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    Originally posted by HellYeah View Post
    First, I haven't done 90DoA and not finished ExTo, so I am more or less guessing what I would do...

    Second, I am not you and not aware of your capabilities... so in the end you have to decide for yourself...

    Here are my thoughts....

    ... I would change ExTo and B&C, cause you might end up having problems with holding the postures of B&C, when your arms or legs are done from ExTo...

    ... running the morning after weighted leg exercises, would not be possible for me...

    ... ExTo can be done on very different levels of volume and intensy, maybe you play around with the numbers and see what fits...

    Not a problem.. I am asking for opinions and those are the names that came to me immediately.. thanks for your opinion..
    I will be giving priority to running and 90 DoA, Express tone is something I wanted to do to keep or improve the muscle.. and the minimum requirement for running is 2kms.. so after the leg day, I can take a rest/light day with running and complete the bare minimum 2k by walking..


      Originally posted by Mianevem View Post
      Thank you for taking the time to read through my log. I'm glad you got some nostalgic feelings out of it.

      I was thinking about joining that program solely to explain to others why I walk so much. No one bats an eye if I go out for a run, of course, but when I tell people I'd rather walk than take the tram if the destination is only 3 km away, many look at me as if I was an alien. But then I decided this might not be the best reason to join and I should just stop caring about others' opinion on this topic...
      Yes exactly.. one need not do something to justify others.. And considering the bridge, river and hill you go around, I don't mind to keep walking..
      I used to walk a lot during college and initial years of work.. it's like having its space for the mind..
      Maybe next year, if I lose my motivation to run/walk by then. ​
      Nah.. Running is so addictive.. you'll never loose motivation... may be life happens and one might take break... but running is something once started you'll be wanting to get back there.. Atleast I felt so.. It gives me a peace of mind, not minding anybody and enjoying my own pace and thoughts.. (and I am not that great a runner too.. )

      D25&26 of Punches & Squats Challenge
      D26 of IronBorn
      I surely am getting stronger... Today I was able to do 2 extra reps per set for every exercise...
      Its 100 days if running from tomorrow.. I am too excited for it..
      Good Day, Good Evening & Good Night Bees..


        Hey vrsthe1!

        Just like HellYeah said, I am not you and we probably don't have the same capabilities, but your current plan seems a little overly ambitious to me.

        Basically, I think you shouldn't underestimate 90DOA. It's definitely not an add-on program, and it may have a difficulty rating of 2, but even though it may seem a bit tame at first, it does get much harder after the first month or so.

        Express Tone will make you stronger on its own, especially if you use decent weights, and your morning running will make sure your cardio stays on point, while increasing your daily caloric expenditure (which is good since you want to lose weight). B&C is an add-on program indeed (and I personally don't think it's a problem to finish your evening workout with it. It's probably better to lift weights while your core muscles are still fresh and strong - less risk of injury that way).

        Basically, I would take 90 DOA out of the equation for now. If you can run and do two strength workouts every day, that'll be quite enough already.

        I hope this helps!


          That is good info to read about 90DoA. And sensible advice about the adding on of what programs are worthwhile but not excessive. I can use that info too!


            Thank You Fremen HellYeah and Redline...
            I have already once failed trying to do too many things at once.. I'll heed your advice and drop the 90DoA..
            I will also stick with one weight for Xpress Tone (mostly 8Kg)... This should not be problem for B&C as there will be almost 2 to 3 hours time between both the workouts.. I plan to do B&C before bed..

            D26 of IronBorn

            4.0 kms - 55 min - walk

            2.6 kms - 35 min - walk

            Ok.. now.. for the daily log.. with all the excitement for HDOR, I did very bad..
            the last time I ran was somewhere in October '2019, I was not able to run at all.. And I missed the routine on saturday & Sunday (this is the same for last 2-3 weeks..)
            For now.. next 2 weeks will be to get up to speed with running and get the rhythm back..


              Don't worry, sometimes training doesn't go well. Just keep building up your run.


                Thank you Amirsh.. it's basically if I am pushing to do more than 1 day of IB in a single day.. I am forced to take equivalent breaks..
                so will stick with only 1 workout (heavy/hard) per day.. may be I will have to do the same with Xpress Tone too going forward..

                2.0 kms - 27 min - walk

                3.6 kms - 28' 48" - walk/jog/walk
                D28 of IronBorn
                D27&28 of Punches & Squats Challenge

                Today was a good day.. The morning being a little cloudy helped.. Normally it would have been 30-32 C in the morning with bright sun by 6.00 Am which helps so much with motivation..
                Took off and did jog a little bit.. will increase gradually to full run.. I have run a lot but always walk/run/walk.. this time I am planning to try different types of run.. lets see how that goes..
                Hope that I fall in to a rhythm / routine that cannot be broken by weekends..


                  Normally it would have been 30-32 C in the morning


                    Hello bees.. it's been quite some time since I updated the log.. was just too lazy.. This will be long..

                    3.3 kms - 31' 37" - walk
                    D29 of IronBorn
                    D30 of IronBorn
                    D29 of Punches & Squats Challenge
                    D01 of Impossible Abs Challenge

                    3.6 kms - 29' 48" - Run/Walk/Run
                    D02 of Impossible Abs Challenge

                    3.6 kms - 41' 18" - Walk
                    D27 of IronBorn
                    D30 of Punches & Squats Challenge
                    D03 of Impossible Abs Challenge

                    3.1 kms - 42' - Trail Walk
                    D04 of Impossible Abs Challenge

                    One reason I didn't posted was I didn't do the D27 of IB but continued till D30.. D27 I was supposed to do on 02-Jul, but the morning run made me realise that my body has complete forgot about running and my legs hurt for 2 days.. Nothing severe, but that feeling where you know every time I walk the legs says NOooo...
                    Add to it, to have a taste of Express tone I did the D29 & D30 of IB till failure and I didn't felt my hands after the exercise.. then they were sore the next entire day.. I reveled in that sweet pain for 2 entire days..

                    I have also registered for a virtual running event where I will have to run 10K every sunday for 14 weeks.. the idea is that I will be running anyway for HDOR.. so this will give me a benchmark of the improvements over the entire duration.. basically I can do whatever during the week but on sunday should give my best and verify the improvements.. so tomorrow will be my first 10-K after almost 10 months.. obviously I'll be doing Run/Walk/Run this time..
                    Finally on 03-July-2020, I had my first Darebee Badge for my 1st complete program IronBorn..
                    before IB I could feel the muscles and now I can actually see them.. there is a decent definition on arms, shoulders and chest..

                    I shall start Express tone and Power Up next.. earlier I planned for Back & core but as I am doing this month's challenge I feel that Back & Core at this point will be too much..
                    I shall use the power up as wake up and warm up for my runs..

                    Finally, the only way we ever get something done is by doing it, slowly but surely, one step (rep) at a time, steadily...


                      Congrats on Ironborn badge day


                        vrsthe1 Congats completing IronBorn!


                          Congrats on Ironborn!


                            Congratulations on Ironborn

                            And Pumches & Squats


                              Good job finishing IronBorn!πŸ₯³πŸ˜ŽAnd, P & S Challenge!!😎πŸ₯³


                                Hi Bees.. Thank you all.. Fremen TrompyNL Mianevem Amirsh DorothyMH Your continuous likes and frequent suggestions have helped come back many a times when motivation and interest was lost..
                                Thank you all for keeping up with my log..

                                10.5 kms - 1Hr 53' 26" - Long Walk #9/100 HDOR, #1/16 10K every sunday
                                D02 of Flexibility Week - Stronghold

                                I thought of doing the D1 of FW (Unbound) which is a dynamic stretching before the run/walk and forgot.. so when I came back, I just did D2 which is static stretching..
                                I'll do the D1 tomorrow before run..

                                I prepared the 8kg dumbbells and for some weird reason (right shoulder) I was not able to do Bicep Curls with right hand at all.. earlier it was the left shoulder which was problematic.. I think I might have pulled something sometime..
                                And hence I decided it might be the indication that I should rest a bit from weights before going for Express tone.. which is where Flexibility Week came in..
                                I'll see if I'll be able to do some workout in the evening (if at all possible) may be WOD or another themed week..

                                My learning from the 10K after 10 months is that my body is now strong enough to not stop during the entire stretch.. that's about the good thing..
                                My body has forgot that it used to walk kms on kms and used to run regularly.. (lockdown - didn't moved much except for workout, that too with weights)..
                                Earlier with breaks I used to complete 10K within 90 mins. this is the first time I crossed the mark..
                                10K every sunday from today would also be the indicator of my weekly improvement (Hopefully)..

                                And by the way another good news is the temperatures are coming down.. the forecast is next week the high will be 37 deg.. As long as it doesn't reach 40 I am very comfortable..
                                Last edited by vrsthe1; July 5, 2020, 10:17 AM. Reason: temperatures..