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    Creating Accountability

    The story starts here.

    I've been on this site for quite a while now, yet my training discipline has been... spotty.

    The one time i actually held on to a training regime for an entire 30 days was, when i literally bribed myself with a big present at the end of said month, lol. Don't really have the money to keep doing that, though, so something less... materialistic will have to do.

    I tried the 90 days of action program, but cheated alot and eventually caught a nasty cold, that prevented me from training for about two weeks. So that's off the table for now, as well.

    Today i started with day 1 of the Epic 5 program. My rationale is to make the start as easy as possible for me. Thirty days is alot more manageable than ninety, also it's just five minutes a day. Doing everything in one go does not appear to be on the table right now though, i literally couldn't lift my legs high enough at the 2:30 minutes mark.

    I'm creating this thread to have some form of contract to hold me accountable outside my own head. At the very least, telling other people makes bailing more embarassing .

    I will probably also supplement this rather barebones program with more stuff in the future, but for now, i want to keep it minimalistic, again, to make it as easy as possible for me to get started and keep on it until some routine settles in.

    That's it for now, see you all tomorrow!

    That's a great plan, starting with something small and short which fits into almost every life and just build a habit at first. If you want to add more along the way, challenges and daily workouts are a good idea (or the daily dares).

    You're off to a great start!


      So, today i celebrated my birthday (which was a week ago), which was fun but also a lot of work.
      I did half of todays epic 5 in the morning right after getting up, and the other half 5 mintues ago, at 2:30 in the morning...
      I know it's technically already the next day, but i always treated "today" as "today" until i sleep.
      Speaking of, keeping it short today, good night everybody!


        Quick check in, did day 3 of Epic Five in one go today.


          AculAlHazred Congrats on Day 3 of Epic Five.


            AculAlHazred Welcome to the Check-In! Awesome start to your thread! Keep up the great work! Oh also sorry that this is late...

            Click image for larger version

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              Forgot to post yesterday, but i did day 4 in two sets. Day 5 today went in one set.

              I also decided to start the "Touch your toes" challenge. I used to neglect stretching a lot in the past, and as a result am embarrasingly inflexible, especially in the leg area. I'm pretty sure i wasn't ever able to touch my toes my entire life, so that's a nice goal to have.

              So as of today:
              Epic Five day 5
              Touch-Your-Toes challenge day 1

              Also, thanks for the replies .


                I can relate to that. Flexibility is important

                Keep going !



                  Epic Five day 6: , In one Go: (my form was pretty bad in the last set of high knees, though)

                  Touch-your-toes Challenge day 2:



                    Epic Five Day 7: ; In one go:

                    Touch-your-toes Challenge day 3:



                      Epic FIve Day 8: ; In one go:

                      TyT-Challenge day 4:

                      A full week is done! That is like a nano-milestone, right?



                        Epic Five Day 9: ; In one go: Not even close...

                        TyT-Challenge day 5:



                          Epic Five Day 10: In one go:

                          TyT-Challenge day 6:



                            Epic Five Day 11: In one go:

                            TyT-Challenge day 7:

                            Dead Hang Challenge day 1



                              Epic Five day 12: Just barely (Why is it so hot? )

                              TyT-Challenge day 8:

                              Dead Hang Challenge day 2: