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    So the shoulder absolutely needs rest as holding on to a cup for a few seconds is also a bit difficult..

    I tried to do some sprints and hurt the shoulder even more.. but then seating in the bus to work and keeping my hand above behind me gave some relief..

    So I tried to walk like naruto.. like this.. Click image for larger version  Name:	5e1594da638e6-bpfull.jpg Views:	0 Size:	85.5 KB ID:	710432 which did provide a lot of relief..
    Now due to all this I stopped doing the current month challenge as the planks will put additional load on the shoulder..
    shoulder hurts at a particular angle.. like holding the cup of tea with 90 deg elbow and trying to drink it.. kind of doing a curl.. else for regular activities it is fine..
    so with discovering a way to by the pain now I am walking my daily dose with hands behind my head..

    2.9 kms - 33' 00" - walk #10/100 HDOR
    D01 & 02 of Core Control Challenge
    D01 & 02 of Power Grip Challenge

    2.3 kms - 33' 58" - walk #11/100 HDOR
    D03 & 04 of Core Control Challenge
    D03 & 04 of Power Grip Challenge
    Rotor Cuff Workout

    D05 & 06 of Core Control Challenge
    D05 & 06 of Power Grip Challenge
    D01 & 02 of Upper Body Light
    Rotor Cuff Workout

    its yesterday that I discovered to walk like naruto.. so I decided I can work my hands using Upper Body Light Challenge as I am holding the arms above shoulder..
    I am having to take longer breaks between sets.. but thats what suits me right now..
    will update the walk later on.. I am now thinking that if I can improve my running while unable to use my arms.. how good I would end up by the time I could use the arms..


      I hope this would work


        yup.. today while doing the upper body light I felt a little discomfort but after the exercise, it felt quite relaxing..


          2.1 kms - 24' 50" - walk #12/100 HDOR

          3.0 kms - 32' 29" - walk #13/100 HDOR
          D07 & 08 of Core Control Challenge
          D07 & 08 of Power Grip Challenge
          D03 & 04 of Upper Body Light
          Rotor Cuff Workout

          I have to start running, walking will only improve my walking..
          Running with hands behind head is really hard.. and the upperbody is trying very hard to provide rotation..
          Hope the shoulder gets alright soon.. I think the Rotor Cuff workout and shoulder stretch will be a daily routine for a long time to come..


            Sometimes you just have to wait. Don't start running it hurts.


              Thank you for your concern Amirsh, I was only thinking out loud.. and it really hurts so I am not going to run..

              2.49 kms - 28' 29" - walk #1/100 HDOR
              D09 & 10 of Core Control Challenge
              D09 & 10 of Power Grip Challenge
              D05 & 06 of Upper Body Light
              Rotor Cuff Workout

              Today overall it was good.. the pain has reduced alot when I woke up in the morning..
              while doing the upper body light exercise too, there was comparatively less pain, which reduced with some light stretches after the workout..
              While walking, at around 2kms or 20 mins of walking I felt a light pull at the shoulder.. immediately got the hands behind my neck and the pain disappeared again..
              I look forward to how I might fell after the 10K walk (supposed to be a run.. but now no way.. )
              still I shall continue to improve the tendon, ligament and mobility of the shoulder before going to start anything heavy... which I know will take a while.. but what else can I do..


                4.1 kms - 44' 29" - walk #15/100 HDOR
                D11 & 12 of Power Grip Challenge
                D07 & 08 of Upper Body Light

                10.1 kms - 1 hr 48' 35" - walk #16/100 HDOR #2/16 of Sunday 10K
                D13 & 14 of Power Grip Challenge
                D09 & 10 of Upper Body Light

                It has been a good weekend with almost no shoulder issues.. I didn't do the rotor cuff workout as a workout perse.. but did kept doing those exercises now and then..
                while doing the 10K (walk) I had mild shoulder pain every 4kms or so, when I had to raise the hand for a while (200-400mts) and it subdued..
                The pain has reduced quite a bit.. but the shoulder has no strength at all.. it is being difficult to hold on a water bottle too...
                while performing the Upper Body light.. the recovery time has considerably increased from set to set.. but there is still pain during the bicep extensions.. not so severe but not mild either.. will keep working and logging it..

                Thats it for the weekend bees.. have a great time..


                  Hi. What happened to the Ironborn badge? You totally deserve it.


                    Hi Amirsh I felt like not to keep it considering I was not able to continue anything with the shoulder injury..
                    And this week too, getting to set a particular routine which I can hold when traveling, lock-down or in any situation, I was only able to do the 2K walk daily.. (will update the log sunday after the 10K)..
                    So I decided to reclaim the Ironborn once again.. but not right away.. Now I know and have witnessed the changes that can happen..
                    First, will recover, then steadily but surely will reclaim it..


                      Well I hope this would workout for you.


                        30 mins meditation
                        5.1 kms - 53' 37" - walk #17/100 HDOR
                        2' clench/unclench, 2 min - overhead flex hold
                        2 X 60 each (shoulder taps, bicep extensions, chest expansions), 100 raised arm circles.

                        30 mins meditation
                        3 kms - 33' 4" - walk #18/100 HDOR
                        2' clench/unclench, 2 min - overhead flex hold
                        60 each (shoulder taps, bicep extensions, chest expansions), 100 raised arm circles.

                        15 mins meditation
                        4.3 kms - 43' - walk #19/100 HDOR
                        2' clench/unclench, 2' - overhead flex hold

                        15 mins meditation
                        2.4 kms - 26' 17" - walk #20/100 HDOR
                        2' 30" clench/unclench, 2' - overhead flex hold

                        15 mins meditation
                        2.4 kms - 17' 16" - walk #21/100 HDOR (I'll accept that I took advantage of some error/problem in strava, but I was not in mood too that day anyway...)
                        3' clench/unclench, 2' 30" - overhead flex hold

                        15 mins meditation
                        2.9 kms - 21' 29" - walk #22/100 HDOR (Again, I took advantage of some error/problem in strava)

                        10 mins meditation
                        10.41 kms - 1hr 59' 06" - walk #22/100 HDOR #3/16 of sunday 10K
                        This post went lengthier than expected.. I'll continue the rant and observations in next post..


                          The past week was good or rather mixed..

                          I decided that based on the upper body light, I'll create a routine that I can do as a warmup when fit & active or as a minimum when not so good or recovering..
                          it goes like..

                          3 X 60 (shoulder taps, bicep extensions, chest extensions), 100 raised arm circles, 50 march steps (could advance to high knees or jump rope eventually)
                          atleast 30 mins meditation every morning..
                          and while traveling to office clench/un-clench at morning & overhead flex hold at evening.. which I followed, because that's the only thing I do in bus (apart from listening to music.. )

                          Now all that was really nice planning and great.. BUT.. I did all that on the first day.. though 2 sets instead of 3 (both time crunch and my hands gave up..)
                          and whatever happened, I was not able to continue not only the exercises in the morning and didn't even iced the shoulders..
                          the shoulders are fine now.. during today's 10K, I felt the right shoulder a bit heavier when I tried to observe closely and gave attention to it.. else no issues through out the walk..

                          Majority of skipping happened as I had to wake up 40 mins early to accommodate all those reps and meditation in the morning.. and I was unable to sleep till 12.00 at night..
                          so today, I haven't slept during the entire day, did the 10k just a while ago, had dinner and took 25 mins typing and entering all the run data and I am dead tired..
                          I hope to fall into deep slumber as soon as I post this and shutdown my computer now and wake up early and energetic to do all those planned activities..

                          Ah.. I almost forgot.. I haven't played video games in my life (except "Freedom Fighters" & "Sniper Elite", FPS games some 10-11 years back).. so last November I bought an awesome (to me at that point of time) gaming laptop and finally last week started playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey...
                          And that was the reason I was not able to sleep early.. I mean I am playing for the first time in life and there's none to stop me except myself and the obligation of going to work next day..
                          now good night, morning & evening to bees around the world.. I am off to sleep..


                            So it's been quite some time.. I am following the plan I made, so I'll just mention what I have been doing as summary.

                            1. atleast 2kms walk every day.. as part of the 100 days of running..
                            2. alternate days: 3 X 60 (shoulder taps, bicep extensions, chest extensions), 100 raised arm circles.. I realized one day that I can just do this while walking and since then made the post dinner walk in the park a routine along with this.
                            3. Meditation everyday morning.. - time varies on the day, but a minimum of 15 mins.. (that was the least I logged..)
                            4. 10 kms on every sunday.. since last 2 weeks, the shoulder is not hurting anymore.. and I plan to start running from ground up now..
                            5. Additionally I have added this shoulder & back routine almost everyday... just to make sure that everything related to shoulder stay fit and functional..

                            I am hooked to Assassin's creed Odyssey.. the reason I was not able to update the log regularly.. I ended up not sleeping one entire week ( I mean 2 or 3 hrs per day doesn't count right..) and getting back to normal was difficult.. Thankfully the sunday 10K helped to break it as I was dead tired with no sleep and 10K..

                            And recently I have joined the discord too.. and thinking to start doing DD & WoD daily.. let's see when I'll start and how long I'll keep up the streak..

                            Thank you and Have a Great Life Bees...


                              That looks like a solid plan. 👍


                                Sounds you are doing great!
                                And DD ... why not start today? ... 60 climbers (that's only 30 if you count left en right leg as one )