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    Yeah, I'm extremely creative with titles.

    I first heard of Darebee years and years ago and thought it was cool, but I never did any of the workouts. I know it's a great alternative to joining a gym but ironically it wasn't until I did regular group fitness classes - I did F45 for a number of years, and I still go to Orangetheory and 9Round - that got me back here. The familiarity I have already with HIIT and most of the moves helped greatly.

    What I like about Darebee is how a lot of the workouts can be done with no equipment. I have a sedentary job, sometimes I have several standby periods of half-hours every shift where I'm required to basically remain in my booth - not an open plan office, thank God - but I don't have to do any work, per se. Darebee is great for those times! I can get my Daily Dare in and the monthly challenges, and whichever random workouts take my fancy.

    What I *love* about Darebee are all the story aspects. That really keeps me engaged.

    Currently doing:

    Age of Pandora - on chapter 11 at the moment. Love it.
    Avatar Upgrade - printed out the pdf in booklet form. Done two workouts so far.

    F45 dropout here, too. 😆 Welcome!


      Thanks ambermae !



      >> Completed Chapter 11. Level III. Need to run 5.1km to get to the Dreamers Temple before I can do Chapter 12.

      Daily Dare with EC
      Day 12 September Challenge


        13/09/2019 Day 2


        >> Chapter 12. Level I. Too many pylometrics and my knee was a bit iffy.
        Day 13 September Challenge

        14/09/2019 Day 3


        >> Chapter 13. Level III reps, Level II sets. One min rest.
        >> Chapter 14. Level I reps (not great at push-ups), Level III sets. No rest.

        Owe 200 tuck jumps + jab + cross cos I accidentally clicked the Fight button oops.

        ​​​​​​Daily Dare with EC
        Day 14 September Challenge