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    300/300 x 10 challenge. Soon.

    The long nerf challenge: 2 km jog, 25 pull ups, 50 push ups, 100 squats, 2 km jog.

    The Nerf challenge: 800 meters jog, 50 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 squats, jog 800 meters .

    Nerfs w/ 20 lb weight vest.


      Day 1 -- 300/300 + Ab lvl 2 challenge + 10k crunches challenge + October push up challenge, d16

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        Day 2 of 300/300 + 10k crunches + Ab lvl 2
        October push up challenge d17
        Daily Dare w/ExC

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          Octopus πŸ™ 18th (I'm keeping the spell correct 😁)

          Day 3: 300/300, 10k crunches, Ab lvl 3. βœ“
          October push up challenge, d18 βœ“
          Dare of the Day for today βœ“

          300/300: done EMOM (well, every 2 minutes)

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            * D4 of 300/300 + Ab lvl 2 challenge + 10K crunches βœ“
            * October Push up challenge, d19 βœ“

            * Daily Dares for 10-19 and 10-20 βœ“

            Funday, Monday.

            Unlike yesterday, the bicep curls and pushups were done EMOM. Generally, 15 bicep curls and 10 push ups; although I start with a few sets of 25 pushups to warm up.


              20th of October.
              Day 5 of 300/300 + 10k crunches + Abs lvl 2 βœ“
              Day 20 of October push ups challenge βœ“
              Dare of the day: 21 October 2020 βœ“

              Increased the bicep curls weight to 24# (10.88 kg) for all 300. On day 8, I will try to increase to 26.5# (12.02 kg).



                Did you do emom cycles again today?


                  Yes! Io6
                  So far, for the lunch time session, I did 10-15 push ups + 11 crunches EMOM for about 20 minutes to get to 300 push ups and 220 crunches. I started with a couple minutes of 25 and 20 push ups to warm up.

                  For this evening, I will do EMOM with 15 curls/10 sit ups, then when the sit ups are done, do the 15 curls/14 flutter kicks. Should be another 20 minutes. It may take slightly longer if I have to drop the # of curls to 12 or 10. We will see.

                  I love EMOM.

                  0ct 21: 6th day 300/300 + 10k crunches + Ab lvl 2
                  October push up challenge for today, 10/21

                  ​​​​​Tonight for bicep curls I did 135 w/24#, but the remaining 165 w/22.5#. I was trying to shoot for 15 reps EMOM, but backed off both the weight and the count. Muscle fatigue. Got 'em all done and ready for tomorrow.

                  Tomorrow, I will increase the weight to 26.5 # for 10 reps per minute for the first however many minutes I can keep up the pace.

                  I am comfortable with the fact that a 300/300 ten day challenge only measures one's determination, and it's no time to try to develop either increased strength or muscle mass. πŸ™‚


                    October 22! Day 7 of 300/300 + 10k crunches + Ab lvl2 βœ“
                    October push ups challenge, d22 βœ“
                    Dare of Today: 30 wipers βœ“

                    ​​​​​Both AM and PM sessions were done EMOM. This morning, I tried to average 15 push ups + crunches/sit-ups. I started with 2 sets of 30 to get off to a good start.

                    This evening, I increased the weight to 26.5 lbs per dumbbell for the first 100 curls (10 curls sets + 10 crunches each minute). Then, did the remaining 200 at 24 lbs each (15 curl sets and one 10 curl set per minute).

                    Tomorrow, for day 8, I'm going to back off the weight to 22.5 lbs but increase the # to 20 per minute as long as possible.

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                    Some fun!


                      23 October 2020

                      Day 8 of 10 of the 300/300 challenge + Day 8 of 10k crunches + Day 8 of Abs lvl 2 βœ“
                      Day 23 of the October push up challenge βœ“
                      Dare of Today: 40 full bridges

                      This morning, did the 300 push ups more or less in sets of 25. I didn't add in another exer, so the push ups fit in about 40 seconds, so it was done EMOM.

                      The EMOM attempt didn't work w/ the curls this evening. At the top of each minute, I started 25 curls (@ 22.5#) + 25 crunches. This was taking more than 1 minute, so obviously not a good plan. After 4 sets, I dropped the rep count to 20 + 20, but it still took about 65 seconds or so. But all 300 curls were done.

                      Those #'s btw are terrible for gains in size or strength. For both of those, the point is HEAVY weight with LOW numbers of reps, done SLOWLY. Or so I have read.

                      ​​​​So.... Here's the plan. Tomorrow is the only day I have with a lot of free time.

                      "FUN AND EASY!" Sunshine Saturday workout :
                      5 pushups in 20# weight vest + 5 curls with 26.5 # dumbbells
                      For as long as it takes.
                      2:10 plank in weight vest

                      Then, for time:
                      100 crunches
                      80 sit ups
                      10 flutter kicks



                        Yesterday, completed the "FUN AND EASY!" Sunshine Saturday workout. Here's the update.

                        6-9-12 pushups in 20# weight vest + 6-9-12 curls with 26.5 # dumbbells βœ“
                        (The 1st set was the 20 raised leg push ups from yesterday's Daily Dare) βœ“
                        2:10 plank in weight vest βœ“
                        100 crunches βœ“
                        80 sit ups βœ“
                        10 flutter kicks βœ“

                        Today, because I am heading upstate for family reasons, I completed the challenge w/0 weight vest and with lighter dumbbells (22.5 lbs). All done, free and easy. Sets of 10-15.

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                          Oct 31 !

                          Deep night, dark night, the silent of the night,
                          The time of night when Troy was set on fire;
                          The time when screech-owls cry and ban-dogs howl, And spirits walk and ghosts break up their graves, That time best fits the work we have in hand.

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                          Miss_Dada , Io6 , photon , mikemck , VacTom , TheLibrarian
                          found in the threads... I am posting only for fun and fair use. Not for any commercial or other use and not an official Darebee repost.

                          (The real Halloween/Dia de los Muertos monsters are entertainment industry attorneys)


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                            Doing my best Sean Connery as Gandalf the Gray impression for Halloween πŸŽƒ. Gauntlet, Another 30d yoga, DD, Haunted Hive, Ab lvl2, 10k crunches done.


                              That was fun! Thank Shikari


                                too many crunches... My body has left me.
                                How can I face this?
                                Gotta hold my head high