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    The Transformation

    I have been trying to get my "summer body" since 2012. It didn't help that my job at the time kept me very active, I* wasnt super fit, but I could run a decent 5K and I was okay with what I saw. I recently started a new job where I sit all day. All day. All day (this bugs me, not used to being so sedentary). In came the weight, stiff muscles, achy back, overall everything bad. It was compounded by the fact that I was still eating the same way.

    I have started standing and doing some stretches to help but I have to come realize that it isnt enough. I need to start taking care of my 31 year old body or it wont be around to serve me. It also led me to acknowledge a larger issue, my lack of discipline and perseverance. I have always managed to get by on enough, I became adept at skirting around things. This new job is showing me just how much I need to change.

    I am going to make exercise an integral part of my morning routine. Build discipline, heal my body and get fit. Here's the plan of action for the next 30 Days:

    1. Darebee Foundation Program
    2. Intermittent Fasting using the Darebee Power Fast Meal Guide

    That's it. Looking forward to this!

    metanoia Welcome to the hive! Looking forward to see that badge Keep it up!