mealprepping and muscledefinition

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    mealprepping and muscledefinition

    Dear darebee community!

    I managed to build up a training routine since the beginning of 2019 (5 times a week) and I've build some muscles. The thing is: they're still hidden under some fat. So yes it's true: Success in terms of looks and performance is dependent on nutrition for at least 70% (and 30% on training).

    You know the game: I was on holidays, ate lots of stuff. Well, to be honest, I ate "exceptional" for the last 4 years HAHA; sweets every day, not too unhealthy but not really healthy either.

    Now I feel the urge to give my nutrition some structure. Therefor mealprepping came to mind.

    In this log I will write about my ups and downs during my search for abs

    I always thought healthy eating comes naturally with 100% training.


      Well yes and no. I still know how to enjoy a good italian icecream. But I've noticed an affiliation to veggies and healthy food since I train regularly too.

      Today because of a lack of creativity I made a thuna-beans salad fpr lunch and a joghurt with blueberries and crushed seeds. Sorry fellow humans for the odour.

      I think I will concentrate on minimizing snacking for now and focus on calories later. Since you can save some energy on cutting out the snacks too.
      But first of all I try to listen to my body.

      Training will consist of approx. 40 min run or restday.


        So in the end of the day I ran for an hour (I couldn't resist) and tracked my cals (also couldn't resist). But I definitly need to be careful not to overdo this out of initial motivation.

        For dinner I ate an egg-cheese omelett with tomato-cucumber salad and some corn waffles. Feeling full and satisfied. Note: I am a huge vinegar fan indeed.


          All the best for your journey! Keep up the good work!

          BTW: I'm moving this thread to our Checking-In section, seems more Fitting


            What I learned yesterday:
            First: There has to be a proper dinner for me. Otherwise I just continue snacking and never feel satisfied.
            Second: Drinking water helps when a snack craving is on its way.

            Today intervalltraining via running. Gonna be my first time within the "polar halfmarathon programm", I am excited how it's going to be.


              So the HIIT training was tough. Interesting: I noticed a smaller appetite than usual after a training session.

              Today "gravity", "leg shred" and "homemade abs" workouts.

              Mealprepping not so much because I have time to cook fresh.

              I managed to avoid sweets. Better for the teeth anyway


                Plenty of unhealthy food and alkohol this weekend because of celebrations. no sports.
                I see this as an opportunity to refuel and I can already feel the itch for a good run tonight.

                I lost 1 kg within the last month (despite holidays!!). I focused on listening to my body and tried to eat only when I was hungry. Didn't work out all the time (man, I can be greedy for food), but it gets better.

                And I weigh myself only occasionaly. I use the mirror and my fitnesslevel as references instead.

                Have a good week dear darebees!


                  the shield and gentleman workout kicked my ass today. had to take several brakes, but I finished them (or they me).

                  Had a stiff calcaneal tendon from running, but managed to massage it away. All stiffness is gone, whoopwhoop!

                  Noticed a lack of motivation for mealprepping. I therefore will focus on the crucial timeframe between 4pm to 8pm. That's when I have the habit of snacking. Prep smth for tomorrow I must.


                    Push up party+
                    hello, abs

                    = sweat

                    I must declare, I prepped my dinner yesterday. But afterwards I wasstill hungry, although it was a balanced meal (brown rice, teriyaki chicken and green salad). My body knows apparently exactly, when there's a caloric deficite. And so I ate some more. I guess there is no way but learning to be a little hungry once in a while


                      I had no motivation at all for training the last 3 days.
                      What made things worse is that I abused food for emotional comfort. That is something I tend to do unfortunately and probably the main reason for my non-appearance of abs.

                      What strategies do you girls have when everything seems to be unattractive to do?


                        Ok yesterday I had to. Run.
                        I lost 400 ckal and found them afterwards in form of chocolate and co. Mealprepping didn't help. Maybe I should rename this thread......

                        Nevertheless I felt much better compared to the days before and have to admit once more: I need sport to be happy, even if I don't wanna do it.

                        Today some strength training. Have not decided what exactly. Wish me well.


                          Hi Stholz
                          My strategy to avoid resting on my couch is to not think... just do it (that reminds me of something, but what... ).
                          So I tend to do things in a very mechanical way : I put the mat on the floor and start to exercise... and the rest of the work out just follows through.

                          You only do workouts right ? No programs ? I think it might help you as well to follow a program, I guess we're prone to "obey" when the program tells us to do this and that on this very day.

                          As for the ingestion of calories, well I could give you some advice, but they're not really working on me, so I guess it's a bit pointless

                          Come on, you've had a great start, keep on rockin' it !!


                            I have my food pattern in place but are not too focussed on kcals. Since last week I started to log my food intake. I try to drink as much tea and water as possible and eat a lot of vegetables and not too much carbohydrates. I try to cut down on my snacks but buying ice-creams and cookies is something I should avoid. When I take chocolate it must be at least 85% cacao. The bitterness of pure cacao reminds me to not over eat. Sweats and cookies I have replaced with dried and fresh fruits, these are also full of sugar but at least a bit more natural.

                            When I have cravings then I try to eat a boiled egg or a vegetable snack. Last weekend I had a party and drunk too much alcohol, having fun is part of life. It's hard but with consistent training and controlled food intake you get results overtime.


                              Stholz Welcome to the hive! I have to say awesome work Can't wait to see the rest of your journey