Mountains beyond mountains, then after a shining green country and a swift sunrise

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    Water is the best and I am relearning where all the fans are.
    I blame the Gi Shikari ! We're supposed to wear full compression gear underneath, it kills me. Apparently I need to learn to live with discomfort . Makes boxing feel luxuriously cool.


      Io6 , never wore compression gear, thank goodness. I wore sparring gear for TKD once, ONCE, and that was enough for me. I still have most of it, 1999 vintage, upstairs in the closet, looking for a good home.

      Daily Dare For Nov 29: 40 balance back kicks. ✓
      High Gear, d5 -- I got a gear, yessss! ✓
      Advent Calendar 2020, d1. A partridge in an up and down plank tree ✓
      Strength and Power workout w/vest. 31.5 lbs for all weights except bench rows, those were 41.5. No extra credit because I took my time between sets and exercises.

      Now, time for a walk before all the sunshine is gone.

      Be safe, be well.


        Last day of November ! That deserves a cheer. 😀
        Today --
        Cardio Kick as a warm up. For punches, I worked the heavy bag.
        Advent Calendar, d2 Two turtle burpees times three sets
        Dare of The Day, 40 raised legs circles
        High Gear, d6

        All done.


          On the 3rd day of the Advent calendar, I did ...
          Three walk out calling birds (3 sets as well) ✓

          An odd animal, I know. But if the exercise fits.

          Plus High Gear, d7
          Daily dare x 2 days.


            Hola Shikari Just in case you'd like to hit the bag try Special PRO BOXER Heavy Bag Edition , let me know if you like it I do but my hands hurt a little now..( have done all 7 rounds🥊🥊)


              I like it a lot!! I'm going to take it out on the heavy bag tomorrow afternoon. ✌️😸. Thanks, Miss_Dada


                Fun work outs today! Thanks to Miss_Dada for Pro Boxer heavy bag edition

                Click image for larger version

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                Seven sets of fistic madness!


                In the interest of time, I cut most of the bouncing, but did 7 sets, mostly without breaks. No break between sets was longer than 30 seconds .

                Plus... There's always a freaking plus with Shikari isn't there? Well, I forgot to do the daily dare. I'll tack that on to tomorrow's edition.

                Pure Power workout. This was the "warm up" for this evening. I got the extra credit: 31.5# for the bicep curls, 75# for the front squat/shoulder press, same for the upright rows, 41.5# for the renegade rows. I was surprised by the lowish # of squat/presses, but it's been a while since I've done them. Strong work 💪

                Whoop whoop. I'm high fiving myself while I type this. 🤣

                High Gear, d9 intermission work out. Brisk. No breaks > 30 seconds.

                The pro boxer finished the evening's fun.

                Whew. I'm exhausted just reading all that. Well, I have a crossword puzzle to finish....

                G'night all from the sunken city of R'al'yeh.


                  🎼🎵On the Fifth day of Advent calendar, Darebee gave to me, five golden tricep extensions.... (X 3 sets). Plus, one minute speed bag punches (x 3).🎶

                  Dare of the day for yesterday and today and tomorrow--done with extra credit all.

                  High Gear, d10 -- what the fluff? Why just do 40 burpees?? I did 80 (day 30). I felt kinda jumpy today anyway.

                  Be safe everyone. Know your limits. And push them.


                    Oh, yeah!

                    All the burpees for the challenge.days for High Gear are done 😊. Interesting that the 220 burpees done also earn me a shiny, shiny imperial topaz. And all 6 gears.

                    Mediaeval folks thought that topazes improved mental powers. I can't wait for the ability to bend spoons with my mind! Like the amazing Uri Geller.


                      High-ku Gear 💪

                      Nouns, modifiers,
                      Verbs and adverbs. Action words.
                      And lots of burpees.

                      Snowfight Snowman:
                      One must have a mind of winter
                      To regard the frost and the boughs
                      Of the pine-trees crusted with snow;

                      And have been cold a long time
                      To behold the junipers shagged with ice,
                      The spruces rough in the distant glitter

                      Back at you!
                      Of the December sun; and not to think
                      Of any misery in the sound of the wind,
                      In the sound of a few leaves,

                      Dodge this!
                      Which is the sound of the land
                      Full of the same wind
                      That is blowing in the same bare place.

                      Come get some!
                      For the listener, who listens in the snow,
                      And, nothing himself, beholds
                      Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.



                        Well that awesome. Apparently I'm here for your crazy workouts and poetry too.


                          Now that's an awesome piece!


                            I wish I could take credit. It's "The Snowman," by Wallace Stevens. I put in the snowfight parts and snowballs and changed the original ' January ' to 'December'. I love this poem on a lot of levels, and I could go on and on. I did write the haiku, but that's nada compared.

                            Lovely imagery and the standard Stevens' theme of the human mind projecting emotion onto nature.


                              🎅Merry Christmas !✨


                                Thank you, Gérald! Merry Christmas to you on this 3rd day of Christmas