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    DAREBEE day 78-81 (25 in a row)

    Power Up day 19: I've been putting off writing down these reports for a few days and I don't quite remember what happened here. I think I had to cheat some.
    Power Up day 20: Challenging towards the end... but ultimately doable.
    Power Up day 21: I actually had to shave off 30 seconds of side leg raises for each leg to be able to finish this. The glutes of the leg I was standing on were failing. All this stuff seemed easier the last times I did these exercises...
    Power Up day 22: had to put in plenty of breaks in the first half and couldn't finish the second half. On the second leg, after five seconds or so of straight leg swings, I just couldn't manage to keep my leg up anymore. For the first leg I only stopped during the second round of side leg raises which was getting too difficult to actually execute, so apparently if I work one leg, the other breaks down too... or maybe I'm just particularly good at CNS exhaustion.

    It feels very much like either I'm getting significantly weaker over time, or the exercises are getting harder way faster than I can keep up. Day 23 (upcoming) is another complete impossibility, that's for sure. I kind of feel like nothing is improving at all, not even slightly - except maybe that I'm getting less DOMS, but not much less either.
    I have no idea how to pick another program to do after this one, if I can't keep up with any of 'em...


      DAREBEE day 82-84 (28 in a row, kind of)

      Power Up day 23: as expected, after 30 seconds of knee push-ups my arm muscles were out for the count, so that was that. I waited a few minutes so that CNS exhaustion could recover, then did another 25 seconds, and since there was no way I was going to complete the rest of part 1, I moved straight on to part 2, the arm holds/circles. Had to take a break towards the end of the circles but completed the rest.
      Power Up day 24: I'm very close to giving up. Had to take many breaks in the first half, couldn't do more than three side bridges in a row, could only hold the side bridge/plank for 15 seconds. Both of that is significantly less than on all previous iterations.
      Power Up day 25: I had to stop after 40 seconds of leg raises because my glutes were cramping up.

      I have no idea what I'm going to do now.