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    15 Days


      90 Day of Action Day 33 - Challenge
      Did this all in one session today, along with my Calves of Steel challenge and the Daily Dare + EC. My baby found the glute flexes hilarious.
      Zombies, Run! 8-Week Couch to 5k - Week 5 Training 1: 5.26km in 52:01. 9:53m/km
      This was terrible. Thought I'd be better at it since it was 2 training runs at 10m each instead of a straight 15, which I already did well at. But I just had no energy to even run for very long. Such a bad time and I just wasn't feeling it.
      20m Yoga post-run cooldown

      First Thing Water 7/30
      Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 7/30
      Calves of Steel 7/30
      30 Days of Fitness 19/30
      Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 2/30 - Nice and Cozy


        90 Day of Action Day 34 - Circuit Level II
        I am not sure how I feel about this workout. Felt a bit unbalanced? I could hardly get through the push-up + punch combos, but could get through the rest easily. I know I'm weak on pushups, but the whole workout took me 30m and all push-ups are on knees.
        Zombies, Run! 8-Week Couch to 5k - Rest Day

        First Thing Water 8/30
        Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 8/30
        Calves of Steel 8/30
        30 Days of Fitness 20/30
        Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 3/30 - Bedtime it is.

        I'm feeling a bit better than I have over the last few days, but I'm still feeling sluggish. Diet has been horrible since I haven't been able to cook so... I just need a refresh. Still fasting, but haven't lost any weight. Picking up groceries tomorrow and I have counters now, so it can at least get a little better. I'm actually really looking forward to the holidays being over... may sound terrible, but I can focus on good diet after all this craziness.
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          90 Day of Action Day 35 - Five Rights Level I
          Zombies, Run! 8-Week Couch to 5k - Week 5 Training 2: 4.76km in 52:38. 11:02m/km
          Okay this terrible time was actually not bc of bad running! I was doing really well except I went a different route than normal bc of running after dark. I took a route that had more lighting but it also meant a LOT of stoplight and intersections. I was stopped for a lot of my last free-form run. Won't be doing that again.
          Click image for larger version

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          Also need to look into shin splint issues. Past 3 of the training today was a 10m free-form run, 5m stretching, then 10m free-form run again and I felt the shin splints worse after the stretching... which seems weird to me. But at least I'm not feeling run down/sick anymore, so that's progress.

          First Thing Water 9/30
          Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 9/30
          Calves of Steel 9/30
          30 Days of Fitness 21/30
          Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 4/30 - I am getting all my Zzz's tonight.


            90 Day of Action Day 36 - Circuit Level I
            I like this one! I'm really bad at pushups, so I couldn't get passed level 1 but I do wanna keep this in my back pocket to get stronger. Maybe I'll do a pushup challenge next.
            Zombies, Run! 8-Week Couch to 5k - Rest

            First Thing Water 10/30
            Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 10/30
            Calves of Steel 10/30
            30 Days of Fitness 22/30
            Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 5/30 - Dear Bed, I Love You

            Did a lot today, prepping for vacation. Trying not to overdo it while still getting stuff done. So far, not bad. Worried a bit about tomorrow's run though; ankles are feeling a bit off. Gonna research that. If I have to take more rest days, I guess I will, though it will make the training longer.


              2 Days of reporting since I fell asleep very hard yesterday and did not even think to do this.

              Nov 22

              90 Day of Action Day 37 - Cardio HIIT Level III
              There is something I just adore about HIIT workouts; I like that it's a full workout in a short burst of time, I like the quick movies followed by short rests, I like the efficiency - they are just my favorite. Might want to do the 30 days of HIIT next. I know my body responds really well to them, as in I can really tell I'm improving when I do them. I also find them to be a ton of fun.
              Zombies, Run! 8-Week Couch to 5k - Rest
              Rested again bc I'm still feeling some pain and everything I've been reading says to take it easy and not hurt myself. I'm a bit worried about this though bc if I rest for too long, am I then not doing the 5k training? It's setup as an 8 week challenge for reason, right?

              First Thing Water 11/30
              Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 11/30
              Calves of Steel 11/30
              30 Days of Fitness 23/30
              Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 6/30 - Tomorrow is another day.

              This was a very busy day. Appointments, errands, chores at home, getting ready for our vacation - I fell asleep super hard. Felt good this morning though.

              Nov 23

              90 Day of Action Day 38 - Abs Level I

              Zombies, Run! 8-Week Couch to 5k - Week 5 Training 3 - 5.37km in 51:57. 09:40m/km
              This was interesting. I was feeling terribly at first. 5m walking then 5m free-form run and I was just not feeling it. I did this at 10 this morning so the sun was already out and it was warm, but still I just felt crap. I moved slowly for walk/run drills, trying to be careful about form, but even so, but the 3rd portion of the training (7m free-form run, 5m stretching, 10m free-form run) I knew I was just done. My shin splints hurt, my calves hurt, and my time was just so bad that I was just gonna write it off. But since I was just gonna walk the rest of it, I decided I had nothing to lose and threw off my shoes, and did barefoot running for the last 2km. I've been reading a lot about it lately so I started small, but I noticed it didn't hurt at all. It felt better and I did better. The only thing stopping me was my endurance ability in the sunlight - which is far worse than at night.
              Click image for larger version

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              From what I've researched already, this makes me think there's still something wrong with my running form - I'm just not using my feet right. I have tried everything else and nothing seems to be working. I ran on pavement, it didn't hurt, except I did get a small blister on my toe at the end there. But my shin splints don''t hurt at all, just a little soreness in my foot.
              I guess this is a good thing. If running barefoot is better for me in the long run, I'd like to do it. On the other hand, from what I've read it can takes months to transition and you have to increase VERY slowly. Which effectively means I'm dropping out of the Couch to 5k program.
              On the other hand, continuing it and running in my shoes (even when trying to run as one would barefoot - no heel-strike with minimalist shoes) means I might further injure myself and/or not be able to finish the 8 weeks anyway.

              But I just finished week 5! I'm sooooo close.

              First Thing Water 12/30
              Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 12/30
              Calves of Steel 12/30
              30 Days of Fitness 24/30
              Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 7/30 - Do not disturb. Easy peasy. It's tea and a book in bed for me after this.


                Sounds pretty frustrating. I guess, if it were me, I would do what feels good, and try not to worry about making a certain deadline to finish a plan. I mean, if running barefoot is solving the problems, do that!🥳💪🏼🏃🏻‍♀️💨


                  90 Day of Action Day 39 - Circuit Level I
                  I need to only do these workouts in the morning - I do so much better in the early day. Lower energy later.
                  Zombies, Run! 8-Week Couch to 5k - Rest

                  First Thing Water 13/30
                  Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 13/30 - Really cool effect from this; my balance is massively improving! I used to have to hold a table for the leg swings but I only lose balance once, maybe twice during the whole thing. That's pretty cool!
                  Calves of Steel 13/30 - Oh man I am feeling it! These are definitely getting stronger.
                  30 Days of Fitness 25/30 - Five. More. Days!
                  Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 8/30 - All I need is sleep.

                  DorothyMH yeah, you're right. I'm just frustrated bc this isn't the first time I've tried to complete this particular program. I've started it many times, but never finished and it's just so disappointing to fail it again.

                  But better in the long run. I wish I knew specifically what I was doing wrong with my stride that barefoot makes better, but at least I have an answer at all.
                  Book and a bed for me. Night, Bees!


                    Oh, I see. I can understand that, alright.🥴 If your feet aren’t suffering with barefoot running, I have heard that’s a thing. Wonder about your arches....? There’s a lot of info on the web about how dramatically flat feet affect ALL the rest of your alignment....I know you don’t have a ton of time, but researching that might give you a place to start....?😬


                      Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve found! I’ve only just started some research but over-pronation would explain my issues, including those I have with my hips. It’s certainly a good place to invest some more time.


                        90 Day of Action Day 40 - Stretching
                        30m Yoga - Sarah Beth Full Body Yoga

                        First Thing Water 14/30
                        Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 14/30
                        Calves of Steel 14/30
                        30 Days of Fitness 26/30
                        Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 9/30 - I am going to dream big tonight.


                          90 Day of Action Day 41 - Circuit Level III
                          I enjoyed this one. Pretty fun. Maybe a bit easy, though I’m sure it will go back to kicking my ass soon.

                          First Thing Water 15/30
                          Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 15/30
                          Calves of Steel 15/30
                          30 Days of Fitness 27/30
                          Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 10/30 - inhale, exhale.


                            Yesterday was an unintended whirlwind! Today was a bit crazy too.

                            November 27

                            90 Day of Action Missed! I didn’t plan well sadly and slept in instead of getting the early morning workout, so it ended up not getting done at all. I needed the sleep but I’m bummed about my streak.

                            First Thing Water 16/30
                            Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 15/30 X
                            Calves of Steel 15/30 X
                            30 Days of Fitness 0/30 - I WAS ALMOST THERE!
                            ah well. Holidays can get crazy, and baby didn’t sleep well for 3 nights so I needed the sleep. One day, one day I will get that damn 30 days!
                            Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 11/30 - Keep calm and go to bed.

                            November 28

                            90 Day of Action Day 42 - Abs Level I
                            Tough as always. Need to get them abs.

                            First Thing Water 17/30
                            Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 16/30
                            Calves of Steel 16/30
                            30 Days of Fitness 1/30
                            Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 12/30 - I deserve more sleep.


                              90 Day of Action Day - Skipped

                              First Thing Water 18/30
                              Touch Your Toes in 30 Days 16/30 X
                              Calves of Steel 16/30 X
                              30 Days of Fitness 0/30
                              Get to Bed on Time - 2300: 13/30 - I will take over the world. Tomorrow.

                              It is official, I am sick. Was only just barely able to get the packing and cleaning done, and only because my wonderful mother in law brought me Chicken and Herb Tonic soup and helped with the baby.
                              I don’t usually have medicine in general but since I have a 12-16 hour drive tomorrow, it felt prudent to take some NyQuil in hopes of getting solid rest. Looking forward to my trip and hoping not to be sick tomorrow morning. This is my first time sick this year and it just so happens to come after 2 months of poor diet so I’m a bit salty about that too. Ah well.

                              Did not do any fitness today, just water in the AM.


                                Oh dear, Healing vibes
                                And have a good trip