Wolfen Gets Back Up Again

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    Wolfen Gets Back Up Again

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    I recently took on a challenge on another site to complete the Daily Dare + EC every day for 30 days; I know it's possible, and I will see it through to the end. Additionally, I have a few new goals set, so here's the plan:

    0445 wakeup M-F
    Upon waking, say the Lord's Prayer as well as a more personal prayer
    Daily: at least 20 mins. workout (Daily Dare + EC & other Darebee workouts), 20 mins. Scripture reading/meditation, 20 mins. reading/studying
    Trail run at least 3 days a week to train for trail races
    Work on my book every single day for at least 20 minutes
    Work on the new house
    Read books that expand my knowledge and/or expectations, books that challenge me intellectually and/or personally
    Stop eating garbage; eat real food that doesn't have a long ingredient list or isn't heavily processed
    Call my father at least once a week

    The challenge starts tomorrow (7/11/19).

    Nice over -all life-challenge. I like it!!😊


      Originally posted by DorothyMH View Post
      Nice over -all life-challenge. I like it!!😊
      Thank you DorothyMH.

      0530 wakeup b/c my daughter had to be taken to the ER last night; she's fine, but we did not get to sleep until after 1am.
      Said the Lord's Prayer as well as a more personal prayer
      Daily Dare finished with EC. I wobbled and hopped around a lot, and my cats looked concerned (or confused? maybe both?), but I got it done.
      Listened to the daily prayer on the Pray As You Go app
      Worked wth my mentor on building a house (not mine, but another one; I'll explain later): mixed mortar by hand, helped lay about 150 brick, carried 8 five-gallon buckets of mortar powder, 6 five-gallon buckets of water, and 4 five-gallon buckets of sand. I consider this my workout.
      Also ran, played in the rain and splashed in puddles with my daughters
      Read a few pages of Go Tell it On the Mountain by James Baldwin
      Breakfast: bowl of scrambled eggs with chicken and hashbrowns. Lunch: Shaggy dog sushi roll. Dinner plans: blackened chicken fettuccini alfredo

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