Mountains beyond mountains, then after a shining green country and a swift sunrise

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    Today is my off day. No weightlifting.

    Trailblazer... Influencer...
    Motivator.... Rockin' the new program! Day 1 : no one gets left behind even if it costs me later. πŸ’ͺβ˜ΊοΈβœ“

    Daily Dare: 40 full bridge w/rotations βœ“
    Re:center completed βœ“
    Space Cowboy 7 sets βœ“


      Congrats on re center!




          What fun things...
          Click image for larger version

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          "The legendary pirate hunter Zoro challenges you to a duel!

          With Katana Week coming up, this duel is a great way to prepare yourself. Attack Zoro with chops and evade his strikes with side to side lunges.

          Stand your ground against the swordmaster! Don't get killed!


          - The given number of reps have to be reached as a collective. It's free-for-all so anybody can contribute his / her reps
          - Just post your reps and they will be added to the overall count
          - There is no minimum or maximum rep per entry, just add as many reps as you're comfortable with
          - You can submit your reps as often as you like
          - All the reps you do in your regular workout regimen can be added to this quest

          Acceptable Moves

          Chops: Cross chops, Deep cross chops, side to side chops
          Side to side lunges: Side to side lunges, side to side hops (also with feet together)

          Last minute rule:
          Every kind of hop or jump related move (that's rope skipping too!) can be taken into account! "

          The Darebee community did not achieve this weekly quest.


            Exercise of the day, w/wgt vest Pathfinder, d2 40/4 x 5
            Did the marches and step ups with #85 barbell on

            Leg day
            3 sets bb standing calf raises: #85, 10 each
            3 sets back squats: 62.5# x 7 each
            ​​​​​​3 sets Hack squats: 130# 8 each
            3 sets sitting calf raises: 110# x 12 each
            3 sets Matrix Tilts: 45# 10 each


              Cheers for Re-Center!


                Happy Birthday.


                  Happy birthday


                    Happy birthday!


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