My Ninja Way - better than yesterday

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    My Ninja Way - better than yesterday

    So, this is my... 6th check-in thread and it has occurred to me that I have not made any progress since the first .
    I am majorly embarrassed to say that since I left school at 16 I have gotten really lazy and have not put any effort into anything which explains why I am 27, single and unemployed .
    As of today I am going to swear that I will put more effort into my actions and create my own ninja way. I have broken many promises I made since I was young and now I am going to work harder than I ever have to try and make use of all the skills I have acquired over the years.

    In 2018 I got my level 2 fitness instructor and said I was going to teach people to get fit but had no idea how to go about it. I did some research and even had a meeting at an insurance provider. I have not followed up on it because I was either putting 100% effort into it for a day and then getting depressed because I was stalling.

    This new thread, although it will serve as a log for me to put my training up to share with the bees who have been behind me, will also be for me to post how I am progressing in my life also (like a life journey log). I hope that is OK.

    Starting today I am saving up for my insurance and some equipment but I am going to have to seriously think on where I want to set up as the "commitment to fitness" here in Bushmills is not as high as I hoped. If any of you have any ideas as to help improve the likelihood of attracting people, it would be much appreciated.

    I think you did pretty well in your last thread in terms of commitment. In terms of workout, you can start small, and just stay committed.

    I am not good at attracting people, either, therefore no advices from me...


      Good Luck my friend!!! You can do it!


        I must agree with kandy . I was following your thread only for a short time, but it never felt like you were not committed. Sadly I have no experience in the field of attracting people

        But I will try to provide encouragement to you on your way! Let's do this!


          Kakarot we're all works in progress. Our journey is never the straight arrow it might look like from outside. Instead we have to stop and search and try and fail and learn and re-learn as we struggle to define who we are, what we want and then the ever harder part of just how to get 'there'. I think you're doing fine and we are all rooting for you here. It always takes effort to do the things we want which is what gives them real value.

          Your personal journey is always your own. Like everyone else here I will stand behind you however that shapes out.

          On attracting people however I can perhaps give some pointers based on my day-job experience. To get people to come to you for training and fitness you need to establish a brand (of sorts) which helps develop your reputation, which then helps people trust you. The scientific definition of reputation is "the willingness of someone to relationally engage with you without having prior experience of you". To build your reputation think of engaging in a few local activities: Can you give a talk on fitness at the Bushmills Primary School? If yes, can this be covered by the local press? Can you then blog about it to help amplify its reach and message? All of these activities allow people to 'see you' and understand what you do and how you do it. Is there an option in having a small demonstration of something fitness related (from training to nutrition to healthy habits) at the Education Centre? Is there a local library where you could do something similar? Can you do a small interview/article for the local free press?

          These are all activities that can be expanded to cover different situations and also applied in different contexts. They point to the same effect though: getting people to know you, understand what you do, getting them to trust you. I really hope this helps.


            kandy & Salormon thanks for the kind words but I think it's just my inability to commit to something that compels me to constantly do new threads. I'm going to try and stop and make this one last though.
            XxXKiarraXxX thanks .
            Damer thanks for the advice I'll look into some of these (while gathering money for my insurance). Need to work on my own fitness though .

            I must come up with a routine I can stick to, which is hard when you want everything .


              Originally posted by Kakarot View Post
              Need to work on my own fitness though .

              I must come up with a routine I can stick to, which is hard when you want everything .
              Hey from my impression you seem to focus on the upperbody and not much on the bottom. You might want to work on the lowerbody more if that's the case, because someone with bigger, more muscular legs are going to see gains in other training (upperbody, abs, etc) faster than someone with smaller legs.

              I often feel like I see changes pretty fast (after 10 to 14 consecutive days of training a particular part) and I didn't know why until I encountered this. My legs are not monster like but they are the more muscular part of my body. But it can also be due to me being a newbie.


                kandy I enjoy leg training, my two best lifts are deadlift and squat (in that order). When I was a 5-7kg heavier my best deadlift was 140kg for 1 and my squat was 115kg for 2, both with a belt (and straps for the DL) but I don't lift weights anymore and I'm floating around 84-86kg bodyweight.

                I used to be the kind of person who worried about being bigger and stronger but I don't care as much anymore, primarily because of the fact I can't be bothered going to a gym.

                But I guess I could try improving my leg strength and see what happens.

                I'm not sure I want to workout today though. I'll be starting tomorrow with the aim of getting my 1 year badge.


                  Good luck on your new thread buddy you are doing epically well


                    No matter what, we're here for you! Everyone has their ups and downs (my latest race series, for example). Just gotta keep pushing, even if it's only just a little that day.


                      Day 1/365 - Royal Marines Commando Fitness Test (mod)
                      Push ups = 32
                      Sit ups = 32
                      Pull ups = 3
                      2.4km run = incomplete.

                      My brothers marks
                      Push ups = 17
                      Sit ups = 32
                      Pull ups = 5
                      2.4km run = 7.53 minutes

                      The test was done with the RMC standards so we are tested equally and it was hard.
                      The minimum scores we need for the calisthenics are:
                      Pull ups - 8 or 16 to max the test.
                      Push ups - 30 or 60 to max the test.
                      Sit ups - 45 (I think) or 85 to max the test

                      The run is not being scored but my brother would have passed the second part, we are not able to do the squad run.

                      I had planned on doing some skipping later but it's raining .


                        Keep it up! You are doing great!


                          Looks cool, what are the time limits? Or are there any? I am not familiar with these tests.

                          Anyway good work!



                            Salormon these should answer your questions. Though we tried to follow these standards for the calisthenics we changed the run to "2.4km for time" instead of 2.4km squad run - 1 min rest - 2.4km max effort run with a time cap of 12.30 minutes (the time cap is for the max effort run only).


                              I don't think I can do even 1 push up with the form at 1:36 . I can probably make it if I am on my knees. But why are there people lying in front of the testing group?
                              I gonna test my sit-up though. I like to think I am pretty good at it. At 1:48 of the sit-up video it looks pretty brutal to the lower back while he's getting up and down, and the butt is off the ground, too.

                              By the way this whole thing gets intimidating sometimes.