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    Well, I almost forgot to do TEN and my kicks for the day. I did them in the end.

    I also found myself with more problems in AGS. I could fix some, but there are others that I still need to figure things out. I think my mistake was starting a project using an empty template, but well, I'm just figuring everything up now. Again, why is it difficult to find assets for point and clicks? Though I can make some, it's still time consuming...

    But having a vague BASIC understanding, I actually could read the code for scripts and the entire source codes of the projects with no issue. The whole thing reminds me of C language too, something that I started to learn a while back. It seems overwhelming, but I can understand this.

    September 15th, 2020

    Daily Dare: 10 Swipers switched to 50 Plank Knee-to-elbows +EC
    Count: 141 - 139 +EC

    TEN: Day 19

    WoD: Piece of Cake - LVL III +EC

    Power Walk: Day 15
    (Kick)Boxer: Day 15
    Kicks & Punches: Day 15


      Today's TEN felt so goooood... It was like going back to the Back & Core program, and I still remember how relieving was that back when we started carrying water.

      Still, I can't get over on how good it felt. Nice day, even though outside of the fitness type of things, nothing interesting happened...

      I'm also beginning to think that Amazon is a better suited plan for me than Fighter. Though I like the idea of switching from strength days to cardio days, I still want my combat focused days. My cardio today consisted only in one HIIT workout done at LVL I plus 15 minutes more of shadowboxing split in 3 sets of 5 minutes. Did some basic kickboxing combos, and I think I'm ready to learn a couple of new kicks. I just need more space to do them, so I should probably take it outside. I might end up doing the same that I did today on Sunday...

      If I had my speakers, I would have put some 8 bit music during Run & Gun. More specifically, the Super C soundtrack. I blame the title for making me feel like a Contra character through the entire thing

      Anyway, I'm going to do some writing, editing, pixel art and maybe try out some things on AGS tonight, hence I'm posting way earlier than usual. I just finished TEN. Besides, it's a nice night too.

      September 16th, 2020


      Kicks & Punches Challenge: Day 16
      Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Leg Extensions +EC
      Count: 142 - 140 +EC
      Power Walk Challenge: Day 16
      (Kick)Boxer Challenge: Day 16


      Fighter's Warmup

      Run & Gun - LVL I +EC
      3 x 5 Minutes of Shadow(kick)boxing:
      Lead Leg Front Snap Kick + Cross
      Lead Leg Front Snap Kick + Jab + Cross
      Lead Leg Front Snap Kick + Jab + Cross + Hook + Rear Leg Roundhouse Kick
      Lead Leg Front Snap Kick + Jab + Uppercut + Rear Knee Strike
      Lead Leg Front Snap Kick + Lead Leg Roundhouse Kick + Jab + Cross
      Jab + Lead Leg Front Snap Kick + Rear Leg Front Snap Kick + Rear Knee Strike
      Jab + Cross + Lead Leg Front Snap Kick + Rear Leg Roundhouse Kick
      Jab + Cross + Hook + Rear Knee Strike

      WoD: Rawr! +EC

      TEN: Day 20


        Not a good day as productivity things goes... Not only we had to carry water on the morning, but we got hit by a powercut at noon. I pretty much slept the whole day, as we pretty much were forced to fast as we ran out of food, again...

        Last time we went for water, we were very chatty. Today, we were silent. Plus, mom got sick. I'm not worried, though, it's no use to be worried unnecessarily, but I'm wary. It's probably just an allergy, but I'm still wary. I've been already through this type of fear before, and it's no fun. I better keep a cool head this time. Catching a cold in times like this is no fun at all, and knowing how my mother is, she'll probably insist that it's nothing... I hope she gets better tomorrow.

        September 17th, 2020

        Daily Dare: 50 Climber Taps +EC
        Count: 143 - 141 +EC

        TEN: Day 21

        WoD: Rock Hard Abs - LVL III +EC

        Power Walk: Day 17
        (Kick)Boxer: Day 17
        Kicks & Punches: Day 17


          What a horrible day yesterday was. No power throughout the morning, plus I had no idea what to do as workout goes. I didn't do anything of value, I think? In the end, I was angry the whole day, angry because of something that happened back in Caracas and I don't know why. It could be the fact that the military is upholding the law, for once, but also it could be because they wanted to steal equipment. It can also be a way to eliminate the competition (two years ago they've been caught doing something similar) or it can be an attack on LGBT people and a warning to others who work on the same industry. Now, I'm not mentioning what industry, but suffice to say is that it is NSFW.

          I didn't know it was illegal, so I went to study the law, and frankly, I'm pissed off. The reasoning that I can get from the law is the same reasoning why the Volstead was in place in the 20s in USA. And I've been wondering since then is: who was the bright moron who thought that was a good idea? I'm almost certain that it was someone from the protestant church; definitly a pastor. They catholic authorities are neutral to the whole ordeal about LGBT and NSFW entertainment, and the protestants are very aggresive towards it. You'd think that could be an old law, but now, it is as recent as January of 2012. The previous QUINCY was alive back in the day! I mean, I thought I could blame Venezuela for behaving like USA in the 50s on the XX century all over, but like 99.99% of all evils that plague the country right now, a dead crazy tyrant is the one to blame. To think that law is supposed to protect the children too, yet they are the first ones who fall victim of this thanks to the economy, and they decide to arrest innocent consenting adults...

          To think that girls who dedicate to NSFW entertainment are pretty much the ones holding the entire counter-economy together...

          I needed a combat workout yesterday. And I didn't know what to do... And it was strength day for me...

          And for today, I don't think I'll do strength... Maybe... maybe I'll do combat; I don't know. I'm still mad about this whole ordeal...

          At least mom is getting better.

          September 18th, 2020

          Daily Dare: 40 Single Leg Bridges +EC
          Count: 144 - 142 +EC

          TEN: Day 22

          WoD: Roller Coaster +EC
          Butt Lift +EC

          Power Walk: Day 18
          (Kick)Boxer: Day 18
          Kicks & Punches: Day 18