Intermitted Fasting and Workout

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    Intermitted Fasting and Workout

    Hey guys,
    I started Intermittent Fasting two weeks ago ,and working out 2 months ago(Most of the time it was 5 times a week).
    I dropped from 71kg to 65kg,my height is 174cm.
    So that probably sounds like a fine weight ,but the problem is that i probably have a higher percentage of body fat.I looked at some pictures of people with 65kg and they mostly look great,no belly!
    But in my case i have some belly fat ,is reason a higher body fat percentage? And will strength workout and keeping intermittent fasting help me lose body fat faster?
    I don't drink soda's,almost no candys etc. , i try to stick to maximum of 1300 calories,which i guess is working fine since i lost about 6.5kg in a little less then 2 months.
    My workout days would be like Biceps Back,Triceps Shoulders,Legs,Legs and repeat.(One time i started doing cardio-ab workout every day)
    What would you suggest me ,which workout plan,which diet etc. to drop my body fat percentage and get leaner?

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