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    90 Day of Action Day 63- Abs & Core Level I

    Calves of Steel 21/30 - 160 calf raises in the day
    30 Days of Fitness 21/30
    Fit Christmas 12/12 - Challenge - 200 high knees in the day


      Congrats on Fit Christmas


        Thank you Fremen! I really enjoyed it.

        So the last couple of days have seen no workouts at all. Been struggling to get good sleep and clean up my home post vacation. We’ve been doing so much and I’m feeling overwhelmed and super tired. Probably bc I haven’t been working out. Gotta do better.
        I’m easing my way into fasting again, starting tonight with a 13 hour fast, which I will stretch into 16 if I can. I am looking forward to New Years though.


          90 Day of Action Day 64 - Endurance Level I
          My abs could do more, but my back was hurting, so I stayed at level 1 to be safe.

          Calves of Steel 22/30 - 70s calf raise hold
          30 Days of Fitness 0/30
          1 Minute Cardio 1/30 - jumping jacks
          Great way to wake up!

          I'm trying to get focus on mental and physical health after the rough holidays, and babysteps are the way to go. I'm still very busy lately and don't have chance for much more, but I will be figuring out what program to do next! Starting fasting 16 again but since kitchen is still not stocked, I am not cooking. Husband is out of town for a few days for work, we have friends coming for a visit on Monday, and I'm gone most of everyday to spend time with visiting family. I am a very tired Bee.


            90 Day of Action Day 65 - Energizer Level III
            Felt good to have the stretches.

            Calves of Steel 23/30 - 170 calf raises
            30 Days of Fitness 0/30
            1 Minute Cardio 2/30 - butt kicks


              90 Day of Action Day 66 - Challenge 500 leg raises

              Calves of Steel 24/30 - 70s calf raises hold x2
              30 Days of Fitness 0/30
              1 Minute Cardio 3/30 - march step twists

              I’m finding it much better to take it easy this past week. The winter is in my heart and bones and a looser pace suits me better just now. I like that I can get these done in the morning and take these busy days as slow as I can. Have much else to focus on for the moment.


                It is a good thing to understand when to run and when to walk


                  90 Day of Action Day 67 - Circuit Level I
                  Perhaps due to poor sleep, lack of energy, or both, this was very hard for me. Reached muscle failure in the plank holds on that last round. It did feel good to really move though.

                  Calves of Steel 25/30 - 180 calf raises in the day
                  30 Days of Fitness 1/30
                  1 Minute Cardio 4/30 - split jacks
                  Daily Gratitude 1/30 - a new bed! • Friends coming to visit • Financial flexibility

                  Fremen that has been the hardest lesson to learn. Slow and steady.

                  I met some new friends today. I had an even better time than I thought I might. I don’t always click with new people but they were great and it was so much fun.


                    Originally posted by Sasstronaut View Post

                    Slow and steady.
                    It is the way of doing that pays more in the long run


                      90 Days of Action Day 68 - Abs & Core Level I
                      This was tough. Had to go to my knees a lot.
                      Did a quick yoga warmup beforehand.

                      Calves of Steel 26/30 - 80s calf raises hold x2
                      15 Days of Fitness 2/15 - switching to this one. Baby steps.
                      1 Minute Cardio 5/30 - seal jacks
                      1 Minute Meditation 1/30
                      30 Day Walkabout 1/30 - 5000 steps. Did 8121!
                      Daily Gratitude 2/30 - back patio to relax on • finally got a good nights sleep • warm slippers on cold mornings

                      Did everything early today. Friends are coming today and I have a lot to do. Still taking the month to reflect and figure out what goals I want to focus on and what to do first in fitness. So many options!
                      Getting back into meditation. Helped a lot with my mental health before and I could certainly use it now.

                      Have a lovely day, Bees!
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                        90 Days of Action Day 69 - Cardio HIIT Level III

                        Calves of Steel 27/30 - 190 calf raises
                        15 Days of Fitness 3/15
                        1 Minute Cardio 6/30 - high knees
                        1 Minute Meditation 2/30
                        30 Day Walkabout 2/30 - 5500 steps. 7645 as of 1530
                        Daily Gratitude 3/30 - paid off a long standing debt • big comfy sweaters • the Library


                          90 Days of Action Day 70 - Tendon Strength
                          Okay, so I've gotten stronger but I still couldn't get through more than 1 round. It took forever just to get the 1 done, but it's still progress.

                          Calves of Steel 28/30 - 180s calf raise hold x2
                          15 Days of Fitness 4/15
                          1 Minute Cardio 7/30 - half jacks
                          1 Minute Meditation 3/30
                          30 Day Walkabout 3/30 - 6000 steps. I wasn't paying attention and my Apple Watch died sometime after 6000.
                          Daily Gratitude 4/30 - cooking in my kitchen again • clean bedroom • affordable toddler swim classes

                          Stayed up far too late with friends. Had a very good time. Going to be sleeping in a bit tomorrow.


                            90 Days of Action Day 71 - Cardio Level III

                            Calves of Steel 29/30 - 200 calf raises
                            15 Days of Fitness 5/15
                            1 Minute Cardio 8/30 - side jacks
                            1 Minute Meditation 4/30
                            30 Day Walkabout 4/30 - 5000 steps. 6783
                            Daily Gratitude 5/30 - many delivery food options • cute family moments • my daughters humor

                            Im really enjoying my meditation. Years ago I had a daily practice and it’s been kinda like riding a bike - I’m right back on, I remember the rhythms. It feels good to get connected with myself again, to feel that stillness and calm. Gotta make sure it doesn’t drop off this year.
                            Last day with friends, so stayed up late chatting.


                              90 Days of Action Day 72- Circuit Level II
                              This just killed my shoulders.

                              Calves of Steel 30/30 - 90s calf raise hold x2
                              15 Days of Fitness 6/15
                              1 Minute Cardio 9/30 - jumping Ts
                              1 Minute Meditation 5/30
                              30 Day Walkabout 5/30 - 7000+/6500
                              Daily Gratitude 6/30 - warm showers • a partially walking-safe neighborhood • fun apps like Zombies, Run! that make it fun to run or walk

                              Friends left today and I miss them already. Luckily they'll be back in town around March and that's not too far away. Started walking outside with my baby. She likes the outdoors, I get my steps in. Gotta figure out a way to go on hikes with her now that she doesn't really fit in the back carrier....
                              This first month of the year is starting out well. Good habits are kicking in and I'm feeling really good overall. Need to start thinking of what to do after 90 Days of Action.


                                90 Days of Action Day 73 - Abs Level I
                                So... weak. Will have to attend to that this year.

                                15 Days of Fitness 7/15
                                1 Minute Cardio 10/30 - Toe Tap Hops
                                Daily Gratitude 7/30 - lazy days • collaborative games to play with far away friends • a working oven
                                1 Minute Meditation 6/30 - Felt like it went by fast today.
                                30 Day Walkabout 6/30 - 7418/7000
                                Wall Push-ups 1/30 - 12 reps x5 - Even this was a challenge. I think I'll be doing all the DareBee pushup challenges until my upper body is a little more up to snuff.

                                Also started a barefoot running transition plan, so I'll be updating that here as well. I'm starting with walking and small distance running. I will add more if I feel fine and rest if I am sore.
                                I'm starting out with the "The Walk" app by Six to Start. That will get my steps in, and hopefully get me used to going barefoot.

                                Barefoot Running Transition
                                Walked 2.1mi/3.38km in 45mins.
                                Ran .11mi/200 yards
                                Felt okay. Feet are a tad sore as I'm not used to walking fully barefoot. I am also going to buy some very minimalist running shoes for when going fully barefoot is just not possible.

                                I am fully enjoying this laid back month. Taking the weekend slow and getting things done at a moderate pace. The only thing I'm going hard on lately is these workouts, and they are still pretty moderate for me. Except 90 Days of Action of course. I feel a bit like it's too high level for me!

                                forgot to mention I’ve been doing yoga as well! Just some morning stretches and sun salutations for warmup and some easy hips and back stretches for cool down or before bed.
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