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    Day 10 and 11 of HIIT
    I minute exercise +1 minute rest
    Half Jacks
    Jumping T's
    Jumping Jacks
    Scissor Chops
    Scissor Arms
    Standing Shoulder taps
    Reverse Lunges, (substituted for sise to side lunges)
    High Knees
    Butt Kicks
    3 sets:
    20 seconds Sit-Ups
    20 seconds Flutter Kicks
    20 seconds Sitting Twists
    Day 4 and 5 of the 30 day Knee Push Up Challenge

    I haven't exercised for a couple of days again and it's irritating me or not irritating but it makes me feel bad It just worries me that time will slip and it will be months since I've exercised...if that makes sense.
    Goodnight lovelies



      Day 12 of HIIT
      Completed 3 sets of
      15 seconds mountain climbers
      15 seconds shoulder taps
      15 seconds mountain climbers
      15 seconds plank rotations

      Day 13 of Hiit
      Completed 3 sets of
      10 seconds + 10 seconds rest Half Jacks
      20 seconds + 20 seconds rest
      30 seconds + 1 minute rest

      Day 6 & 7 of Knee Push-Up Challenge
      25 seconds Knee Push-up hold
      3 sets of 6 Knee Push-Ups

      Have a good night everyone


        XxXKiarraXxX were you at?


          Hey, guys sorry I haven't updated. I haven't exercised much the past week >.< I did a set of day 14 of HIIT as well as a set of Protector at some point but that's really been about it. I've had a lot going on that I've been dealing with. I will update tonight ^-^ Time to get out of my funk. I'm thinking maybe just doing some yoga and some dumbbell workouts tonight ^-^ I was mentally pep-talking myself while I was at work earlier and I brought myself back to mind as to WHY I began working out because I still have a hell of a way to go until I meet my goal and If I stop now I will never see what happens when I Finish. I'm not gonna lie I feel really guilty and honestly disappointed in myself that I haven't worked out in a little bit- like I want to cry you guys

          Anywho time to exercise and get back on track!!!

          I completed one set of the new Theif workout. I need to work on my form for a few of the workouts

          Also, I completed a set of the Battle Angel workout, have to say I really enjoy the workout... it could even be a new favorite

          I was hoping to do a set of Catalyst but I can't find my dumbbells

          Enjoy the rest of your night everyone. Never thought I'd say this but THIS feels normal



            I can't believe I'd ever say I enjoy and I missed doing my workouts since I haven't done them in a week. It's a peculiar feeling that it FEELS right and natural when I exercise, does that make sense??

            So this morning I have completed a set of the Maze workout which consisted of:
            8 squats (In total)
            80 punches (In total)
            20 front kicks
            and 8 knee strikes (I'm becoming a fan of these hehe)

            Another set of Battle Angel which consisted of:
            20 knee strikes
            20 Turning Kicks
            40 punches (in total)
            20 squat hold punches
            4 shoulder taps
            and 4 Up and down Plank
            Also completed day 8 and 9 of the 30 day Knee Push-ups

            I'll do some more exercises tonight when I come home from work

            One of the things I want to work on is instead of doing one set of the work out and then switching to another workout, I want to start doing at least 2 sets and then switching

            I'll be back later


              I can't sleep you guys but I feel exhausted...

              In the meantime, I'm going to pick out my workout for when I wake up. Literally, I have nothing better to do except sleeping and that isn't an option right now. I've been feeling combative the past few days so I think that's what I will focus my workout around.
              Maybe do a little tiny bit of jump rope? Last time I did jump rope, I only did it for a couple of minutes, and I passed out on the couch when I was done cardio is not a strong suit

              I think I will start tomorrow off with.....

              Combat Light workout (4 sets)
              Captain (3 sets)
              Monkey (2 sets)
              Suckerpunch (1 set)
              finish with a minute skipping rope (light)


                I did a set Combat light with extra sets of low turning kicks as well as I threw in some high kicks.

                I discovered my chair has just enough cushion that it makes a great punching bag. It's the perfect height for if I want to practice how high I kick as well as the back of the chair makes good for punching and I use the front of the chair for kicking. Gotta Make do with what you have :


                  It's raining outside right now and I LOVE it!!

                  This morning I did 2 sets of Combat Light with 2 sets of Captain.



                    Hi you guys, hope all is good. Tonight I did day 14 of HIIT


                      Can you guys help me by sending me some positive vibes? I could really use them- have a lot going on and it's bringing me down though I'm trying to not let it get to me


                        Originally posted by XxXKiarraXxX View Post
                        Can you guys help me by sending me some positive vibes? I could really use them- have a lot going on and it's bringing me down though I'm trying to not let it get to me


                          Keep fighting-- and don't make anything/ anyone bring you down. We got your back.


                            All the vibes.



                              Hi Guys!! Thank you all for the positive vibes- I tell you what they worked!! I had a great today ^_^ Very optimistic. Work went really well. So for being in such a great mood, I exerciseedddd (yayyyy! About time ikr?!?)


                              Today I started with:

                              2 sets of Morning stretch.

                              3 sets of Day 15 of HIIT
                              15 secs of half jacks
                              15 secs of side leg raises
                              15 secs of high knees
                              15 secs of reverse lunges

                              3 sets of Day 16 of HIIT
                              15 secs of flutter kicks
                              15 secs of sitting twists
                              15 secs of leg raises
                              15 secs of raised leg circles

                              1 set of Day 17 of HIIT
                              10 secs elbow planks
                              20 secs plank
                              30 seconds (15 each side) raised leg plank
                              20 secs plank
                              10 secs elbow planks

                              now its time for some spaghetti