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    My progress (factual)

    8th August 2019

    40 days of exercise so far without a break!

    Personal stats:
    *I have started on the 29th June 2019 with (and completed) two programs: IRONBORN (30 days) and Spartan Trials (30 days - of which the last 10 days I found very challenging but rewarding as well)
    *At the same time I have completed this challenges to aid me with my workout and best results: Get to Bed on Time Challenge (30 days) First Thing Water Challenge (30 days) and Only Homemade (15 days).
    *After completing first two programs I have continued with 2 new ones: Fighter's Codex (30 days) and 90 Days of Action.

    I try to continue to go to bed at the right time and I try to drink water first thing in the morning. Even despite few sleepless nights due to the heatwave I can clearly see how sleeping enough hours (between 7 - 8,5 for myself) and drinking water in the morning and throughout the day both improve my performance during exercise, during work time and lifts my mood.
    My goal for the first few months is to build foundation. Therefore I focus on learning how to perform exercises correctly and finishing all the sets to the best of my ability.

    So far I have noticed satisfying improvements in both my physique and strength. I have not lost any weight which I am happy about. However my waistline is much smaller which suggests growing muscle and losing body fat. Some muscle started to show in the last week after couple of weeks of what seemingly 'no progress' physically or strength-wise. I'm glad and positive that I'm doing well. I am not going to start any measurement for a while yet. However I weight myself regularly at the same time and I haven't lost any weight

    In meanwhile on some days I can perform one pull-up on others just 'nearly' but I am happy with the progress never-the-less!

    Personal accomplishments so far:
    *No day off from exercise
    *Completing all exercises and sets
    *Successfully completing 2 programs and 3 challenges so far
    *Continuing to exercise despite sever heatwave last week and experiencing some cold and hay fever and also attending Pride festival within last 7 days.

    Next goals:
    1. Build decent overall foundation - strength, muscle, core etc.
    2. Focusing on getting better at kicks and punches.
    3. Focusing on pull-ups and push-ups variations.

    Happy Welcome and Badge Day

    It's looking good so far, so keep on rockin'!


      piotrmkubiak Massive welcome to the hive buddy. Good to know there a re a few more UKers on this site I have to say excellent job on your 2 badges they are tough too. I look forward to your journey

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        and Welcome to the Hive. Keep pushing


          Thank you and hi HellYeah , BlackButler and TheLibrarian
          I didn't even expect any comments or likes on here! I hope you don't mind if I follow you on here as you're all seem very experienced.

          BlackButler I am sure there must be more people on here from UK too hiding somewhere. Funnily enough, I am wondering of perhaps moving to Germany in the future where the other comments come from

          DAREBEE is such a great website really! People are so helpful and supportive. Glad I have came across it.


            Hi piotrmkubiak!

            Glad to hear that you are doing all this to better yourself!
            Keep it up!
            Looking foward to see your progress!

            Best of luck!



              Hi ruipfsilva97

              Thank you very much. I'm doing my best everyday and that's what matters I suppose. Thank you for your support man. Best of luck to you too!
              What's better than working towards improving and upgrading ourselves towards a better version of what we can be! And knowing that we worked hard for it.



                10th August 2019

                I have discovered that I can already do few pull-ups (with short breaks)! For a while I have been trying to do wide-grip pull-ups instead of a 'normal' ones and when I tried 'normal' ones
                I did a set of:
                4 pull-ups + 1 negative pull-up
                3 pull-ups + 2 negative pull-ups
                2 pull-ups + 4 negative pull-ups
                1 (barely) pull-up + 5 negative pull-ups