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    Microhabits > Consistency > Living my Values

    Yesterday I took my pup in for a checkup. He's doing great! His weight is down and his overall health is better than it was this time last year. My spouse and I love him a lot and make sure to keep his schedule consistent. He gets a vitamin every morning and 2 walks a day. Dinner is at the same time every night with a few healthy options swapped in once or twice a week so he doesn't get bored. (Shredded chicken, rinsed canned green beans, baked salmon)

    In the past I have considered tying my habits to his in order to improve my own quality of life and I have not yet successfully implemented. Here's to the old college try!

    When I prepare breakfast for him, I will prepare my chia pudding.
    When I take him for a walk in the morning, I will wear my fitbit to ensure we walk for a full mile.
    I will keep my home office tidy so he has lots of choices on where to take a nap; the rug on the floor is his back-up choice, but the sofa is so much comfier.
    When I prepare dinner for him, I will prepare a healthy snack for myself and take my vitamins.
    When I take him for a walk in the evening, I will be present and practice deep breathing.

    A good reminder to have healthy habits in place. Do it for both yourself and your lovely pub.