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    Thank you Fremen , Io6 , irina-bu, VacTom, TheLibrarian, Nebulus, Gandhalfit, and Silent Wolf


      Congrats on Cardio Blast!!


        Thanks stongecat .

        Io6 if your son wants the badge then perhaps he can help you get it...

        21/11/2020 (Day 127 again)

        AM Gym Session
        Built By Science program: Day 12 Shoulders
        * Alternating Standing Shoulder Press (10 kg x 8 reps x 5 sets)
        * Seated Rear Delt Fly (6 kg x 12 reps x 4 sets)
        * Standing Cable Wood Chop(12.5 kg x 12 reps x 4 sets)
        * Dumbbell Farmer's Walk/Loaded Dumbbell Carry (2 x 20 kg Kettlebells x 35m walk x 4 sets)
        Dead Hang 30-day challenge: Day 12 - Done

        Square 1 program: Day 27 - Done at Level III
        Daily Dare (20/11/2020): 30 Half Shrimp Squats - Done with Extra Credit
        Workout of the Day (20/11/2020): Triathlete - Done at Level II with Extra Credit (Just couldn't make to level III). I probably shouldn't have come home from the the gym and launched straight into these other exercises! - it was the Reverse Angels that killed me, might have had something to do with the fact that I'd just done a shoulder workout. When will I ever learn?


          22/11/2020 (Day 128)

          Not a lot on the cards for today, my sister-in-law's wedding with a typical Chinese Yum Cha celebratory lunch. I tried not over-indulging but you know how it goes.

          Daily Dare (21/11/2020): 40 Side Plank Knee Taps - Done with Extra Credit
          Square 1 program: Day 28 - Done at Level III
          Ronin workout - Done at Level with Extra Credit

          The Agility 30-day challenge is put on back burner for another time. The calves still haven't recovered from the Day 19 activity.


            I don't know many people who are able not to over-indulge during weddings...


              23/11/2020 (Day 129)

              Square 1 program: Day 29 - Done at Level III

              Blood Bank visit so Arms & Abs day held over from yesterday will be moved to tomorrow. There are other options for this afternoon especially as my son wants me to start a new program with him. Square 1 is nearly done so perhaps it wouldn't hurt. He wants to start Fighters Codex again while I was think more along the lines of 60 Days of Cardio to compliment my strength program Built By Science.

              OK back from Blood Bank and things didn't go according to plan. There was a searing pain that did not feel right so they stopped the process. Turns out the antiseptic they used on my arm had entered with the needle and produced quite an uncomfortable burning sensation. I feel bad for causing the donation to stop but Jeez that was painful. Arm still bandaged and instructed to take it easy. Not what I was hoping for.

              Daily Dare (22/11/2020): 2 Minutes Butt Kicks - Done with Extra Credit

              Kung Fu - 2 hours (1/2 hr assistant instructor class, 1 hr training class, 1/2 hr sparring/applications). Arm was a lot better.


                You had every right to stop. I hope it won't be too painful in the next few days.


                  Damn Hope it is better now.


                    I hope you feel better soon


                      Ugh, that sounds painful indeed.


                        Thank you Gandhalfit , VacTom , Fremen , and Mianevem . Thank you all for your concern and caring. I wish I could say that donating blood/plasma/platelets was without dramas but it isn't. Fortunately they don't happen that often. Sometimes they are minor and hiccups can be overcome but other times they can be complicated and uncomfortable. Here in Australia they go overboard on the safety aspect to protect the donor, sometimes a little too much in my opinion but I can't fault them for the care they show towards us. I don't want to put people off the thought of being a blood donor if you're considering it. I'd encourage everyone to do it if they can. Here is Australia we have way too few people who donate. It doesn't a great deal of time with whole blood taking only 20 minutes or so, plasma 40 minutes and platelets 1-2 hours. I know other countries have different processes and rules so you can donate every couple of days whereas here we can only donate every two weeks for plasma and platelets and every three months for whole blood. For me its the one period of time every fortnight I have to myself to quietly read without distractions. I'm not sure about other countries but here they occasionally send out a text message thanking us and advising us that the donation has gone to good use. My last one was advising me that my platelet donation was put to good use in a children's hospital. That's got to be a good thing right? Thanks again to everyone for caring and please give if you can.


                          24/11/2020 (Day 130)

                          Awake & Alive workout - Done at Level III with Extra Credit. A nice warm up routine.
                          Daily Dare (23/11/2020): 60 seconds Hollow Hold - Done with Extra Credit
                          Built By Science program: Day 13 Arms & Abs
                          * Close-Grip Bench Press (42.5 kg x 10 reps x 4 sets)
                          * Cable Overhead Triceps Extension (30 kg x 12 reps x 2 sets, 25 kg x 12 reps x 2 sets). Probably a little too ambitious. But if I don't try, I won't make progress.
                          * Dumbbell Bicep Curls (12.5 kg x 10 reps x 2 sets, 12.5 kg x 8 reps + 10 kg x 2 reps, 12.5 kg x 5 reps + 10 kg x 5 reps). Again trying to go a little more than last time and using drop sets when standard sets can't be done.
                          * Hammer Curls (12.5 kg x 10 reps x 2 sets, 12.5 kg x 8 reps + 10 kg x 4 reps x 2 sets)
                          * Ab Roller (8 reps x 3 sets). Ab roller still missing so resorted to using a dumbbell again. Harder on the hands but gets the job done.
                          * Pallof Press (15 kg x 25 seconds x 2 sets, 20 kg x 25 seconds x 1 set)
                          * Exercise Ball Pull-In (8 reps x 3 sets)
                          * Single-Arm Side Deadlift (22.5 kg x 10 reps x 3 sets)
                          Dead Hang 30-day challenge: Day 13 - Done

                          Post gym session
                          Square 1 program: Day 30 - Done at Level III and program complete. A nice warm down.

                          PM session
                          Perfect Posture App: Beginner Day 29 - Done (11:55 minutes)
                          60 Days of Cardio program: Day 1 - Done at Level III. A nice physical workout for this afternoon's lull.
                          Fireheart program: Day 1 - Done at Level III. Started this thinking it would be a great way to kill a few minutes before home time. Oops. I ended up getting a great workout and had to change back into my gym gear as it was drier. Seems a number of people are starting this program too.


                            Happy SQUARE DAY Congratulations Julian4077 ! Your collection of Badges is getting bigger!! Way to go!! 😁👍🔥🔥🔥


                              Thank you Miss_Dada , yes the collection is slowly growing. One day I'd like to have even half of what you do. Just trying to find a rhythm and settle into it is my biggest hurdle to overcome. Too many extra curricular activities is the problem but I don't particularly want to give any of them up so I'll keep plodding along and get there eventually. Thank you for your ongoing support!


                                Congrats on Square 1