Ironclad Oath: Body of a Warframe, Mind of an Operator

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    Ironclad Oath: Body of a Warframe, Mind of an Operator

    “I must build a Warframe like no other. It’s time for me to get modded.”

    This became the singular motivation for training the way I do. If all enemy factions fear the Frames of War, who, mind you, scatter the Oro (also known as life-fluid or soul) from inside the vessels that the Corpus, Grineer, Infested and Sentients inhabit, are a beacon of hope for those trading settlers on Cetus, Earth and the Debt Collection Settlement known as Fortuna, Venus, and can clear missions in record time (under a single minute sometimes), why can’t I push myself to a bleeding edge to make my own body that much better, faster and harder?

    The difference is that Warframe is a videogame for the PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles and I’m playing Life on a normal difficulty.

    And while Warframe ditched the Stamina Meter in the Advanced Movement 2.0 mainline update, I have an in-house Stamina Meter directly connected to my internal engine. I also have a hunger/ bio-fuel meter akin to that found in the fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd for the character known as Sin Kiske. All my moves, be it walking around, running, jumping or training, are special power moves and my Frame is fuelled by specific types of bio-fuel to either boost productivity and energy output or relies on arcane fuels that output high amount of energy in such a short time-gate that I see no usage from it. Meaning, a proper diet plan must be in effect.

    Time to upgrade past Normal and Hard Mode to Glass Cannon Mode – also known as NIGHTMARE. No revives – Last life.

    This is my plan:

    An 8-month plan so taxing, I’ll have to become stronger before and after it. Like the self-damage of a Chroma powering up its Vex Armor, as it gets stronger by tanking any and all pain and damage to power up attacks for its weapons, I must break myself down to rebuild it. As the sacrifice brings me strength…

    All I know is that I have 3 main meters to boost and sustain: Stamina, Mentality and Hunger.

    The Stamina Meter being boosted by personal endurance, cardio and willpower akin to the meter during Advanced Movement 1.0. This will work with training and pushing myself, sleeping an amount that this vessel needs and knowing exactly that negative signals from my mind can block the body from its full potential.

    The Mental Meter, while using a subsystem akin to the Baruuk Warframe Restraint Meter, is influenced by all emotions and a mental attitude, be it positive or negative. Action vs Reaction governs the idea behind controlling my emotions, because reactions take energy which is then wasted, while taking action is energy in a certain direction and/or task not wasted. Another subsystem again akin to the Chroma Vex Armor power is to push my body to taxing it to 99% of what it can take to push the limit further forwards away from what I was normally able to do.

    The Hunger Meter being regulated like Sin Kiske’s meter with food intake being recognised as only nutrition – no eating for pleasure outside of cheat meals. Specific food types are to be consumed and used to sustain progress. A subsystem of intermittent fasting is to be continued until the time needed to properly bulk up is mentally accepted by the Operator, and a new diet plan can be selected.

    List of things needed to be learnt to really push myself to become The Real Warframe:[LIST][*]Sprinting and Long-distance Running[*]Weapon Training:[LIST=1][*]Primary Weapons (Guns, Light and/or Heavy Assault Rifles; Bows, Regular, Hunting, Crossbow)[*]Secondary Weapons (Guns, Pistols; Thrown, Kunai, Throwing Stars, Knives)[*]Melee Weapons (Hand-to-Hand, kickboxing; Bo Staff/ Polearms, Swords, etc., with a preferences to Warhammers)[/LIST][*]Police and/or tactical Army Training for War-like situations to emulate a mission like the game (All Mission Types).[/LIST]
    Hobbies to learn:[LIST][*]Parkour[*]Fishing/ Spearfishing[*]Longboarding and /or skateboarding[/LIST]
    Things to try:[LIST][*]Bungee-jumping[*]Base jumping[*]Sky diving[/LIST]
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    Day 1: I found myself using "Leap Fitness Group" Home Workouts app for building my strength. Since I really don't have much time to go overkill with my training like I could do during the holidays, I'd rather just push myself up another plateau as well as keeping up to task with my Intermittent Fasting diet.

    Workout: Home Workout - Chest (mainly push-ups) and a 4km power walk. With all the hub-bub that my days have now, this is pretty much all i can do as of late. A slightly hard 10-15min workout. I feel lazy, but I know it's just as hard as I need it to be. I'm too tired to do more.

    Diet: Intermittent Fasting diet (again) with a break period from 9am to 6pm with a 16 hour fasting period.

    Notes: I'm mad i can't push myself until i scream. I'm gonna slowly test the waters by adding 30 days of HIIT as my cardio routine... maybe. don't know.