards • foot soak massager • comedians
                  1 Minute Meditation 10/30
                  30 Day Walkabout 10/30 - 10920/8500
                  Wall Push-ups 5/30 - 5 sets of 12 wall pushups
                  Posture 4/30 - 3 sets of 22 micro expansions in the day
                  Core Control 3/30 - 40 torso twists

                  Barefoot Running Transition
                  Walked 4.85mi / 7.81km all day. 15min barefoot
                  Ran 600y/548.64m
                  Another day of this feeling great. My feet aren’t bothered by the sidewalk at all, which is surprising; I thought it would take longer.

                  Walking to Mordor and Back
                  14.09 km

                  Treating myself to a foot spa bath I bought from an Xmas gift card. So comfy and nice to treat my feet after all the hard work they’ve been doing. I’m crazy tired (toddler was a fussy handful today) but I didn’t t often make time for a book and relaxation, so I’m making it a priority lately. Feels good to treat myself.
                  DorothyMH I hadn’t deep cleaned it in awhile... it wasn’t pretty. Worth it though!


                    It takes a long time to get your abs back after childbirth. You’re doing GREAT!!😎👍🏼🙌🏼


                      90 Days of Action Day 78 - Cardio Level I
                      This one was rough. Should not have gone so hard with so little sleep I think. Felt queasy at the end of the 3rd set, so stopped there.

                      15 Days of Fitness 12/15
                      1 Minute Cardio 15/30 - climbers
                      Daily Gratitude 12/30 - quick meals • my large tea cabinet • playtime
                      1 Minute Meditation 11/30
                      30 Day Walkabout 11/30 - 10881/9000
                      Wall Push-ups 6/30 - 3 sets wall pushup holds to failure
                      Posture 5/30 - 14 side bends, am & pm
                      Core Control 4/30 - 70 side leg raises

                      Barefoot Running Transition
                      Walked 4.9mi / 7.89km all day, including two walking sessions:
                      .90mi/1.45km in 34:46 & 1.93mi/3.11km in 46:43
                      Ran 0

                      Walking to Mordor and Back
                      21.98 km/13.7mi

                      I’m actually quite proud of myself today as I almost didn’t do anything. My little one didn’t sleep well last night, thus neither did I and I was running on 0 energy that even coffee couldn’t perk up. I kept lamenting how much it sucked that I wouldn’t keep my fitness streak and that I just couldn’t do it today. But then I got to thinking, well some of them are quite easy and take no time at all. Then I did the same thing with the next and the next, and while I didn’t have much good energy and didn’t do so well on the cardio today, I actually did everything! I beat my lazy brain at a very weak point, something I often failed at before.

                      Plus since the little one was so tired too, we just kinda lazed and relaxed together on the couch and played silly games. Not a bad way to recoup after a bad night.

                      DorothyMH oh yeah, especially if you don’t work them, like me! Worst of all, I lost my baby weight within the first month and ended up smaller than before I got pregnant... but then was terrible (food wise) afterwards and got heavy. Thank you as always for your encouragement. I appreciate it so much and it really helps me stay motivated when my mind is against me!


                        90 Days of Action Day 79 - Power Circuit Level I
                        I kinda feel like I’m getting better at pushups too!

                        15 Days of Fitness 13/15
                        1 Minute Cardio 16/30 - skiers
                        Daily Gratitude 13/30 - hardwood floors • good music • new shows
                        1 Minute Meditation 12/30
                        30 Day Walkabout 12/30 - 6055/5000
                        Wall Push-ups 7/30 - 5 sets wall pushup x14
                        Posture 6/30 - 24 micro expansion, 3x/day
                        Core Control 5/30 - 40 torso twists

                        Barefoot Running Transition
                        Walked 2.7mi / 4.35km all day
                        Ran 0
                        Feeling some soreness in my calves today so doing some stretches instead.

                        Walking to Mordor and Back
                        26.33 km/16.5mi

                        Feeling really tired and a bit overwhelmed today, but I got it done! Got my new Xero shoes too and I’m looking forward to putting those together and trying them out on my new Barefoot runs. But tonight, bed early. Hopefully better sleep.


                          This thread is pretty awesome. The fasting thing is beyond me at this point. I was looking ahead to programs and saw the Spartan one, then saw the fasting approach for the diet and promptly had an embolism. Maybe one day.
                          Big takeaway for me here is I had never thought to add my daily exercises to the 30 day challenge total. MOAR BADGES!


                            90 Days of Action Day 80 - Stretching Level III
                            Added a 30 min Yin Yoga practice to really get the stretch in. Felt glorious.

                            15 Days of Fitness 14/15
                            1 Minute Cardio 17/30 - knee-to-elbow
                            Daily Gratitude 14/30 - excellent food options • community • new minimalist running shoes
                            1 Minute Meditation 13/30
                            30 Day Walkabout 13/30 - 9929/9500
                            Wall Push-ups 8/30 - 3 sets wall pushup holds to failure
                            Posture 7/30 - 16 side bends, am & pm
                            Core Control 6/30 - 80 side leg raises

                            Barefoot Running Transition
                            Walked 4.4mi / 7.08km all day, including one walking session: 2.31mi/3.72km in 45:30
                            Ran 800y/731.5m

                            Walking to Mordor and Back
                            33.41 km / 20.9 mi

                            A good restful day today, with the husband back from his work trip and a lazy Saturday.
                            Got my new Xero shoes in today and did my first barefoot walk and run with them. They are only 4mm thick - just sandals, really - and it was interesting. I could still feel pavement and road beneath me, but obviously not directly. I like them and I think my running form was the same as when truly barefoot. I suppose we'll see. I've reached the point where my distance is more of a challenge on my cardio than my feet, so that's exciting!
                            Got our new bed delivered today and I'm really looking forward to going to sleep tonight. Seems firmer than the last one we tried and I need a good night's sleep so, so much.

                            Mocha'd Dib Thank you! All. The. Badges! I may or may not be a little, tiny bit of an achievement hunter...
                            Fasting is actually easier than it sounds. You already do it! You don't eat while sleeping of course, and that's quite a few hours already. You just incrementally add more time, in whatever amounts you can stomach, then eventually, reach the fasting goal you choose. And like all things, it's not for everyone.
                            Also... is that username a play on
                            Muad'Dib from Dune? If so, it's outstanding.


                              You are only 10 days out from your program badge!!! I’m so impressed that you tackled 90 days right off the bat!!😎🙌🏼


                                90 Days of Action Day 81 - Cardio Level III
                                Fun workout, but pretty easy for me.

                                15 Days of Fitness 15/15
                                1 Minute Cardio 18/30 - leg raises
                                Daily Gratitude 15/30 - delivery • laid back husband • warm showers
                                1 Minute Meditation 14/30
                                30 Day Walkabout 14/30 - 2633/10000
                                Wall Push-ups 9/30 - 5 sets wall pushup x14
                                Posture 8/30 - 26 micro expansion, 3x/day
                                Core Control 7/30 - 40 torso twists

                                Barefoot Running Transition
                                Walked 1.5mi / 2.41km all day
                                Ran 0

                                Walking to Mordor and Back
                                35.82 km/ 22.4 mi

                                Very lazy day in the House of Sass - did my workouts and nothing else but Netflix on the couch with family - as can be seen in that very low step count. I feel much better though so I must have really needed it.
                                On to the 30 Days of Fitness challenge starting tomorrow!

                                Thanks DorothyMH! I do still sometimes think I bit off a bit too much by diving into that particular program but it taught me a lot about what I want to focus on next, fitness-wise.