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    Bruno Gurgatz Log

    Hello Darebees!

    About 2 or 3 years ago, my friend chester.guara introduced me to Darebee site. I was starting my weight loss process, after being an overweight teenager. I did some programs and low carb diet in 2016 and lost ~15 kg. Since then, my weight stabilized at ~72 Kg, in a long time doing darebees without regularity.

    My life has changed completely, but I have never been able to lose some abdominal fat, which bothers me a lot.

    Now, i'm decided to get over the plateau, and get a better shape until this summer (i'm from Brazil, so the summer is in December).

    I'm starting 30 Days of Change - because i like to run, and seens to be a good program to shape lift.

    And i'm starting Modern Hero Mealplan... i eat in the university restaurant... so, i will have to adapt some things.

    Some tips to reach my goals?


    PS: also, this log will be my way to pratice english... so, sorry if i write something wrong.

    Good luck on your journey buddy you seem to be doing awesome I have the same issue with the abdominal fat its all mostly down to nutrition really


      First day. The exercises were done sucessfully.

      This were my lunch. In Brazil, the lunch is the main meal of the day.:

      Since i can't measure the portions in "cups", as the plan told, i use the food ladle as measure unit:

      - two ladle of salad (lettuce, carrot, pod and cabbage)
      - one ladle of beans
      - two meatballs (is served, with no size or number option).

      Do you guys think i'm doing it correct?




        Looks amazingly delicious!🥳