And so begins the Journey..

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    And so begins the Journey..

    Ha.. Finally it is here..

    I have been working (thinking and trying) to start my own checking-in thread for a while, but as many of you know procrastination and laziness delayed it till now.
    I have been working with Darebee working since a very long time (the oldest pdf on my phone was from 2016), but it is very recently that I found this amazing hive..
    So here I go (the intro might be quite lengthy)...

    My current condition is, I don't like the way my body looks in mirror. I want to improve that, essentially get a toned body with visible muscles.
    My idea of fitness is to be able to catch that bus/train just in time, go up and down the stairs and be able to breath normally. Atleast thats it for now.

    As for the measurements, I weigh 79Kg @ 5' 4" which is on the border line to being obese. I have always been around 68-70Kg when I felt fitter and ok.

    That known, my plan is to get down to 65 kg while making a habit of working out regularly (eventually make it a part of my everyday routine), then maintain weight below 70kg from there on.

    During the past 3 months I am trying to make a plan that works for me as I travel a lot and that disturbs any schedule. I travel once in every 3 weeks for 3 days during which sleep is not that great as I will be travelling at nights. Due to this I doubt if a continuous streak can be maintained...
    And So I made a couple of rules for my self

    1. Never miss working out for more than 2 days continuously
    2. on the worst case scenario, go for a 5K walk/jog/run or a combination of those three ( this I can do just by walking around in the airport, I hope..)

    My diet as of now (for weight loss) is (based on part intermittent fasting, part warrior diet and something that works for me)

    1. dry fruits, nuts and fruits during the day.
    2. Home cooked good food at night (regular Indian - 1 cup cooked dal, 3-4 roti, 2 cups vegetable curry). The type of dal and vegetables changes every day. Non-Vegetarian twice a week.
    3. Tea with milk and a spoon sugar as and when required (I hate coffee and used to consume a lot of tea, now down to 5-6 cups a day).

    For Workouts, My plan is:
    1. Power up
    2. 90 days of action
    3. Athena's playbook
    4. Back & Core
    1 long run on the weekend - atleast of 10K.

    I do get ample sleep ( weekdays - minimum 6-7 hours, weekends - 8-10 hours) & rest both before and after the workouts.

    My plan is to make the morning workouts a routine after getting up, keep the 90 days of action, power up and back&core to be regular and at evenings athena's playbook, Iron born & Cardio Trim in that order.
    I wish to keep doing power up and back & core programs along with 90 days of action 3 times.

    So bees, wish me luck and any suggestions to change my program is always welcome.
    I'll try and update everyday to make my self accountable. (if I update weekly, I will be trying to do all the workouts on the weekend before updating the thread.. )



      Welcome to the Hive, vrsthe1! I look forward to following your progress: sounds like you mean business!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΌ


        Originally posted by vrsthe1 View Post
        So bees, wish me luck and any suggestions to change my program is always welcome.
        Good luck
        My only suggestion is to do a workout you like and not be afraid to change it and adapt it as you go on


          Day 1:

          Power up - 1/30
          90 Days of Action - 1/90
          Athena's Playbook - 1/30
          Back & Core - 1/30

          Thank You noname, Fremen and especially DorothyMH ..

          Fremen, exactly I have tried multiple combinations of programs on Darebee with varied results about how I feel. mostly it was that I reach a point where I am either completely exhausted, or have to take a break to travel and lost the continuity.

          And now I have finally started this check-in as both accountability and also to motivate and inspire myself by looking at how far have I come and move ahead. This motivation/inspiration was required as, I started 3 challenges in august completed 1 and other 2 I stopped at 26th day.. I mean like it's 4 more days... I could have done 2 per day and finished it, but didn't do, only if I could have looked back at how far I came.

          So, here I am now.. Fresh start with a clear log.

          It is a L.O.N.G. WAY AHEAD..


            Wow, is that FOUR programs you’re starting?!😱πŸ₯³


              Originally posted by DorothyMH View Post
              Wow, is that FOUR programs you’re starting?!😱πŸ₯³
              yeah I used to run a lot.. and I think I have a lot of free time..
              I am doing power up and 90 days of action in the morning and athena's playbook,Back & core in the evening..

              The thing is after I do morning workouts, I get to sleep pretty well travelling to work for about an hour.. and the same at evening while returning, so I do feel fresh to start the evening with a workout.
              Earlier I tried doing many things without a proper schedule or plan and suffered (basically inconsistency and loss of any gains.. )

              But Yeah, as Fremen said,I will continue to do as long as I feel okay, it is my idea to make the morning workout a routine, make a habit and stick to it. The evening part, lets see how life happens...


                Oh I see; that makes sense. As opposed to adding a bunch of challenges that may or may not happen, you are sticking to the programs at least for the morning piece. I get it. Go for that, then!!πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜Ž


                  Originally posted by vrsthe1 View Post
                  But Yeah, as Fremen said,I will continue to do as long as I feel okay, it is my idea to make the morning workout a routine, make a habit and stick to it. The evening part, lets see how life happens...
                  Doing something every day is a great thing, then slowly you can better structure your training by taking inspiration from the experience gained
                  I tried a bit of everything before, workouts, themed week, programs, challenges and then I realized what I liked and what I wanted to do


                    Originally posted by Fremen View Post
                    Doing something every day is a great thing, then slowly you can better structure your training by taking inspiration from the experience gained
                    Yes, Exactly. Earlier I was doing 100 Days of Running, a program by Adidas to keep runners active during off-season (for marathoners), which ended at the beginning of august.. so wanted to do something where I have to stick with the program longer and hence 90 days of action.

                    Originally posted by Fremen View Post
                    I tried a bit of everything before, workouts, themed week, programs, challenges and then I realized what I liked and what I wanted to do
                    And Yeah I did tried different programs, but never went past day 10, due to many reasons. Hence this program schedule with some rules.
                    I will always keep in mind what you have said...
                    Thanks a lot...


                      Day 2:

                      Power up - 2/30
                      90 Days of Action - 2/90
                      Athena's Playbook - 2/30
                      Back & Core - 2/30


                        Yesterday (Sunday, 09/15) I didn't had any energy left, but felt that I have to update the log on daily basis and did just that. So what happened yesterday...
                        I had to go to work on saturday and ended up being there the entire day (I thought the work would be done in couple of hours). so I woke up on sunday remembering that saturday was already over and its just this day left to rest. just then entered my roommate saying other friends (Colleagues) are waiting to pick us up for our run. There I go with them at 6.30 AM.

                        Now I didn't want to run, but decided to do my program, and started with power up which was good, nice warm-up for the hands.
                        For 90 Days of Action, I converted the climbers to climber taps as I have to complete 50 abs and 50 push-ups as part of the 100 days challenge by Dinomaniak.
                        Here comes the best part, now I know that by doing 4 push-ups and 4 climber taps by the end of the work out I'll be completing the 50, but I went ahead and did 8 climmber taps instead of 4 every time..
                        By the end of the workout, I am not able to sense my arms, luckily the last set it started to rain lightly and I continued with the set and some stretching.

                        Now my roommate wanted to go around in motorbike in rain, so doing that coming back to home to a very good lunch (home cooked) was good. But it was 3.00pm when I looked at time after lunch.
                        Thats when I realized I have booked tickets to a movie that evening, there I go to movie and back at 9.15...

                        I was done for the day, off to bed I thought, at which point I had to do the Athena's playbook and Back&Core, both of which I dragged my self at a comfortable pace..

                        And there went my rest days..

                        But anyway 2nd day completed successfully..


                          As for today, Monday 09/16: Day 3

                          Power up - 3/30
                          90 Days of Action - 3/90
                          Athena's Playbook - 3/30
                          Back & Core - 3/30

                          Today is an amazing day... After what happend sunday, obviously I woke up late, just in time for work. And so missed the morning part of the workout.

                          It is a good day as I started with Power-up, a good warm-up for the legs. Then went with 90 Days of Action which is abs day, again modified the sit-ups to crunches and added 4 push-ups after every exercise in first set and 3 push-ups after every exercise on 2nd and 3rd sets.
                          So mild DOMS, mentally exhausted I moved on to Athena's Playbook, which was kind of easy for me looking at it, but I was dripping in sweat by the end of it, already not feeling my upper body now completely exhausted, sweating and not at all able to move...

                          Thats when looking at the Back&Core for today, I was so Happy... It was my favorite stretching routine after running, so gathered up all that hidden energy and completed the stretching taking my time and feeling every muscle stretch...

                          Now after a cold shower, it feels amazing.

                          one thing to remember all bees out there, IF YOU FEEL A DB WORKOUT VERY SIMPLE, BE AWARE IT WILL SURELY NEVER BE EASY...

                          (excuse my choice of smileys if they don't make any sense.. I am very bad at choosing the right smiley... )

                          and yeah DorothyMH & Fremen, Thank you.. you guys are one reason I pushed myself to complete the planned workouts as planned..


                            Day 4:

                            Power up - 4/30
                            90 Days of Action - 4/90
                            Athena's Playbook - 4/30
                            Back & Core - 4/30

                            push-ups - 50 (18, 12, 10, 5, 5)

                            overall today was good..

                            Great going bees.. All the best on your respective journeys...


                              Day 5 & Day 6 (18 & 19 sep ): I didn't felt like doing any thing and so didn't do any thing..

                              I am sorry guys, I have let you all down..

                              Day 7 :

                              Realizing the rule I made for myself, not to go without workout for more than 2 days, I started to workout today and even went ahead and tried to do 2 days worth, which obviously was a bad idea...

                              before starting this check-in thread, I have tried both 90 DoA and Athenas PB many times and stopped at different days, so I thought may be the 5th & 6th days I can do with out much problem with enough rest between sets.. but that's utterly wrong.. Anyway because I have done multiple times, this time I would like to continue from Day 5 of all the programs I am doing and be consistent and regular on that.

                              I don't feel like starting the entire program from the beginning, but will restart the day count from day 1...

                              This time I will target for 15 days badge..

                              Also with coming week, I'll be completing 31 years of life, so during the new age I wish to be as consistent and regular as possible with my exercise routines. All my life I have been trying to workout, but life happens and never was able to do it properly.

                              As "Damer" pointed out in another thread, age the loss of fitness with breaks only increases, I felt it today very badly, was very happy doing 50 pushups every day and with 2 day break I was not even able to do 30 properly even with breaks.... This has to change..

                              so now after learning the lesson and how being accountable for my journey, body and myself, I will target to be consistent and regular.

                              Once again thanks for bearing with me guys and will not let you down again..