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    Question about military fit

    Hello. i am doing that program

    for example, on 1. day, all exercises are in a sequence without rest?

    20 push up + 20 shoulder taps and go on?

    On 2. day, or holds in a row? Without rest?

    For example for 5 sets,

    - first squat hop 30 seconds
    - squat hold 60 seconds
    - plank hold 60 seconds

    without any rest until end, one arm side plank hold?

    And sorry, could not find the forum of military fit program to ask there

    Hi CursedChico , I have not done Mil Fit (yet), but all DAREBEE workouts follow the same scheme.
    Day 1: All excercises in a row, transition as fast as possible (no rest), 2min rest between sets.
    For example if you see a plank followed by push-ups it means that you start performing push-ups right after you finished with the plank avoiding dropping your body on the floor in between.
    Day 2 (lets say for Level II/4sets):
    30" squat hops
    40" squat hold
    30" squat hops, again because it says between every excercise, not set.
    40" plank hold
    30" squat hops
    40" one arm side plank hold ( 20" each side)
    2' rest
    There is no rest between exercises - only after sets, unless specified otherwise.
    I hope this helps
    PS: Questions like this are better off in the Questions/Helpdesk section of The Hive.


      Thank you for help. SOrry for wrong place .