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    It’s ok
    you’ll do it next time


      21.09.19: #1

      Day 5 of all programs

      Power up - 5/30
      Back & Core - 5/30
      Athena's Playbook - 5/30
      90 Days of Action - 5/90

      Today went for a 10K run by the local running club. overall it was a nice day. The run was the reason I wanted to do the Day 5 of 90DoA & Athena's PB again, as they were good warm up and stretch routines for the run.

      Animated pictures, Thank you.. yes this time with a day or 2 breaks I don't want to restart the entire program but push on and complete. I also don't mind repeating some days if I feel the need to do so..


        23.09.19: #1

        Day 6 of all programs

        Power up - 6/30
        90 Days of Action - 6/90
        Athena's Playbook - 6/30
        Back & Core - 6/30
        100 pushups

        overall today was a good day. I took a break yesterday and so #1 again (a way to remind my self of the breaks I take).
        Also I don't want to bother about these 1 or 2 days breaks and push ahead (as long as the breaks are 2 days or less).

        now then good night bees..


          Happy Birthday.


            TheLibrarian, Fremen .. Thank you guys..




                24.09.19: #2

                Day 7 of all programs

                Power up - 7/30
                90 Days of Action - 7/90
                Athena's Playbook - 7/30
                Back & Core - 7/30
                100 pushups (60 classic, 40 on knees)
                100 standing elbow to knees.

                after all those push-ups and punches yesterday I didn't felt my arms at all..
                Thank you.. Animated pictures


                  Originally posted by vrsthe1 View Post
                  24.09.19: #2

                  100 pushups (60 classic, 40 on knees)
                  100 standing elbow to knees.

                  after all those push-ups and punches yesterday I didn't felt my arms at all..
                  Wow, a lot of push ups. My arms would certainly fall off.
                  Good job. Keep on going.


                    25.09.19: #3

                    Day 8 of all programs

                    Power up - 8/30
                    90 Days of Action - 8/90
                    Athena's Playbook - 8/30
                    Back & Core - 8/30
                    100 pushups (10 X 10 classic)
                    100 abs (as part of 90 DoA day 8).

                    Thank You so much Rupucis, you were a motivation to me.. I felt like I should do my best and checked out where I am doing wrong not being able to do full proper pushups..
                    It seems engaging core is as simple as tighten the butt and hold it like that.. so with that and taking proper rest between sets I was able to to 10 sets of 10 reps to finish off the 100 pushups..
                    my shoulders were slightly aching yesterday, due to non-engaging of core during push-ups, but it seems to be fine now..
                    may be once I continue to do a week or 10 days this should feel normal.. ​​​​​​​



                      Nothing today..

                      Every 2-3 days, I feel like I have no energy left to do anything.. After work, all that there is on my mind is to eat and sleep.. And yeah that will be an awesome sleep ofcourse..
                      But still is this normal..?? I don't have any pains or anything after I workout, I generally get exhausted after workout but then I will have my dinner and sleep so that is fine.. I guess...

                      I am trying to loose weight (have to loose almost 15Kg) and my diet is

                      1. dry fruits, nuts and fruits during the day.
                      2. Home cooked good food at night (regular Indian - 1 cup cooked dal, 3-4 roti, 2 cups vegetable curry). The type of dal (lentil & related variants) and vegetables changes every day. Non-Vegetarian twice a week.
                      3. Tea with milk and a spoon sugar as and when required (I hate coffee and used to consume a lot of tea, now down to 5-6 cups a day).

                      At best at afternoon I can add muesli with milk (in 1 cup and add in some dry fruits I have), but this too I am afraid if it is good (because muesli is not oats) and how much it might effect or help in my weight loss.. My total calorie intake per day is approx. 1800 kcal on weekdays and 2500 kcal on weekends.. so on average 2100 kcal per day a week.. I guess 2100 kcal for a male 31 at 163cm is good enough to sustain.

                      I am currently doing

                      1. Power up
                      2. 90 days of action
                      3. Athena's playbook
                      4. Back & Core

                      5. 100 pushups everyday
                      6. 100 abs every day

                      7. long run on the weekend - atleast of 10K.

                      Pushups & abs I try to include in the workouts of 90DoA & Athena's PB by modifying some exercises or doing pushups between sets etc..

                      Request Dear Bees who come up-on this thread to please suggest and provide your feedback.
                      If any specific details are required, I can provide them.

                      Thanks guys..
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                        vrsthe1 first I don't have a lot of knowledge on how many calories one should take, but compared to me (and I'm a bit taller), 2500 kcal in a day sounds like a lot!

                        But that's just a comment, the only actual advice I have is to not eat just fruit in between meals, pair it up with a boiled egg or other protein heavy snack. Also don't eat more than 3 pieces of fruit a day otherwise it's a lot of sugar. (this is just a copy paste from what my nutritionist told me that seemed general enough)


                          Have you tried taking vitamins pills like one a day
                          or fish oils?


                            Belated Happy Birthday Salutations


                              Amirsh Thank You...

                              BiaTDias Thank you for the suggestion, yes I'll see if I can add eggs at different times of day.. my be 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. And I'll remember that regarding fruits, now I get it why in all diet plans they only show a few pieces or say 1 or 2 pieces..

                              Animated pictures Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't want to go to pills or any additional things. essentially what I doing is to make habits for the long term and looking at sustainable options. I was always against the pills protein powder etc., but yeah extra protein and vitamins, I'll see how I can add that to my diet.. one way is more eggs..

                              27.08.2019: #1

                              100 pushups
                              100 abs

                              28.08.2019: #2

                              100 pushups
                              100 abs

                              5K jog.


                                29.08.2019: #3

                                100 pushups (70 Classic, 30 on knees)
                                100 abs

                                Wow 100 push ups are really hard..
                                I am thinking and realized that I am not as strong as I feel..

                                So I will be stopping the athena's playbook for now and shall continue with the other 3 programs.. and of-course with the 100 pushups & abs a day too...
                                lets see how I'll progress with this..

                                Originally posted by Fremen View Post

                                Good luck
                                My only suggestion is to do a workout you like and not be afraid to change it and adapt it as you go on
                                Is this what you meant back then??