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    Day 2 of IronBorn..
    I cannot feel my hands..
    The amazing part of this program is with the right Dumbbells (which is 6kg for me now), I am unable to do a single rep more than what is given.
    so precise, shows the effort the team has put in developing the programs..

    Thank you CeleanaSardothien & Amirsh , I do get enough rest, I sleep minimum 6-7 hrs continuously and atleast 2 more during the day..
    And I do the workout just before dinner.. so it is pure rest and recovery after the workout..

    yeah by the way, I decided to entirely skip the upright rows throughout the program.. especially those being on the next day of shoulder exercises.. I cannot do them..
    Any suggestions on alternate exercises for the upright row are welcome.. In the mean time I started doing those shoulder stretches and rehabilitation..
    But I would never want to do those upright rows..
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      Day 3 of IronBorn..
      I always thought Squats and Calf rises are easy (may be I am good at those..), but today proved to be exactly opposite..
      I cannot feel my legs at all..
      May be from the deadlifts yesterday, my hamstrings are way too sore..

      Anyways good going for me..


        Day 4 of IronBorn..

        I almost gave up on doing the AB workout today..
        But some how dragged my self to complete and get through it before mid-night..
        And Hell my core strength is in the negative (I mean less than zero)..
        I can not fell anything below my chest due to soreness.. Hope it'll get better by the time I wake up..

        being consistent is quite the hardwork in itself..


          Day 1 of Core Strength
          Day 5 of IronBorn..

          After realizing how strong my core was yesterday while doing D4 of IB.. I decided to strengthen my core with core strength..
          why core strength.. only because it is mainly a plank based program and I held a proper form elbow plank for 3 minutes on a hard floor just 10 days ago..
          But hell.. D1 of CS is not easy at all.. I went with the confidence to do at lvl3.. and after lvl1 I am sweating and cannot feel my abs.. may be from d4 of IB.. coming to that..

          each day in IB seems to be in such a way that there will be DOMS or any soreness for max 2 days and you are ready for the next cycle of same muscles to take more..
          This is awesome..

          so now my current target is to successfully do these 2 programs everyday till sunday.. small but sure steps of progress...
          Now then good night and good morning and good afternoon... to all the bees around the world..


            I am re-evaluating the idea of ​​doing certain programs first at lv I and then redoing them at a higher level, especially those that maybe do collateral training
            For example, weight training like IRONBORN tires me a lot


              Originally posted by Fremen View Post
              I am re-evaluating the idea of ​​doing certain programs first at lv I and then redoing them at a higher level, especially those that maybe do collateral training
              For example, weight training like IRONBORN tires me a lot
              yeah many a times it is better to do the program on level 1 first both to understand the program and also see how we fare with different exercises in the program..

              about the tiredness.. I do majority of energy consuming workout in the evening.. essentially after office.. workout, eat update on hive and start meditation and fall asleep..
              any add-on or core related workout and stretching I do in the morning so that any sore muscles will atleast co-operate to allow movements..

              But thats me.. and this is the first time I am actually following Darebee programs and workouts to the Tee.. earlier I didn't even do lvl1.. doing 1 set tired me like anything..
              Thanks to lockdown I worked on slowly increasing the workouts and also have a decent sleep and wake schedule..


                Good for you for starting another program on that level.
                I hope I can keep working out consistently and wisely so I could do Ironborn in a few months time.


                  Amirsh Thanks for the kind words.. But I too have a long way to go.. as you can see I haven't completed even a single program on darebee..
                  In my case, lockdown helped a lot to sort out many things.. Like you know when I started the thread, I started with 4 programs which was crazy (looking back now)..
                  earlier I used to travel once every 3 weeks.. and due to lockdown that didn't happen and gave me the required regularity and consistency to build up to IronBorn..

                  With all the things going on with you right now.. I hope and pray that you soon get a chance to set things in order and achieve that consistency..
                  And I too shall workhard to achieve that program complete badge..


                    But you are trying, that's the main thing. I'm sure if you'll structure your routine in a way that is best for you, you could achieve your goals.


                      01-jun-20: D1 of Punches & Squats Challenge

                      D2 of Punches & Squats Challenge
                      D2 of Core Strength
                      D6 of IronBorn..

                      I checked just in time around 23.30 that its june 1st and a new challenge is up.. and yay.. its punches.. squats I can do before lunch in office so thats fine..
                      got too excited and counted Jab+cross as 1 punch and did double reps 3 sets..
                      maybe I felt good throwing punches after the shoulder workout in the evening..
                      Anyways today was work from home, so I ended up doing the workout a little early..
                      Thanks for the encouragement Amirsh .. this time I'll some how push through and complete this..


                        Hello Bees..

                        D3 of Punches & Squats Challenge
                        D7 of IronBorn

                        Today I was frustrated as things didn't went as expected.. which made me almost give up on today's workout..
                        somehow pushed through and LITERALLY COUNTED 1 REP at a time and completed Iron Born.. I think this is the first time I really felt every rep..

                        Then to release of that frustration I did Jab+Jab+Cross 10 reps per side (total 20) X 3 sets as part of the challenge..
                        I gave up on Core strength as I didn't had any more energy or perseverance..

                        Anyways, my worst fear of discontinuing around 7th day did start today and I overcame it some how..
                        May be hence forth it is 1 rep at a time and getting things done..


                          Yep, one rep at a time, one day at a time. You can DO this!!!


                            Yes.. Thanks DorothyMH took your encouragement and finished off yesterdays core strength too..

                            D4 of Punches & Squats Challenge
                            D8 of IronBorn
                            D3 of Core Strength
                            D4 of Core Strength
                            So essentially I broke my 7 day barrier and completed the 8th day of a program without any break.
                            Thanks to Dorothy for the kind words.. and all the workouts today being based on planks helped alot.. I do love planks..
                            But all were dynamic today which made me feel like I don't even know the full extent what planks & its variations can do yet..

                            I did felt like not doing the D4 of CS today.. but then I'll have to do it tomorrow or any other day.. given my shoulder condition I am sure won't be able to do it tomorrow so just got to it and completed it..
                            one rep at a time..


                              Good JOB😀💪🏼You are stronger than you think🤜🤛


                                Thank You DorothyMH..

                                D5 of Punches & Squats Challenge
                                D9 of IronBorn
                                D5 of Core Strength

                                Ever since I started using darebee way back in 2015.. This is the first time I have worked out continuously for 9 days.. and that too following the instructions to the Tee..
                                Many a times I reach to the 7th day and somehow won't be able to continue.

                                Anyways, now about the workout, as this is a place where I log as an accountability and also to look back how I felt while doing some thing..
                                Today IB D9 is shoulders and chest.. my left shoulder and right forearm gave in at the last set last rep.. I will have to work on power-up after the current programs..
                                Or may be somehow it may dawn upon our dear benefactors to make a challenge that strengthens shoulders and arms for the next month.. May be I should pray and meditate on this..